Branded Face Towel from Belo Essentials

The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your arms and legs altogether. It is softer and thinner, so it is more prone to being damaged by overexposure to sun, dirt and humidity. This is the reason behind the greater number of skincare products intended for the face.

In the Philippines, there is a brand called Belo Essentials whose merchandise have been formulated by the top dermatologists in the country. For this month, their in-pack promotion is a free towel that is safe for facial use.

Branded Face Towel from Belo Essentials

Here are the advantages of grabbing this branded face towel.
  • Guaranteed Quality. Since it comes from a skincare brand, you get assurance that their promo gift will not be harsh on the skin. When you clean your face with it, it won’t get irritated.
  • Newfound Adoration for the Brand. The name Belo is popular in the aesthetics industry, especially to the local celebrities. However, they have just recently ventured into creating cosmetic products, that’s why the gift with purchase is much needed by them to promote new merchandise.

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Fancy Bunny Ring Holder - Advertising Gift from Birchbox

Did you know that alcohol, food, cigarette and drugs are not the only substances that people can get addicted to?

Yes, that’s right, because many individuals have the tendency to get hooked into bags, shoes, clothes and jewelries so much that these can fill several suitcases to the brim. If their room is small enough for these stuff, they do not mind adding an extra room in the house that is dedicated solely for their beloved collection(s). Some people may disapprove of such extravagance, but this is still much acceptable than having a serious addiction.

Thus, if you have a deep love for accessories, you will enjoy loading up the ears of this golden bunny from Birchbox with your gorgeous rings.

Fancy Bunny Ring Holder - Advertising Gift from Birchbox

Reimbursements of Giving Away A Free Ring Holder
  • Shows Individuality. Other brands often have clutches and fancy bracelets as gift with purchase, but not always a cute holder for rings. This can set Birchbox apart from its competitors, and make it more sellable.
  • Displays Elegance. The promo gift bunny is really loveable, yet you cannot miss the elegance that its gold color projects. Your vanity table will have a great treasure added to it once you get this.
  • Increases Bankability. The brand that produces gifts, regardless if they are not on-pack promotion, are more precious to consumers. This is a great edge for the manufacturers, because it increases their bankability.

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Free Custom USB - Gift with Purchase by Oakley

We have all found the benefit of owning a power bank. When you are outdoors, you will not need an electrical socket to plug your mobile device in. You simply have to bring your cable so that you can connect your gadget to the portable charger. We have also accepted the usefulness of external hard drives, which can ease the number of files stored in our laptops and desktops. But before any of these two have been created, there was a tiny storage tool that has allowed us to copy and save any file without using cables. This is the USB, and you can have one as a promo gift when you buy any Oakley eyewear.

Free USB - Gift with Purchase by Oakley

Casual Pluses of Making Electronic Accessory a Gift With Purchase
  1. Gets Seal of Approval from Millenials. The free USB serves a great purpose for the millenials. The lectures in the university are rarely done on a whiteboard now, as the professors have the means to make visual presentations for various topics. Thus, the students can use this to get a duplicate of the discussion and study it at home. Also, when you need to demonstrate an idea in front of your bosses, you can use the USB to transfer your own files into the company’s computer and start the discussion.
  2. Attracts More Purchases. The USB has a unique look, and some people are fascinated with distinctive gift with purchase. Therefore, it is safe to assume that more purchases will come to the brand because of it.
  3. Intensified Consumer Reliability. The clients will rely more on the brand and think your future promotional solutions will be greater than this one. This should motivate you to really amplify the way you market your brand to them.

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GWP Tip: Use Backpacks to Advertise the Brand

Having your brand logo visible at all times is so important, because this is the only way that your potential consumers will know about the products you sell. You can print your name on flyers and brochures, but you must have spotted by now that advertisements on paper are closer to being dumped in the trash than getting read. Hence, with any of your promotional ideas, you should be able to put a logo on it. You can place it on a keychain, a pair of socks, or a plate, but they are not really used in public. Your company is better off with backpacks like the ones that Tribal has as gift with purchase.

