Promo Gift Idea - Monopoly Umbrella

You think that Promotional Umbrellas are boring because they all look the same and have no special design?
Then we can show you an example of an umbrella that is anything but boring which uses the Monopoly license!

This umbrella is very unique and will definitely attract the attention of other people on the streets. You can also brand your company logo on this umbrella to gain an additional marketing effect.   Especially companies which are related to gambling or any kind of games should think about this promotional product. It could be a good opportunity to find new customers and to increase the sales.

All in all, this umbrella will definitely make an impression on potential customers and help you to make the company more popular.  Speak to our design team to get a custom design that would work for your market.

Why not check out this Promotional Products Special Offer from ODM?   Another great concept to get more bang from your marketing buck!

Nivea Christmas Promotional Set

Check out this special promotional Christmas product by Nivea in Germany...

The triangle shape is very easy, but the design makes the packaging so special, that it looks like a Christmas tree. The Nivea Christmas set contains two creams, one body milk and one Christmas tree ball, which is related to the packaging's shape.

When considering about starting a promotional campaign for Christmas it is really worth it thinking about using such a kind of product. It is a good way to strengthen brand awareness and will also let the people connect Christmas with Nivea products.

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What other Promotional Products sets have you seen with Christmas Tree style packaging?

Pureen Shopping Bag and Kids Cap Promotion

Pureen offered two special promotional items at the Kuala Lumpur Conventien Centre at Hall 4. If you purchase 60 RM or more in Pureen products you get a free Pureen Shopping bag. But it is not only a usual shopping bag. The four differnt shopping bags are unique designed and especially appeal to children.
The other possibility is to purchase 150 RM or more in Pureen products and you will get a free Pureen Kids Cap.


This promotion is really good because the gifts with purchase are so cute. Also the unique designs make the products very special which is another reason why people should buy Pureen products.

We love the kids caps!   Why not check out Crumple Caps as a great and safe baseball cap alternative.

Lipton Cool Promo Mug

In its recent promotion Lipton has used this great chalkboard mug as an on-pack gift. It is a a standard coffee mug with a chalkboard glaze that you can write and draw on
The mug features Lipton corporate colors, which will enhance brand awareness for the company.

Promotional Idea - Pocket Shots

Just look at this greatest item, suitable for all kinds of promotions! It's a pocket shot - a new single serve alcohol product in a pouch!

This is an innovative concept that provides the clients with a really convenient package for alcoholic drinks. And, it perfectly fits with an active and on-the-go lifestyle.

Oltermanni Promotional Products

Oltermanni, a brand of Valio, is running another promotion in Russia. Simply buy a promotional pack of Oltermanni cheese and enter the unique codes from the packaging on the website. Collect codes/coupons and redeem different promotional products

  • 3 codes to get a cheese container
  • 6 codes for a cheese cutter
  • 12 codes for an umbrella.

This promotion could have been more effective with a little bit more branding. The company logo can be easily printed on all these promotional items to boost brand recognition and sales!  This is especially so for umbrellas, which could be a free advertising tool as it is carried around.

Other interesting solutions:
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