A perfect serving with Special K’s Indispensable Marketing Product!

Special K is a breakfast cereal manufactured by Kellogg. It is marketed as a low-fat cereal that helps one to lose weight. This cereal brand advocates a diet called “The special K Challenge”. The goal of the diet is to lose six pounds in two weeks by replacing 2 meals with special K’s cereal. It is a vigorous marketing strategy that plays on consumer behaviour. With promising slimming results, consumers would definitely be enticed to purchase Special K’s cereal. A marketing strategy like this is particularly effective on those who are weight conscious.

Special K's Marketing Product - Cereal dispenser

Benefits of this innovative Marketing Product!

To complement Special K’s weight loss program, Special K has come up with a cereal dispenser that is designed to help customers manage their weight by providing accurate cereal portions. It is a very innovative way to attract some attention to this cereal brand. Not only is it interactive, this cereal dispenser would also contribute to the success of their Special K challenge. It ensures promising results of this challenge as well as the success of this marketing strategy.

The container of the dispenser has a large volume to store cereal. This product also comes with a measuring cup that allows one to accurately measure the amount of milk and cereal. Eating cereal is now easier than before. All you have to do is to place the measuring cup under the dispenser, twist the knob and get a perfect cereal serving. Instead of manually pouring and measuring your cereal, you can now do it with just one twist! Isn't it very convenient?

Besides being a very functional product, this cereal dispenser is also a great advertising product! Look at how Special K has branded this cereal dispenser. Their special K logo is big and obvious which makes it very visible from afar. When customers place this cereal dispenser on the kitchen counter, it improves brand recall and brand recognition. Branding this product allows it to continue to advertise Special K even long after it has been received. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and contact us today!

Reduce sun exposure with Josie Maran’s marketing product!

As summer is approaching, Josie Maran is offering a fabulous sun hat as their summer marketing product! It is a brilliant marketing product because summer is getting extremely hot these days! Hence, this sun hat is definitely the perfect gift for ladies who are looking for ways to reduce sun exposure! This sun hat's UPF 50+ material certainly provide sufficient shade and sun protection.

Josie Maran's Marketing Product - Sun hat

Why is this sun hat a great marketing product?

It is scientific proven that too much exposure to the sun could cause skin and hair damage. As such, it is significantly important to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays. These sun hats are a great marketing product as it is made to block out UV rays. Users can enjoy the outdoors without worrying too much about sun damage. A good sun hat like this would definitely offer enough shade to keep us comfortable while strolling under the sun. There is no need to bring an umbrella because this marketing product will give you sufficient sun protection. Besides that, sun hats can also reduce the chances of getting a heat stroke!

This black sun hat is also a great fashion piece. You can use it when you are out for a stroll or for any other suitable occasion. Being a highly visible marketing product, this sun hat is a clever advertising agent! If imprinted with your company logo or brand name, costumers are advertising your brand whenever the sun hats are being used. As such, it is definitely an inexpensive way to advertise your brand.

These sun hats are highly customizable! Companies can customize it in any form of colour and shape. Branding it improves brand recall and brand recognition. And ultimately, it has the ability to entice customers to make repeated purchases and increase company sales! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started with this sun hat promotion today!
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