GWP Tip: Use Backpacks to Advertise the Brand

Favors of Using Backpacks to Advertise Your Brand
  1. Can go to various places. Wherever the consumer is, the branded backpack will be there. All his valuables will surely be inside the bag, so he will not leave it especially if he goes on a trip. Since the item will be with him every time, you can guarantee that more people will see it.
  2. Relaxed Space for the Logo. The promo gift can hold several shirts or books. For the customers, it means they can use it for any activity they can think of. For the brand owners, it entails that you do not have to cram your logo in a small corner of the product.
  3. Not Intimidating. There are more individuals who prefer jeans and shirts over coats and ties. It is a good thing that these backpacks have casual style, so the consumers will not worry if they will ever get to use them.

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Summer Bag GWP by Dermalogica

The hot breeze of the summer is extremely treasured by the people who have just endured the chilly season. It allows them to tuck their thick jackets deep under the closets and put on their shorts, shirts and flip flops once again. It also is the perfect occasion for them to take a dip in a non-heated pool and stay on the beach all day without getting a frostbite. This climate, in fact, is so special for them that they have personal effects that can be used in different weathers too, but they choose to use only in the sunny weather.

If you are this type of person, you can add this summer bag from Dermalogica in your stash.

Summer Bag GWP by Dermalogica

3 Boons of Getting Customized Gifts
  • Gains an Adorable Motivator. The gift with purchase says: “Take me to the beach.” Every time that the consumer sees the bag, she will be enticed to pack her sunscreen, sunglasses and bottled water, and really go there.
  • Makes a Perfect Brand Memento. When people received a promo gift from the brand, it will become a great reminder for them that if they have to restock their skincare supply, they can visit Dermalogica and observe if there is a new freebie or perhaps an on-pack promotion.
  • Increases Awareness About the Products. In a certain way, the free summer bag can heighten the women’s awareness about Dermalogica’s products because they have to purchase some things prior to availing the bag.

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El Hombre GWP - Promotional Shot Glass

Are you dreading your upcoming game night because you are supposed to bring something aside from yourself on that event but your friends did not specify what you should bring? This can be a total pain in the you-know-what, because the last thing you want is to take an item that is similar to what the others have brought, yet they have not come from the same brand. And when they set yours aside, you will just feel sad, and that may affect your performance in the games.

Henceforth, if you want a unique gift, take this shot glass from El Hombre, and fill it with tequila, wine, juice, water or even soy sauce that every loser has to drink as a consequence during the game night.

El Hombre GWP - Promotional Shot Glass

More Exciting Returns for El Hombre
  • Impeccable Logo Positioning. People have a tendency to scrutinize every bit of the gift with purchase before they do a bottom’s up – perhaps to figure out what other tricks are up their friends’ sleeves – so the brand logo will not be ignored. In truth, they may become so engrossed on it that they will ask the bringer where he got it.
  • Higher Earnings. When they have had fun with one promotional shot glass, there is a chance that they will be getting more for their next get-together. If this is the case, then El Hombre can expect higher earnings due to their in-pack promotion.
  • Seen in a Different Light. The consumers will further realize that the promo gift has other uses too, other than making them drunk. They will have more time to really bond with clear minds while enjoying the margarita mix.

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Branded Sauce Plate from Select Soy Sauce

Condiments play an important role on everybody’s favorite dish. Any noodle recipe cannot be complete minus salt. Flans will not be sweet without sugar. Dumplings won’t be as great if you do not have soy sauce to dip them into. All in all, they enhance the taste of foods to make them more appealing to our palates.

And they become most appealing when there is a gift with purchase waiting for consumers. Like with Select Soy Sauce, for instance, you can get a free kitchen product in the form of a yellow sauce plate.

Branded Sauce Plate from Select Soy Sauce

Delicious Benefits from a Free Gift with Purchase
  • Related to the Merchandise. Some consumers have to think twice before getting a specific promo gift because they do not know where the free item can be of use. However, with this particular sauce plate, they know what it is for and how it is related to the merchandise.
  • Upsurge in Sales. Giving a simple on-pack promotion is necessary in order for the customers to just put the product in their cart and move on to the next entry on the list. They immediately see its usefulness, and so there will be an upsurge in sales for the brand.
  • Healthier Brand Consciousness. Select is a local brand that does not have a lot of supporters yet. But due to the free sauce plate, it will be more known to potential consumers.

