Promotional Cup for Kids from Nestlé Nido

Why is Nestlé still one of the most trusted companies when dealing with food and beverage in sooo many countries for over 150 years now?

They need no hocus pocus for this. It only happens that the company knows how to innovate with the products that they introduce to the market, as well as to whom they are introducing them to. Just like with the promotional cup that’s included as a gift with purchase for Nido 3+, one of Nestlé’s brands that provides nutritious milk to kids in powder form, it has high probability of encouraging more youngsters to drink from it more often.

Promotional Cup for Kids from Nestlé Nido

Meanwhile, for the brand, this gift with purchase idea is beneficial because it:
  • Displays Functionality. The promotional cup is made out of high-grade plastic that has great design in yellow and green, and it is not easily breakable. This displays functionality, and consumers will see it outright. This already increases its importance to the brand that is known for producing high-quality products.
  • Encourages More Purchases. Aside from the kiddos, the parents are really who you want to target here, since they have the cash to pay for the merchandise. And parents, for your information, are more inclined to buying something where they get more than what is printed on their receipt. That can occur when there’s a gift with purchase, so Nido can expect more profits because of it.
  • Keeps Shoppers’ Loyalty. People are already highly aware of the brand, so the next big step is to keep the consumers’ loyalty. Nestlé Nido does just that – and maintain the good value of the brand – by adding useful freebies such as this promotional cup to regular merchandise.

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Foodiggity Gift with Purchase – Gummy Bear Keychain

To all you tough folks whose weakness may come in the form of a chewy jelly in different colors or flavors that we lovingly call a Gummy Bear, yet you are so scared of the calories that this candy will surely add to your weight, isn’t it fulfilling (and tempting, no less) to have a huge, inedible replica of it by your bedside day and night? 

We just thought of it since we found that Foodiggity had a Gummy Bear Night Light in its online store previously, along with a matching free keychain. Too bad the promo ended on the 22nd of February, but it still does not seem half as bad to ponder on the good points of this gift with purchase, yes?

Foodiggity Gift with Purchase – Gummy Bear Keychain

  • Constant Brand Reminder. Gummy Bear needs no label or words. A person just need to get one look at the small bear, even if it is not to be eaten, and he or she will be reminded of the sweet treat that the brand creates.
  • Bigger Income for the Online Shop. As Foodiggity has set a one-day limit for this gift with purchase, die-hard fans of Gummy Bear will spread the word, and then more people will visit the website and make their acquisition.
  • More Loyalty to the Brand. The keychain giveaways may not always be available, but freebies are randomly given away by the brand. This should make customers more attentive and often on the lookout for new gifts with purchases.

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Nintendo NYC Grand Re-Opening Gift with Purchase

It is not every day that a store gets a second shot at serving the people who truly enjoy and appreciate their products. For this reason, it no longer comes as a surprise if one day you wake up and see that Nintendo NYC is comprising a Zelda or a Mario coin when you purchase a limited edition Nintendo NYC T-shirt. This is their simple yet effective promotional manner of saying, “Welcome to our shop!”

Nintendo NYC Grand Re-Opening Gift with Purchase

Why is Nintendo NYC’s Marketing Idea Copycat-Worthy?
  • Memorable AND Immeasurable In One Purchase. The merchandise commemorates the re-opening of this iconic store in New York, but the gift with purchase that comes with the limited edition shirt can bring immeasurable happiness to the fans of Zelda and Mario games, as they are timeless collectibles. If you do the same for your brand, you will forever be etched in people’s mind.
  • Guarantees Bigger Revenue. Nintendo NYC is clever enough to know beforehand that game fanatics may be willing to go toe to toe just to have a collectible gold coin, and they partnered it up with a limited edition shirt, which means if people do not act fast, stocks may run out on them. This almost guarantees that bigger revenue comes to the store at the end of the day.

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Gift with Purchase by Nestlé Chuckie - Free Lunch Box

Chuckie is more than just the hip cow that likes to skateboard and do other fun stuff on the carton box of a chocolate drink. The image of Chuckie reminds every kid and kid-at-heart of a yummy beverage that can be thirst-quenching at any time of the day at any given situation. This has been in circulation for years already under the Nestlé company.

The brand gives away different freebies occasionally. For their latest promo, kids can get a promotional lunch box that they can bring to school or play dates with their little friends.

