Promotional Stainless Steel Flask

These are old products, but have you ever thought to use them as promotional product? These are stainless steel flask. They are good in keeping beverage from water to wine. Being flat it is convenient to carry this around. What is more important, you can customize it to suit your customers.

Take a look at the pink flask. The material used for this is synthetic leather. Some accessories are added such as the shiny stone and the plate. This design has made the product looking sweet and girly. You can use other material to wrap this flask to give them the desired look. Also different materials will contribute to the perceived value of the product.

You can also use artwork instead as the design to catch some attention, just like the OMG flask. You can put in your slogan there. Or if you are a charitable organisation, you can write your cause on it. Another way is to get licensed artwork. This will definitely increase the perceived value of the product. You will also be able to tap on the huge fan base of the licensed character. All you need is customization and any product will look interesting. ODM can assist you to brainstorm for your next promotional campaign.

Promotional Gift Idea: Poncho in Novel Ball Shape

Other than umbrellas, ponchos are a great way to keep dry during rainy days. Check out these ponchos in novel ball shapes!

These ponchos are conveniently packed into a ball. This makes it easy and handy to carry it anywhere. The balls come in novel shapes, such as soccer, tennis and basketball. This makes it eye-catching and you may brand your logo on it to increase brand awareness. The ball also has a plastic key ring to attach on your bag so you can use it as a decoration accessory and poncho, killing two birds with one stone. What do you think of this promotional idea?

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