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Promotional Changing Mat by Growee

It is customary for public restrooms to have a changing table where moms and dads can clean up their child’s blown up diaper. This is a thoughtful idea, because consumers used to be frantic whenever the baby unfortunately soils his or her pants when they are not in a house. They simply cannot tell their little nugget when to do the #2, so the adults have be the ones to make adjustments.

But irrespective of the additions made by establishments on their powder rooms, families still have to bring a changing mat to place the baby on. Well, tell you what – you can get the on-pack promotion when you purchase a 150-mL bottle of Growee drops.

Promotional Changing Mat by Growee

Clear Advantages of a Promotional Changing Mat
  • Faultless Brand Visibility. As shown on the promo gift package, the brand logo and slogan are distinctly placed on the mat. The potential consumers will see it immediately even from afar. The new owners of the product as well will remember to buy again from the brand.
  • Captures Consumers’ Affection. Consumers normally are warmer to brands that employ gift with purchase in their marketing ideas. They feel wiser when they can get two products in one every time. This makes the changing mat a great decision.
  • Appeals to More Customers. Newbies when it comes to child-rearing always ask for recommendations from the seasoned parents about which brands are appropriate for their babies’ needs. Growee’s merchandise are already the go-to food supplement of Filipino mothers, but there is no doubt that the promotional mat makes the brand valuable to more customers.

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Marketing Idea by Jagger - Free Keychain

There are people who become patrons of a locksmith’s shop not because they are always buying houses and other properties, but because they often misplace their keys and therefore have to change their entire security system afterwards. The time they should be spending on more relevant things like grocery shopping or attending business meetings gets eaten up by the locks that require replacing.

Apart from the fact that it is time-consuming, it is also quite expensive. If only you have thought of attaching a keychain to them earlier, right? But hey, no need to feel sorry, as you can get this item from the Jagger on-pack promotion. Then you can give the regular product to your child, niece or nephew.

Marketing Idea by Jagger - Free Keychain

Non-Verbal Inclusions of a Gift with Purchase
  • Added Revenue. The things found in the packaging – toothbrush and free keychain – do not have expiration dates. You can purchase as many as you like, store them in your closet for months, and use them whenever you want.
  • Greater Brand Awareness. When you think of promotional ideas, think big. Do not settle with a promo gift that has to be concealed all the time, like an underwear or a knife. The keychain is great example of a merchandise that can promote better brand awareness, especially if you use it for your car keys, as more people can see it.
  • Easier Brand Marketing. You can advertise your brand similar to how Jagger has done it. Instead of using words or printing their logo on stuff, they just mass-produced the monkey that serves as the mascot of the brand, and then put a keyring on top to make it a keychain. It makes marketing process easier overall.

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Twin Glasses - Promo Gift by Glenmorangie

Having twins brings luck to the whole family, according to some superstitious beliefs. Whatever blessing comes your way when a child is born, it gets doubled by the birth of twins. However, as they gain years in this world, you will notice that you cannot buy anything for the first-born that has a different style or design as your second-born’s, because then WWIII will take place in your house. Even when these two reach the drinking age, they may still want the same things. So, the undying solution is to get two of everything, from toys to bikes to shoes to polo shirts.

Now you can even go as far as getting them twin glasses because Glenmorangie is giving them away in a single on-pack promotion.

Twin Glasses - Promo Gift by Glenmorangie
Recompenses of Gifts with Purchase
  • Better Chances of Getting Sold. Consumers will surely get a product that contains two promo gift items instead of one. They like the fact that it makes them a smarter buyer when they can find such promotional ideas that can keep them from overspending.
  • Additional Consumer Gratitude. Even though the gift with purchase will be used for an alcoholic drink, the booze will not wash away the customers’ gratitude for the brand for coming up with such a cool gift.
  • Bigger Brand Significance. The free glasses help the brand attain more significance in the heart of the consumers. Aside from the whiskey, they also like the high-quality, thick-bottomed freebie that will cost a fortune when bought in the store.

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Clinique Promotional Idea: Branded Soap Dish

Traveling is fun. However, not all travelers are as adventurous as the next person you will see come out of the door. Even when they want to engage with the natives in a certain place, and experience what it is like to wake up in a different city and walk in the park with new people, they sometimes cannot bring themselves to eat local foods or use products which are domestically made there.

