Car Phone Holder as a Marketing Gift

Car phone holders are great as a marketing gift while also having an great functionality. Keeping a phone or phablet stationary and viewable attached to the windscreen. With a logo design it makes a perfect promotional product for the car.

Below you will two different designs for the car phone holders. The first design has a slick look with a simple lever technique to hold the phone.

The second design has a robust look with cogwheels that you can adjust to hold the phone. Both offer the same great functionality while being of different designs.

To get a better view of how both designs work, please view the video below.

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An Eye-Catching Promo Chair

Camera brand Canon is currently running a promotional campaign for a new camcorder they released. They were offering a training course for first time users of the LEGRIA HD camcorder. While scrolling down  the website you will see this cool looking promotional chair displayed.  This chair can be used in many ways for promotional purposes.

Promotional Chairs for outdoor events

Promotional chair can be great for outdoor events. Add a cool artwork and it gives this chair a whole new look that can be used for marketing purposes. Chairs can be a great relief for people to rest after a long day of activities. Especially at events with a large amount of people walking around, market your company with promotional chairs would be a great opportunity.

If you are looking for a promotional chair for your next marketing campaign. You can contact ODM Asia that will assist you promptly with more info about the product.

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Unique Toy Gift with Purchase

While strolling around a big supermarket in Zhuhai, China. We found these cool looking toys as a gift with purchase.  Chinese tissue brand were having a promotional campaign by giving away toy construction vehicles. This brand knew what they are doing on how to make their product more eye-catching.

By giving away a high-end gift with your product greatly increase its value. While people have a wide range of brands to choose from. A gift with purchase distinguish your brand from the rest of the competition. It does not have to be an expensive gift. For minimum gift you can already make your product more appealing.

There is a wide range of promotional gifts to choose from that can add value to your current product. Why not customize it with your own design and logo. It makes the product more personal and also more high-end.

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