Gift with Purchase by Nestlé Chuckie - Free Lunch Box

Other benefits of this gift with purchase include:

  • Extra Profits. It is typical for children to ask for a similar item that they have seen their friend using. If ever they see someone holding a new lunch box at school, more likely than not, they will go home asking their parents to buy the same lunch box that they can sport the next day at school or playground. This is advantageous for both the kid and the brand owner.
  • Increased Brand Visibility. Due to the fact that Chuckie is already a well-known brand in the market, more people will recognize it if they see a bigger image of it in the free lunch box. Hence, the brand becomes more visible to the crowd.
  • Practical Design. This gift with purchase is not meant to carry several plastic containers of food, but it is fit for holding a juice box, a fruit, and a sandwich. It has a front clasp as well to ensure that the items to be put inside it will not fall out.

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Pantene On-Pack Promotional Sunglasses

Summer is really the most awaited season of every year. It is the perfect time to roam the beach, take a dip in the pool, and just laze around under the sun all day wearing your favorite sundress. However, this is also the time when your hair becomes frizzy and dry because of too much heat, and this is a no-no for ALL girls.

Luckily, Pantene has introduced their 3-minute miracle conditioner to the market that can help keep the hair smooth and silky, and even added fancy sunglasses in the package to complete the look.

On-Pack Promo Perks for Pantene
  • Seasonal, But Not So Much. This is a summer promotional gift. Yet, since the frame of the sunglasses do not have designs of palm trees or oceans or flowers – only solid black – they can be worn even during winter, spring or fall. This is what you should go for if you want a marketing idea that works.
  • Garner More Loyal Customers. Pantene is a trusted brand, without a doubt. It has loyal consumers already even with no promotional merchandise, but the brand can garner more clientele because of this new marketing strategy that a lot of people can find attractive.
  • High Quality and Affordability Matters. These free sunglasses are said to have the special capacity to protect one’s eyes from UV rays, which not all eyewear can do. This high-quality and affordable product will be a great pull for more sales.

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Enervon Prime Mug - Gift with Purchase

Enervon Prime is a famous milk brand that is widely accepted as an energy booster for adults. This comes right from Unilab, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines.

Apart from the nutrients that the old folks achieve when they drink a glass of Enervon Prime each day, they obtain a free branded mug as well when they purchase a 400-gram pack of the brand’s chocolate milk food for adults at a reasonable price.

Enervon Prime Mug - Gift with Purchase
Enervon Prime Mug Benefits
  • High-Quality Material. This branded gift with purchase is thick and made of top-quality ceramic. It will not easily crack or break from heat and pressure. It adds value to the whole product.
  • Brand Visibility. It will be quite impossible to miss the brand logo in this free mug since, other than the brown vertical line near the brim, it is basically the only design you can find on the merchandise. This ensures that the Enervon Prime brand is the main thing that other people will see.
  • Increased Selling Power. If consumers have the purchasing power, the producers like this brand has the selling power that is increased by placing the brand name strategically on any product they sell or give away. In this case, the promotional merchandise does not look subpar at all, and has the name printed in big letters, which makes the brand viewed more easily.

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Promotional Towel: Gift with Purchase by Penshoppe

Penshoppe, right from when it was conceived in 1986 by Global ABC, its mother company, has been one of the most followed brands for Filipinos. It has franchised now to other Asian Pacific countries as well, but the real pull that it has, aside from the high-quality and trendy merchandise, are the international models and celebrities that the brand has as its endorsers. And, if we are so honest about it, their gifts with purchase are true deal-breakers as well.

One particular example of such is the promo pack in the image below. With every small cologne is a face towel of color depending on the fragrance’s “flavor” – and it’s for free!

Gift with Purchase by Penshoppe
What Good Can This Bring to the Brand?
  • Spot-on Brand Placement. The free face towel incorporated to the package has the Penshoppe name sewn near the edge of the item. It may be a small detail, but it is simple and visible enough for people to see that the brands wants to maintain its subtlety and casualness.
  • Added Brand Value. Because the brand exhibits that it has the capability to give more than what it takes by means of promotional gift products, it makes it more valuable to consumers.
  • Greater Sales. Quality is mostly better than quantity, but if you can have both, then why not?
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Flashlight from Watsons’ Sureaid – Gift with Purchase

A complete set of first aid kit will be useless when the lights are out, and you cannot see the bruise or the wound you are trying to mend. You will then have no choice but to halt the first aid treatment that you are supposed to give to someone – and this is the worst. 

Flashlight from Watsons’ Sureaid – Gift with Purchase
To prevent this from happening, Watsons’ Sureaid has come up with the idea of adding a battery-operated flashlight to their first aid kit.