We see no reason why this should be frowned upon. There simply are people who are strict about what things they put in and out of their body, and there is no prevailing law which prohibits them from doing as they please. Moreover, if it is a high-end soap that this person wants, this can be purchased from Clinique, with the added benefit of obtaining a branded soap dish, free of charge.

Clinique Promotional Idea: Branded Soap Dish

Yet, what are the advantages it can provide to the brand?
  • Upholding Its Stature. Clinique is a well-known brand. It has already achieved wide recognition as a manufacturer of high-end merchandise. Yet, giving away a promo gift that is as useful and as elegant as this does nothing but uphold the company’s stature in the society.
  • Strengthening Consumer Loyalty. The branded soap dish is an on-pack promotion that is quite fresh to Clinique’s clientele. They are more used to tote bags and other things like that that, but it does not mean that this free gift cannot strengthen the consumers’ loyalty to the brand.
  • Makes Consumers Want More Products. The gift with purchase can kindle the people’s possible desire to have shampoo and conditioner containers as well that are both branded, since they have made it happen to a soap holder.

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On-the-house Bristle Brush from Billy Jealousy

Men are like women, for the reason that they also need to get special grooming products for different parts of their body. Gone were those men who can bathe with an unbranded, cheap soap that can sometimes double as a shampoo. How about the guys who can go out without perfume or staring at their appearance in the mirror? They may be as extinct as the wild dinosaurs now as well.

The characteristic that has not left most of them, however, is their passion for growing beards. Well, long or medium-length, bushy or not, consumers can get this bristle brush from Beard Envy kit of Billy Jealousy. Since it is on-pack promotion, of course, it can be availed for free.

On-the-house Bristle Brush from Billy Jealousy

Masculine Advantages of Free Bristle Brush
  • Hard-wearing Promo Gift. The brush is made from high-quality wood for frame, and hard-wearing bristles. This gift with purchase can withstand the thickness of any beard without getting broken for a long time.
  • Solid Brand Placement. Manly men will find it easy to remember the brand where they first got this useful free bristle brush due to the logo placed at the wide back of the material.
  • Wild Brand Recognition. You can, but you should not use the same brush you comb the hair on top of your head with to your beard, as the latter is coarser than the former. Your beard will just get tangled to the hairbrush. Guys sporting facial hair naturally will wish to know what kind of brush they can utilize, so when the person they have spoken to knows about the Beard Envy, the brand can achieve wild recognition.

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Cute Pencil Organizer - GWP by SM Travels

All of us have attended school for more reasons than you can conceive. Some do it because of their elders’ prompting, or because they are after their lunch money. Others, on the other hand, really find pleasure in listening to the teachers’ discussions and participating in group activities.

But do you know what is tougher than waking up early so that you will not be left by the service bus? It is going to school without a pen or a pencil, and none of your friends have a spare one. Totally horrific! If you have not been sent to detention because the homeroom adviser thought you just do not want to write rather than you have nothing to write with, consider yourself as lucky.

To avoid this from happening to the future students, why don’t you ensure that you get a free pencil organizer that is similar to this one from SM Travels?

Cute Pencil Organizer - GWP by SM Travels

Other Perks of Having a GWP Pencil Organizer
  • High Quality Item. Typical pencil cases are made of plastic, metal or soft fabric which all fail in comparison with this gift with purchase. Rather than just dropping your pens in it, you can stash them on the gartered compartments so that they will remain in place even if you move your bag upside down.
  • Heightens Consumer Commitment. Customers have a steadfast commitment to the brand that always has promo gift stuff for them. They like that after spending a few hundred dollars in the store, they can go home with a free item.

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Versace Gift with Purchase - Elegant Branded Pouch

Certain objects draw out our emotional side. If a little girl has a favorite doll house or toy, a woman has her favorite pair of stilettos, dress and bags. When any of this goes missing or gets damaged, mature or not, they will cry over it as if a loved one passed on, as if they will not be able to live without this item.

However, just like what some people say, “There are many fish in the ocean.” Collecting is only not advisable in relationships, but you can do it with non-living things. If bags are your jam, you can get totes, bohos, slings, purses and pouches of different colors, sizes and brand origins. You can also add this branded pouch from Versace to your collection.

