Gift with purchase: Brown Thomas offers free Barbour Item

Brown Thomas, an Irish lifestyle store are offering a premium gift with purchase in order to win over consumers. By spending €200 or more counsumer can take way a free Barbour Purse. This is a fantastic marketing strategy that will bring about many benefit for any company effectively implementing it. By offering such a prestigious and luxury branded item it will help to boost the effects of a gift with purchase strategy.

The Key Benefits in Implementing Gift with Purchase 

  • Increased Satisfaction - When customer notice the free gift with purchasers the satisfaction with the precept will increase as everyone loves a free gift! Particularly when the gift is of high quality like this example.
  • Brand Activation - This benefit is the most obvious for good reason, it makes your company more prominent in the marketplace, effectively bringing brand awareness. Everyone loves a gift!
  • Positive Word of Mouth - Following on from the previous benefit, when consumers are delighted, they spread the word to friends, family and associates about the great offering form the company. Promotional products such as this are great at producing positive word of mouth.
  • Retention - Perhaps less obvious, but still important. Consumers are more likely to return their custom when they are happy with purchase. 

Ultimately, these benefits will help make a company who uses this strange prosper by adding new customers and increasing sales in the long-run.

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#SmellOfSummer ingenious brand activation campaign with giveaways

British brand Holiday Autos came up with the genius idea for brand activation campaign. The #SmellOfSummer campaign was meant to remind people of the best moments they had during summer through the sense of smell. The company created a Twitter vending machine and filled it up with scented bottles with the smell of Pina colada, barbecue, fresh cut grass etc. This campaign is a great example of sensory marketing, when the promotion is designed to appeal to one or more human senses in order to influence customer's purchasing behavior.

What are the outcomes of this brand activation campaign?

Brand activation campaigns are often based on creative idea and are relatively inexpensive comparing to other promotional activities. This particular campaign had only a vending machine and the set of scented plastic bottles, but the outcome of this brand activation is hard to ignore. It has generated enormous brand awareness, hashtag used went viral and campaign had a massive online and offline media coverage. Generating media buzz around the brand is one of the best benefits of creative brand activation that is capable of improving brand awareness and image significantly.

This campaign was keen on bringing back the memories of summer holidays, therefore encouraging people to book a new trip. As a result of this campaign the sales, brand awareness and customer retention rate have increased dramatically.  

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Cartoon Network Free Gifts With Magazine

Cartoon Network the well known cartoon television channel in the UK, are utilizing the benefits of marketing gifts by giving away a free gift with purchase of their magazine, "Spy spex". This will undoubtedly positively impact the sales of the magazine both directly and indirectly. Ultimately increasing profits.

The Benefits of Marketing Gifts like this one:

Utilizing effective marketing gifts like these "Spy Spex" bring many benefits to firms all in all trickling down to positively impact the profitability of a firm on the front line of sales: 

Pester Power Potential - With a gift like this, targeting children as the end user, pester power potential is increased. When a child is browsing a shop with this on display, they are likely to encourage a purchase from their parents or carers.

Customer Retention - Marketing Gifts in general certainly increase customer retention due to the fact that when a customer is delighted with a purchase, they are more likely to return their custom in the future. 

Below the Line Marketing - When marketing is through non conventional means such as this, it is more memorable to the consumer. Effectively igniting brand activation, making a purchase that much more likely.
All these benefits compliment and impact eachother, marketing gifts should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

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Effective Giveaway's at Comic Con New York

Comic Con New York provides a perfect platform for companies to present giveaways to potential customers. An exhibition on this magnitude will undoubtedly give the desired effect to the company implementing this type of campaign. In this case Garden State Comic Fest, a comic festival events business are giving away 100 ToteBags at this years New York comic con.

As Garden State Comic Fest are also a comic events company, they're looking to attract similar customers to their event through promotional products. By offering free TotesBags will provide them with many added benefits.

Any company wishing to implement free promotional products will gain greater awareness for their brand. Particularly at huge events where more potential customers will see the brand and be aware of the company.

Furthermore targeting events like this are also a much more effective way to advertise. As Garden State have almost identical customers, they won't run the risk of offering the gifts to the wrong group of people so therefore they're more likely to get the desired affects. Such as increased satisfaction, positive word of mouth and customer retention.

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A giveaway by “Attachment mummy”

One of UK’s lifestyle and parenting blog “Attachment mummy” announced a twitter competition with a giveaway. Anyone willing to enter the competition needs to follow the twitter page and retweet the giveaway announcement. A giveaway is a handy set of trolley bags, which are meant to make the shopping experience easier.   

A giveaway by “Attachment mummy”

What are the benefits of using giveaways in promotion?

As this promotion was intended to advertise the blog and its twitter account. The giveaway is a brilliant strategy for that, not to mention that it is perfectly suitable for “Attachment mummy” target group. This promotional giveaway is inexpensive yet effective to get more Twitter followers and additionally increase brand awareness. Moreover higher brand retention and increased customer satisfaction are another advantages of this promotion. Furthermore, occasionally hosting giveaways and competitions will make customers or as in this case, readers of the blog to check social media more often in order to keep up with latest news from the brand.

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