Flashlight from Watsons’ Sureaid – Gift with Purchase

Sales-Grabbing Facts about Sureaid’s Gift with Purchase
  • Almost Weightless. The free flashlight is small and does not weigh so much. The consumers will like that they can stash it in the medicine kit, or even in their purse. No one can say when you will need light, so a light source that is this handy is much needed.
  • Battery-operated. A battery-operated flashlight is more useful than a rechargeable one since everyone can pack several battery cells in their bag or pockets, and they won’t lose their energy until you actually attach them to the flashlight. However, a rechargeable flashlight will require electricity no less, so it won’t be valuable at all if there’s blackout.
  • Affordable. Who does not want to get some things at a cheaper rate? This kit with gift with purchase is a real and affordable merchandise that anyone can manage to pay for. Especially in the Philippines where money is a bit tight for the majority of families, it’s almost soothing for them to know that there are such products that they can get within their budget.

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Gift Container for Free by Fiesta

The years we have spent in this lifetime have taught us a lot, and one of those is that there is no such thing as a person housing too much plastic containers in his or her kitchen cabinets.

RFM Food Corporation must have gotten a whiff of this “life lesson” too, as they are giving away a free heavy-duty plastic container with every three 200-gram packages of Fiesta elbow macaroni.

Gift Container for Free by Fiesta

Why is this an excellent promotional idea?
  • Thick and Sturdy Freebie. Just by inspecting it from the picture above, you can see that it is a thick promotional container that can hold hot meals without melting, and this is a very important factor. Aside from that, it seems durable, and heat will not easily escape because of the tight locks on two of its sides.
  • Affordable. This particular promo costs PHP99, which is approximately USD2 only. No one in his or her right mind will opt to purchase a stand-alone plastic container if they know they can get another that’s of similar quality and size at a more affordable price and comes with ready-to-cook noodles already.
  • Increased Brand Awareness. The plastic container is practically a gift with purchase from the brand. It can affect the company positively when consumers show their purchases to their friends, and these friends look for the same promo in their supermarkets as well since this is a really nice deal.

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Cream Silk Free Gift with Purchase – Limited Edition Pouch

Cream Silk is the brand that is trusted by a lot of women all over the Philippines in terms of innovative hair care products. It is one of Unilever’s “brands with a purpose” – a purpose to manufacture products that can beautify or enrich the way of living of so many. And – surprise, surprise! – they are doing it with a free gift with purchase.

When you buy a Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner, you also obtain a limited edition pouch which can be a great tiny purse or a pencil case or anything you can think of using it for.

Cream Silk Free Gift with Purchase – Limited Edition Pouch

2 Standout Perks of Free Gift with Purchase for Cream Silk
  1. Heightened Brand Awareness. From multiple TV commercials every day to stores nationwide, everyone knows what Cream Silk is all about. Yet, the awareness for this specific brand will be heightened effectively by the free gift with purchase, because of the simple fact that everyone also wants to have something that not everyone can have. You get the point?
  2. Additional Sales. This is already known as a great hair care brand, so once people find out that they can bring home two items instead of just one at a limited period of time only, they will become more inclined to make the purchase immediately. So, the company can count on additional sales, for sure.

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Nestlé Bear Brand Gift with Purchase

Every month, you can always count on Nestlé to give away cool and useful free merchandise together with their various brands. In one of the grocery stores in the Philippines, we noticed this stack of Bear Brand powdered milk drinks which, for every purchase of 900 grams of it, the consumer gets a blue raincoat as a gift with purchase.

Nestlé Bear Brand Gift with Purchase

Benefits of Bear Brand Gift with Purchase
  • Functional. With the climate change raging on that makes the weather crazy, you cannot always predict anymore when it’s going to rain and when it’s going to be super hot. All the same, it’s great if you have a free raincoat that you can fold and stick in your bag whenever you go out.
  • Extra Sales. A lot of families choose to buy Bear Brand products because they are suitable for babies and adults alike. And now that there is a free gift with purchase that comes with a big bag of the powdered drink, the brand’s sales will be boosted even more.
  • Better Distinguishability. The raincoat has the Bear Brand logo on the left breast side, and this promotes better awareness for the brand.

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Inside Enfant’s Promo Pack: Blanket with Hood

If you want bathing products that do not cause any irritation to a baby’s skin, you go for the merchandise from the Enfant brand. If you want to give a crib or a playpen to your best friends’ newborn, you go to Enfant. And if you want quality promotional product, you get Enfant’s promo pack that has a free branded blanket with hood in it.

Inside Enfant’s Promo Pack: Blanket with Hood

Benefits of Enfant’s Promo Pack
  • Reasonably Priced. The nicest thing about this promotional pack is that it is not too expensive, yet it is not too cheap either. It’s of mid-range price, making it affordable for any family’s purchasing capabilities.
  • Increased Consumer Loyalty. When consumers see that the brand is offering a blanket promo gift, they know that this is not going to be the last one, and that there will be more branded freebies in the future. They will look forward to it and continue loving Enfant.
  • Best for Brand Placement. From the image above, it’s clear that the brand name is emblazoned on the hooded branded blanket. This will remind the parents each time of Enfant whenever they use the product, and can be the first brand they think of when baby supplies go low. This is best for brand placement.