Versace Gift with Purchase - Elegant Pouch

Pouch GWP and Its Advantages
  • Matches Elegant and Casual Clothes. The gift with purchase can look good with almost any clothing style. Its versatility coupled with its high quality makes it a product that is worthy to be seen in public.
  • Raises Clients’ Warmth. Versace merchandise are all high-class, that is why their price range are also slightly on the higher end. However, if the clients see that they can get a promo gift after making a purchase, they will become more eager to buy something from the brand.

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GWP Promo: Free Puzzle from Nutrilin

Completing one puzzle brings such a huge accomplishment to the person who did it, as not a lot of people have the patience to execute well in such an activity. Jigsaw puzzles have this innate ability to bring out someone’s cognitive skills while figuring out where each piece will go. Hence, parents are encouraged to introduce the wonder of puzzles to toddlers and even babies. This way, their brain will be trained how to do deductive reasoning before they are even old enough to go to school.

Below is an example of a puzzle that you can start with. It is a free learning puzzle from Nutrilin, a food supplement from growing children.

GWP Promo: Free Puzzle from Nutrilin

Prospective GWP Merits for Nutrilin
  • Bigger Product Info. Someone has invented the term ‘play date’, in which parents meet up with other parents to let their children play together for a few hours. They also bring toys that can be enjoyed by a few kids. The free puzzle can be solved by the little tykes with the help of each other, and the mommies will see its helpfulness in their child’s thinking skills, so they will wish to buy something similar for their home. It increases information about the product and the on-pack promotion.
  • Becomes a Sweet Surprise for Consumers. Pediatricians recommend this product to their clients because they believe in its effectivity. When they look for it at the pharmacy, they will be amazed when they realize that a promo gift is included. Their fondness towards the brand therefore is elevated.
  • Promotes Brand Loyalty. Wise parents choose a brand not only for its efficiency but also for its affordability. Perhaps because of this gift with purchase, they will become more loyal to Nutrilin.

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Free Kitchen Utensil from Maggi

Single women can be picky about the stuff that make them happy. Yet, everything shifts once they become mothers. They forget their pride; they can go out now without looking at their reflection in the mirror; and they only think every day of what will make their baby smile always. As the child grows, the moms get more appreciative of the simplest but meaningful gifts in the world, like a love letter from the husband, or a heart-shaped stone that the baby found in the garden.

Think of your own mother. What kind of inexpensive present do you feel she will like? If she is an expert at making the best dishes for you and your entire family, then she will admire this free kitchen utensil from Maggi Magic Sarap.

Free Kitchen Utensil from Maggi

Stirred Up Perks of a Gift with Purchase
  • Increases Sales. Non-stick pots and pans have already beaten even the ones made from stainless steel. The former, however, will be damaged by metallic ladles and similar cooking utensils. This is why the gift with purchase that is made from specialized plastic is more appealing to consumers and effectively increases the sales of the brand.
  • Creates Space for Logo. The brand has to mark their promo gift with its own logo so that the consumers are given a constant reminder about where they got it. The handle of the product is a great location for the brand name.
  • Provides Higher Brand’s Importance. Consumers do not follow the “first come, first served” policy of business establishments. They entertain more the brands that give them on-pack promotion items like this free kitchen utensil.

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Libby's Marketing Promo - Customized Coaster

Good manners and right conduct have been taught to students in schools all over the world. We need to learn these so that when we are doing business with various individuals, we will know the right manner to talk to them and can close transactions more easily.

Proper table manners are also included in the subject. It does not mean that you have to be prim and proper all the time, especially if you are eating with your hands or you are alone, but at any rate you know what fork is for which food, how to scoop your soup, etc.

Children too are encouraged to understand such things. You can further motivate them to do well at their ethics class once you give them this collectible coaster from Libby’s.

Libby's Marketing Promo - Customized Coaster

In what aspects is it a marketable on-pack promotion?
  • Cute Design. The free coaster has the cute image of either a chicken, a sheep, a pig or a cow. Kids already learn about them, as well as the sounds they make, that’s why they will recognize these animals.
  • Can Be Easily Cleaned. The gift with purchase is simply made from high-quality silicone, making it easy to clean. When children are just beginning to understand something, they make more messes, so this is an important factor about the product.
  • Colorful. Spotting the promo gift in the shelf of a supermarket is hassle-free, due to the fact that it is brightly colored. Even if they may not be able to reach it, the kiddos will immediately see them and, with any luck, want to get them.

