Going green is the way to run your business these days. Customers are becoming more and more environmentally-conscious. Recyclable bags are a common promo idea used by companies. You may wonder how exactly this promo idea affects your business?

What is a recyclable bag?

A recyclable bag (also called a reusable shopping bag), is a bag made out of synthetic woven fibres or canvas. It is much stronger than a plastic bag and thus, it can be used many times. The bag can be easily folded into a small size and placed into other bags which can be used when purchasing goods. This helps to reduce the number of plastic bags being used which also helps to save the earth.

How does this promo idea work and who should utilize it?

The company can print their logo on the recyclable bag or even design the bag to make it more attractive. Any kind of company can use this promo idea. For those in retail businesses, the recyclable bag can be given to customers when they purchase instead of giving plastic bags.

Retail companies can encourage customers to keep and reuse the bags by offering rebates when the customer brings the recyclable bag during repeat purchases. Other companies who do not sell goods can give the bag as a gift to their clients. This encourages their clients to be more environmentally friendly.

How does this promo idea improve my business?

Having such a promo idea will help to improve your business in a few aspects.

Firstly, it gives your company an environmentally friendly image. With a more environmentally conscious consumers, many only want to purchase or do business with companies who are environmentally-friendly. By having this promo idea, it helps your company to appeal to those environmentally-conscious people, boosting your company image.

Secondly, this promo idea serves as a free form of advertisement for your company. When people use the recyclable bag that your companies provide, many people would be able to see it. It would be a plus if your design is good, loud and attractive as it would draw more attention to your recycling bag, thus providing more free advertising.

Lastly, if your design is really good and appeals to many people, it draws people to purchase your products or do business with you because they want the recyclable bag. This helps to increase sales, leading to a more profitable company. Who knows your recyclable bag might just become the next "in thing" everyone wants to have?

Make Your Marketing Campaign Interesting - Boracay PubCrawl

Here is an interesting idea on how to run a promotional event from Boracay PubCrawl!

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines, 315 kilometers away from Manila. Boracay Island has stunning beaches and of course it is a hot tourism spot. This is a great place to relax from our busy lifestyles and just party on!

Boracay PubCrawl is a joint marketing effort by a few entities. Take a look at what they have got to offer!

If you buy the tickets early, you get to enjoy a special price of ₱750 for guys and ₱690 for the ladies. Participants can assemble at La Reserve Beach Hotel Station 2, Beach Front before heading off to different bars and clubs in Boracay. Participants get to enjoy 10 free drinks (shots & shooters) and great deals such as special drinks at ₱100 for 2. 

Here is where it gets exciting! Every participant get a free Boracay PubCrawl T-Shirt and a free shot glass. A bunch of people roaming around in bright yellow T-shirt definitely draw much attention. Boracay PubCrawl printed its logo and important details prominently on the T-Shirt. This is a great sample of free advertising tool!

And that is not the end of it. If we wear this T-shirt to selected restaurants, bars and activities we get to enjoy 10% discounts! It is getting more and more irresistible for the tourists. Repeat participants only need to pay ₱500 for another PubCrawl. Simply wear the T-shirt and bring along the shot glass to enjoy the special price.

What makes this marketing campaign effective?

Two is better than one, and so it is for marketing effort. By having a wide network of partnership, this marketing campaign is a great success. Use a marketing gift as a tool to make our customers feel special. Marketing gift does not have to be a novelty or innovative product. Simple products like T-shirts and shot glasses can be a very effective tool.

Marketing gift is a great reminder for customers on the events they attended. When an event is over, it's over. People tend to forget about the event a few days after. With a useful product as marketing gift, our events will be much more memorable even after weeks and months.

If you are not quite sure what promotional product is suitable for your industry, check out the ODM Group blog with over 4,000 case studies you can learn from. Alternatively, you can contact us to speak to our promotional gift specialists.

Using Duffel Bag as Marketing Promos

Marketing gifts are the most effective tool to make any marketing promos a success. Be it promotional events or promotional schemes, marketing gifts will serve as a reminder of your promotional campaign. Often people forget the promotional campaign you have right after it was over. However, this is not so if they have something to bring back for themselves. Although the event is over, you can retain brand awareness and heighten brand recall.

Choosing what marketing gifts to use is a little tricky. You have to analyse your target market profile. If your have a niche market, it might be easy to think of suitable marketing gifts. A diverse market is more difficult to tackle. A universal product will be great as marketing gifts. The duffel bag is an example of such product.

Why use duffel bag as marketing promos?

People of any age can use this duffel bag. Perhaps they would use it for different purposes, but still, it is useful. For example, teenagers find it fashionable to use this bag to walk around their campus. It can fit many things like books and sports equipments all together. Balls of certain sizes can fit into this bag too. The working adults may not want to bring a duffel bag to the office, but they certainly can use it to go to the gym. And we just don't see why the older generation would not use it for travelling.

Duffel bag is also highly customizable. You have different colours, sizes and even materials. The original duffel bag uses thick and heavy fabric, but you can choose to use something more suitable for your target market and comfortable for your marketing budget. Colours play a very important roles in winning your target market, especially if your target market is quite fashionable. Having the right size is important to make this product helpful to your target market. Useful products will be kept for longer period of time. That means people will see your brand and logo more.

The most important part of offering marketing gifts is branding. Branding allows you to heighten your brand image. You can choose to brand the bag prominently, or subtly. Some people just do not like others to know that they got their things for free. Consider this factor for subtle branding. However, prominent branding will facilitate free advertising and increase market share. What we can do is to incorporate the brand into the artwork. You can check out this iPad case by ELLE Magazine Hong Kong, for example.

This is just one example we can offer to help you with brainstorming. Why not check out our sister blogs for more ideas and promotional products case studies...
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