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Promotional Idea: Tumbler + Hair Accessories for Little Girls

Do you have a little niece whose birthday is next week, but you still do not know what kind of gift you should wrap for her? You don’t have to kill more brain cells than necessary for it – she’s going to love whatever you give to her as long as it’s enclosed in a pretty paper. Nevertheless, if you want to get a thoughtful present for your niece, you can purchase this kid’s tumbler we found at a Puregold supermarket that has several noodle-like hairbands with it.

Promotional Idea: Tumbler + Hair Accessories for Little Girls

Other brands can get a promotional idea out of it because of the following reasons:
  • Suitable for Brand Placement. First of all, the tumbler itself is transparent. Any brand name or logo can be printed on it, and it will become very visible to anyone. Second of all, the hairbands, although they are tiny, can also be customized promotional products and have logos on them.
  • Cute Design and Packaging. The exterior packaging is like a double-door house or restaurant that has a wide “window” where kids can peek in and see the product inside. The hair accessories are colorful and fun-looking, and the tumbler is like a short-haired girl with a red hat for the lid. This is cuteness overload, and the target market – the little girls – can get hooked by it.
  • Functional. Most little girls like to play with other kids outside the house, and it will be a great help for their nannies or parents if they can have a tumbler for when the child feels thirsty, as well as hairbands to stop the kid’s hair from covering all of her face while playing. They are not complicated – just functional.

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Melvita Gift with Purchase - Pouch Bag

A brand that is known for nature-friendly merchandise is hard to come by in this age and time where almost everything has to be synthetically made. But if you come across one that mainly uses natural ingredients and cares for the welfare of the environment while not forgetting to give back to its customers in the form of gift(s) with purchase? Perhaps you are looking at Melvita.

Melvita Gift with Purchase - Pouch Bag

Melvita is a fine example of a brand that possesses the same characteristics mentioned above. Together with its Plumping Radiance Collection, which can be purchased at, is a cute pouch that can hold lady's beauty products any day.

Care to know why?

1. Great Design. The free pouch shows a smiling female whose flowers at the front of her bike seem to have a bee follower. It is pleasant to the eyes, especially to the girls' eyes, and can make someone think of cool summer. Very relaxing.

2. Functional. Aside from the cosmetic items that it will initially come with, Melvita's gift with purchase can also be brought as a smartphone or wallet holder. Or, it can be your personal travel kit. In other words, it is functional.

3. Additional Sales. The number of purchases will most likely level up, since you can get four Melvita products, as well as a free pouch, at a reasonable price. Quite a deal for consumers, really.

This is a well-planned marketing idea. Yet, there are so many other promotional strategies that can work for your brand as well, and you can find them if you visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts.

FREE T-shirt from ASCA

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) helps school counselors in supporting students to concentrate on their goals of becoming successful professionals someday. They want to improve the reputation of school counselors, and show to everyone that they are not guidance counselors. The ASCA, without a doubt, wants to make a statement.

Likewise, this statement has been extended to those who joined their group or renewed their membership on or before January 31st of this year by giving them a FREE T-shirt that has the word ‘guidance’ in ‘guidance counselor’ crossed out and replaced with ‘school’.

While this is a powerful way of letting their aims to be known to the world, this is a great promotional idea as well.

FREE T-shirt from ASCA

How Is a Free T-Shirt a Great Promotional Idea?
  •  Increases membership count. The ASCA gave a specific date for when they can avail this T-shirt for FREE, so the current or would-be members of the group will want to act fast. More than that, the freebie may also be mentioned to friends who believe in the cause of the association, and they will want to be a part of it too. The ASCA community, therefore, will grow.
  • Develops brand awareness. The association is bold, let’s give them that, because instead of subtly just adding a logo, they printed the complete web address at the front part of the shirt. Well, that develops brand awareness, since people usually have a tablet or smartphone with them where they can search for it fast.

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Gift with Purchase for Traveling by LANCER

Have you ever wondered why a big portion of Hollywood celebrities and socialites seem to stop aging after they reach their 30s or 40s? It may be because of good genes or healthy habits, but it may also be because they are customers of Dr. Harold Lancer, a renowned celebrity dermatologist and the brain behind LANCER skin care products.

While looking for new LANCER merchandise, we found this seven-piece collection at that comes with a seemingly fancy pouch which, among all things, can be brought for traveling.
Gift with Purchase for Traveling by LANCER

How Can a Branded Pouch Bring Financial Gain to LANCER?
  • Attracts New and Returning Customers. When customers notice a freebie from a high-quality cosmetic brand, they expect that this free gift with purchase will be made of high-quality material as well that can stand the test of time. This is what attracts new and returning customers into purchasing the LANCER collection.
  • Invokes Usefulness. The branded pouch is for someone’s traveling essentials, but there is no law that states that it cannot be used for other things as well. It can be a lipstick bag, a makeup bag, or even a purse if the user feels like it.
  • Improves Brand Awareness. The pouch does not have any design in any part of it, except for the LANCER name at the bottom right. When people see it, their eyes will only go to the brand name. If it’s the first time they heard of it, they will want to know more about it and possibly go online to search for it. Then they will land on the LANCER website and online shop, and more profits are secured.

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FREE Branded Comb from Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil, a brand whose creator experienced firsthand what it’s like to have heavily damaged hair due to excessive chemicals in other hair products, has been providing luxurious argan oil-infused products specifically designed for hair and body care for some years now.

In one of their latest collections, Moroccanoil has added a free branded comb that can ease the hair untangling process that practically every woman on this planet has to go through on a day-to-day basis. However, while it is useful for the consumer, what can it do for the producer?

FREE Branded Comb from Moroccanoil

  • Sales Shoot Up. Realize that not all combs are similar. Some have tips that are almost needle-sharp when used against the scalp; others break easily. But because this free branded comb comes from a trusted hair brand, more people will clamor for it. Then, the sales shoot up fast. 
  • Brand Awareness Enhancement. The name of the brand may not take up most of the comb’s surface, yet it has been strategically printed on the black merchandise so it’s not hard to miss. This improves brand awareness even further.
  • Great for Brand Placement. A free branded comb is where the owner really should place the brand name, because it is related to the major products that they sell to the public. While sending out a shirt may be fine too, a hair essential will be a more thoughtful promotional idea.

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Gift with Purchase from Christian Dior - Free Cosmetic Bag

February may be the love month, but it does not have to be the only time to show extra tenderness and caring to your wife or girlfriend. We all know that love is the greatest gift that one can have; however, giving material stuff that your love partner can enjoy immensely is a luxury you can afford to give to her from time to time.

If you agree with us, you can get a Christian Dior SE Perfume Set at Lazada, an online store with branches in the Asia Pacific region. A branded and totally free cosmetic bag is attached to this set – something that your woman can put into good use. Yet, it’s not only the consumers who benefit from this.
Gift with Purchase from Christian Dior - Free Cosmetic Bag

Benefits that Dior Gets Through Gift with Purchase
  • Big, Big Profit. Dior is already a huge name in the fashion industry. All the materials they use are high-end, so their price range is expected to be more posh than usual. But since there’s a free merchandise that comes with the perfume set, there’s more likelihood that it will attract more profit for the brand. After all, this is a branded cosmetic bag that’s in the bag. And it’s D-I-O-R.
  • Preserves the Brand’s Social Status. If a person is caught with any Dior product, even if she has spent most of her savings on it and is now living off of eggs and potatoes until her next salary, she will still be classified as high-class. Why? Because that’s how the brand is perceived in the society for decades now. And because the branded cosmetic bag does not look cheap either, the brand’s social status is therefore preserved.
  • Reaches More Potential Consumers. This cosmetic bag does not essentially need a bigger bag to hold it, since its size is good enough to carry on its own. The more times that a woman goes out with it, the more the brand becomes visible to the public and reaches more potential consumers.

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Emma Hardie Gift with Purchase

It was 1996 when Emma Hardie began making a name for herself in the beauty industry with her revolutionary and natural lifting and sculpting facial product. It is 2016 already, and she is still introducing unique merchandise that can rejuvenate a person’s skin using non-invasive chemicals. As a matter of fact, on her website, there is an Amazing Face Kit for novices which you can avail for only ₤23.

Nonetheless, it’s not the starter kit that we are mainly interested at, because a FREE travel bag that has Emma Hardie’s initials is also included the package.

Emma Hardie Gift with Purchase

What’s So Special about this Gift with Purchase?
  • Within Anyone’s Budget. Who does not get excited when they realize they will be receiving more than the cash that has come out of their wallet? A cosmetic set that’s at an inexpensive price is great already, but the free gift that goes with it is like an icing on the cake. Very sweet.
  • Knock-out Travel Bag. If you want to catch the attention of other people with your brand, remember that quality is greater than quantity. With Emma Hardie’s gift with purchase, it’s quite obvious that she wants to portray the brand as natural, immaculate and with no-frills, which is so appealing to the consumers.
  • Increase Brand Visibility. The visibility of the brand will increase due to the free travel bag that can be used constantly anywhere. More people will get a good look at it, and hopefully become curious enough to go to Emma Hardie’s online shop and get one for themselves as well.

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EXCLUSIVE Burt’s Bees Summer Medley Gifts with Purchase

Whoever claimed that you can’t have it all is oblivious of the truth that there is always an exemption to the rule – the one that does not follow the status quo. A suitable example for this is Burt’s Bees, which is a company that manufactures cosmetic products from natural ingredients.

They actually have on sale right now a Summer Medley Grab Bag which can exclusively be found at Burt’s Bees online shop. This special tin box encloses a loofah pouf and a coin purse as gifts with purchase, together with the other merchandise.
EXCLUSIVE Burt’s Bees Summer Medley Gifts with Purchase

How are Gifts with Purchase Profitable for this Brand?
  • Inspires Impulse Purchase. Gifts with purchase often seem like eye-candy for consumers who are mindful of the products’ price. It also helps that the word ‘limited’ is in conjunction to the merchandise, so Burt’s Bees’ clientele may impulsively hit the Add to Cart button while this is still in stock. In the end, you don’t come across inexpensive deals from a proven-and-tested company on a daily basis.
  • Improves Brand Consciousness. More freebies that can be given after purchase means more stuff can be shared to promote brand awareness.
  • Wins Over New Customers. The current consumers you have are not alone in this lifetime. They have friends; they have family members. And these people can be your customers too if you add knickknacks with your products, just like what Burt’s Bees does.

Now, it’s your turn build up your company or brand with the help of gift with purchase or other promotional ideas. Find out how you can do that by visiting our blog or contacting us at Marketing Gifts.

Branded Gift with Purchase from NUXE Paris

When you want to promote brand, you want to do it with class. Simply sending out flyers on the sidewalk or at the mall will only contribute to the reduction of the number of trees and increase of garbage in the world because, really, how can a paper ad interest the millennials of this electronic age?

This is the reason why a branded vanity bag for men from NUXE Paris is a far better promotional idea than any other printed material. Allow us to share below its good points to you.

Gift with Purchase from NUXE Paris

  • Affordable. Consumers can avail a branded gift AND a mini shower gel when they purchase any NUXE merchandise amounting to US$40. Even men who do not have much to spend for such products will be lured to grab it.
  • Boosts Sales. Not all cosmetic companies offer a deal as good as this, so the sales are really going to rise. Girlfriends or wives may also find it ideal, because while they get something for themselves, their boyfriends or husbands will get the branded freebie.
  • Boosts Brand Awareness. The free gift with purchase has the NUXE Men brand attached to its front part. This ensures that the awareness towards the brand will expand, especially when the colleagues of the men who decide to use this bag see its durability and practicality.

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DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare – Gift with Purchase

A brand like DECLÉOR that is persistent on creating skin-enhancing products for both men and women – and giving away branded gift upon purchase – is a thoughtful and clever one. For men especially, being able to purchase something from a reputable skincare company is essential because of their constant exposure to dirt and other harmful substances in general.

DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare – Gift with Purchase

Why is DECLÉOR Men’s Skincare gift with purchase beneficial for the company’s well-being?
  • It fuels more deals. Two factors can fuel more deals for this brand: price and freebie. This particular collection costs ₤55 when sold individually at the DECLÉOR website. But when purchased this way, it becomes ₤33. Isn’t that a discount that’s worthy of anyone’s attention?
  • It amps up customer experience. One thing that most men do not like is being caught with ‘beauty products’, even though those are intended for their use. Therefore, this gift with purchase lets them conceal all that in a manly cosmetic bag that
  • It improves brand name. Basically, due to the two benefits already mentioned above, the brand can retain or improve other people’s knowledge about the products it houses. The free gift that buyers have received will be brought up to their peers in one way or another, so that is extra promotion for the brand.

Thinking of marketing strategies that you can use for your brand doesn’t have to be like walking on a bed of nails. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our blog to know more.

NUXE Tote Bag - Free Gift with Purchase

NUXE Paris is one of the top go-to brands for the ones who want to make sure that the products they use to maintain healthy, smooth and blemish-free skin are not highly comprised of ingredients that come from the animals and at an affordable price. This brand originated from France, yet you can order from their online site and even get an absolutely FREE tote bag if your purchase goes up to US$70.
NUXE Tote Bag - Free Gift with Purchase

3 Good Things about this Free Gift
  • Functional. A free bag of this size is highly functional for female yuppies (young professionals) who need to bring some files in the office but do not want to be arrested by the fashion police for being caught carrying around an unsightly bag. This is fashionable, quite sparkly, and can match almost any outfit.
  • Increases Sales. NUXE products are all reasonable. For 70 bucks, customers can get approximately 4 items. Well, make that 5 now, thanks to the free gift, and this multitude of merchandise can propel the number of sales up.
  • Brings in Loyal Customers. If the brand keeps this promo up for a long time, loyal customers will come pouring in, as they feel great about getting more free stuff from their trusted brand.

If you want more gift with purchase ideas, visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts.

On-Pack Promo from Nestlé: Choco Ice Surprise Mug

Youngsters who love to sip on a cold chocolate drink that they can prepare and stir on their own mug will definitely swoon over this on-pack promo brought to the Philippines by none other than Nestlé Bear Brand Choco.

Bear Brand has been circulating in stores nationwide and gives more nutrition to many Filipinos for decades, this new variety – Bear Brand Choco – has been launched awhile back, to the newer generation’s delight.

On-Pack Promo from Nestlé: Choco Ice Surprise Mug

Nestlé Can Benefit from This On-Pack Promo In 3 Ways:
  1. Brings in More Sales. The thought that a brand is continuously thinking of freebies to add to their regular merchandise from time to time gives good vibes to consumers. This is what attracts more sales. 
  2. Spreads Brand Awareness. The free mug has the big brown bear on its exterior, which is widely known as the mascot of Bear Brand. When kids see their little friends drinking from it, they will want one for themselves as well, and the parents will more likely go to the store and buy it.
  3. Provides Positive Experience. This Nestlé’s on-pack promo provides excellent experience to the customers because they know that when they purchase this, they will get more than what they have expected.

This is one example of a free gift with purchase. If you are having a hard time constructing your own brand’s marketing strategy, go visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts, why don’t you?

Bliss FREE Gifts with Purchase

Roses are red, violets are blue, buy up to US$100 from Bliss, and this free gift will come to you!

Bliss FREE Gifts with Purchase

No, this is not a lame excuse to try our poetic skills in the cheesiest way possible. It really is true that when you purchase a hundred bucks’ worth of merchandise at the Bliss online shop, you will be able to get this marvelous gift bag – with products shown in the picture – for FREE.

Why is it a conceivable marketing strategy?
  1. It’s realistic. You don’t need a lump sum of money before you can have these gifts, that’s why it can charm more and more people into purchasing any product they want to use or try out.
  2. It’s essential. The free travel bag is essential, because it is quite troublesome to simply stash your cosmetics and other beauty regimen wherever it fits in the person’s bag. You will more likely lose or forget something if you do it this way. However, since the gift with purchase is already on-hand, that person can put all his or her grooming necessities in the travel bag, and be out and about in a heartbeat.
  3. It’s a great deal. Be reminded that Bliss is giving out a FREE travel bag full of Bliss products, so aside from what the customers are paying for, they also get other stuff that they may not know they need at first. So, yes, it is such an excellent deal.
  4. It brings in more income. This is the end goal for this marketing strategy – to bring in more income – and the brand can achieve it because of the great deal they offer to the consumers.

Do you want to get more marketing ideas? No need to look any further. Visit our website or contact us at Marketing Gifts for more details.

Nestlé Products in a Red Promotional Bag

Nestlé is one of the most trusted (and most profitable) brands in the Philippines. Moms love to whip up desserts with all-purpose cream, dads use creamer in their coffee, and kids always get excited when they see a chocolate drink in their snack box.

Now, what happens if all these products can be bought as a whole in one promotional bag?

Nestlé Products in a Red Promotional Bag

Advantages of Promotional Packs
  • Affordability and Sensibility. Ever seen the movie Cheaper by the Dozen? What the title suggests sort of applies to a promo package, as consumers really get the goods at a discounted price when not purchased singly. The idea of pre-packing everything in a bag will also cut back the time that the buyer has to spend in the store while still scoring revenue – a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Booming Sales. It goes without saying that the more reasonably priced a brand is, the more items can be sold.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty. Since the brand has already established that it is capable of selling its merchandise in a hassle-free manner, the consumers will often be on the lookout for products manufactured by this brand.
If you are keen on searching for more marketing ideas, we have a blog that you can visit anytime. Or, you can contact us as well at Marketing Gifts.

ELEMIS Wash Bag - Gift with Purchase

ELEMIS Wash Bag - Gift with Purchase

Girls like to stay pretty - that's a fact. But, as much as possible, they also want their beauty products to be placed in one compact vessel that is both chic and practical. These two traits can be achieved when you purchase something like the ELEMIS Beautiful Skin Collection at, as it comes in an exquisite branded wash bag that can also be used to carry other stuff.

ELEMIS Wash Bag - Gift with Purchase

What Makes It a Trendy Marketing Idea?
  • Simplistic Design. The only design you can find on the wash bag is the black curve at the bottom part, and the rest is off-white. Thus, it gives off a sense of elegance just by looking at it. Other than that, the brand name obviously stands out against the white background. Brand awareness, therefore, is enhanced.
  • On-the-Go. This is small enough to be stashed in someone’s suitcase. One never has to worry again that their daily/nightly regimen will be interrupted since every product they need can be packed in one fine-looking bag already.
     Ready for more gift with purchase samples? You can visit our blog or contact us at Marketing Gifts to always be in-the-know about the latest promotional strategies.

Bottle Keeper Gift Set from Looney Tunes

Remember Taz, Sylvester and the other rambunctious members of Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes that ruled the mainstream once upon a time? These animated characters are not known by most kids of these generation, but they are being introduced again in various promotional bits.

Enter the Bottle Keeper Gift Set that is being sold right now in
Bottle Keeper Gift Set from Looney Tunes

The Perks of Producing a Branded Gift Set
  •  High Brand Awareness. It allows owners to print the brand’s logo or, in this case, cute characters, in any merchandise that is part of the gift set. Being able to do this builds up brand awareness.
  • Affordability. Keep in mind that buyers have different purchasing capabilities. Some can afford expensive products, but most opt for ones that are within the budget. This Looney Tunes Bottle Keeper Gift Set is the epitome of affordability because aside from feeding bottles, it also has a training cup, a food grinder, and other bottle-cleaning essentials. It will cost more if each item is bought separately, and customers know that, that’s why this marketing idea is a huge plus.
  • Functionality. This set is functional as well, due to the fact that everything is contained in a non-toxic plastic bottle keeper. This effectively suggests that the whole thing is not heavy, parents can bring it anywhere, and it can be washed easily if need be.

In the event that you wish to know how to increase your own brand’s appealing factor to your target market through promotional products or gift sets like this one, you can browse our website or contact us to learn more.

Valentines Day Free Gift

Each year on the 14th February gifts are exchanged to declare and embrace feelings between one another. Though, as previous years have shown, this provides a perfect opportunity for brands and businesses to give back to their customers. Here is a brilliant example from US casino Fort McDowell.

Valentines Day Free Gift 
Membership holders have the opportunity to receive a free valentines bear flush toy when visiting the casino on the day of the 14th.

Why Valentines day offers the perfect opportunity for brands:
  • Give back! Holidays and special days provide a brilliant opportunity for brands to give back to their customers. This can aid with brand reputation and help increase awareness. 
  • Celebrate! Valentines enables businesses to celebrate and can create closer relationships with customers. 
  • Evolve product portfolio. Events provide a platform for brands to add to their product portfolio and enter markets that may not initially be expected from them 
If your interested in marketing gifts. and ways to operationalise your marketing, visit our website and contact us. We have 100's of case studies and examples of ways to utilize promotional products and marketing gifts.

Gift With Purchase by Nivea at Watsons in the Philippines

Look at what’s fresh on the racks of Watsons in the Philippines: a pack containing two Nivea Extra Whitening Roll On and a handy and very free travel pouch where you can put your accoutrements into! Smelling good and not having dark underarms are in the top of women’s germ-free list, and a deal as good as this is hard to pass up. Not to mention, it is also the kind of marketing campaign you may want to bring together for your brand’s own success.

Gift With Purchase by Nivea at Watsons in the Philippines

Why Is Nivea’s New Promo Effective?

Boosts Transactions. Having two deodorants in one promotional pack, and a free gift with purchase, basically spells a total W-I-N for the company. To the customers’ eyes, it will be as if you are offering a necessity for them at a great price, and adding a considerate gift that they can often use.

Satisfies Consumers. The more items they can receive in one purchase, the better. It makes people feel satisfied when they know they got more than they expected.

Practical. The travel pouch that you get as a gift upon purchasing the products shows the thoughtfulness and ingenuity of the brand creator, as they know that ladies love the idea of being able to put all their knickknacks in one purse and not having to carry a lot of things. It’s practical; it reminds them to only bring the essentials. The design is very chic as well, with random things drawn in blue ink against the white backdrop. It’s light, small enough to be carried on its own or put in your luggage, and sturdy – what more can you ask for?

Wondering about which promotional product can help your marketing plans? Perhaps a branded travel pouch. Have a look at our blog or contact us at Marketing gifts to learn more about promotional items and how they can benefit your brand awareness.

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