Prada Gift with Purchase - Branded Neck Pillow

Wherever there is sensibility, comfortability naturally follows. Sensible people will never be seen in an outfit or a pair of shoes that they are not at ease with. If ever you get invited in their home, you may find that their furniture are chosen not based on their price tag, but on their quality and how useful they can be for the family that lives in the house.

When it comes to perfumes, the practical will meticulously sample which fragrance can last for hours, as well as which scent they will not get tired of smelling. However, the more practical individuals will check too if some promotional ideas are included to the product. Because of this, they may like the neck pillow that Prada perfume has a gift with purchase.

Prada Gift with Purchase - Branded Neck Pillow

Resulting Benefits from the GWP
  • Augmented Name Visibility. First off, the visibility of the brand name increases as the promo gift gets distributed to various consumers. The placement of the brand logo on one side of the neck pillow plays well at their advantage.
  • Superior Brand Value. This branded neck pillow exhibits comfortability beyond compare. Travelers who possess this free merchandise can now fall asleep in the plane, train or bus without their head lolling to the side or ending up with a neck pain. The brand’s thoughtful GWP makes it more valuable.
  • Raised Consumer Loyalty. Prada obviously likes to provide freebies that their consumers can use contentedly. Thus, the latter’s faith to Prada is raised due to the gift with purchase.

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Free Power Bank - GWP by Alfonso I

When you are in the middle of beating the highest score in your favorite mobile game while waiting for bus, and your smartphone suddenly shuts down, and there is no power outlet in sight, you’ll simply want to cry in frustration.

Why, oh, why did it choose to die when your name is about to be on top of the list of gaming scores? Why is there no electric socket in the bus station? Why can’t you just fly back home so you can charge your mobile immediately? Your sentiments are mostly valid, but you can only accept that it already has happened, and you cannot change it. What you do next time, though, is be prepared for such occurrences. You can get this free power bank from Alfonso I.

Free Power Bank - GWP by Alfonso I

Benefits Gotten From This Promo Gift
  1. Dead Mobile Phones No More. No one has to have a drained battery anymore if the consumers obtain this gift with purchase ASAP and bring it wherever they go. Apart from gaming, phones can be used when an emergency arises. Thanks to this merchandise, the people can easily call others for help.
  2. Product Consciousness. The alcoholic beverage that comes with the freebie obviously cannot be brought in all places, but on-pack promotion can be. When others show interest to it, they will ask questions about it and gain more consciousness regarding the brand.
  3. Extra Brand Significance. A free power bank is not common. This is a practical device that most people need. Hence, it adds to the significance of the brand.

You can advertise your business better when you finally employ the promotional ideas to be found in the Marketing Gifts blog.

Movie Merchandise: Civil War Lunch Box from Lady's Choice

Have you ever wondered why more brands capitalize on promotional ideas that are inclined towards the younger age group? This is not entirely for the fact that they are easier to produce; it is further because they want to gain the loyalty of the future generation of buyers while they are still in their childhood and unable to make solid decisions yet. They create toys and other interesting things, so when the kids grow older and have their own family, they will also steer their children to the brands that they have been using since they were 6 or 8 years old.

Lady’s Choice is a mayonnaise brand. Its products are not mainly for children, yet their on-pack promotion today is a lunch box that has the image of popular superheroes on it.

Custom-made Lunch Box from Lady's Choice

Exceptional Properties of a Custom-made Lunch Box
  • Great Brand Name Vessel. Lady’s Choice will have no problem printing their logo on this gift with purchase, as it is a large vessel that can carry even a brand name that’s the size of your palm.
  • Spreads Information About the Brand. It is common for kids to crow about their new educational items during the first day of school. You can expect their classmates to be amazed by it, since they know the fictional characters at the front, and this type cannot be bought anywhere else. The child spreads information about the brand already when he or she says where the promotional lunch box came from.
  • Enlarges Revenues. Children do not mind if their stuff are all similar. They actually like that they can eat in the same container during recess and lunch time. Thus, the promo gift enlarges the revenues of Lady’s Choice.

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Adorable Free Flower Pen – Pure ‘n Fresh GWP

A teenager’s life is so exciting, don’t you think? You get to have a say on what clothes you want to wear; you can attend birthdays, camping trips, and friendly dates without your over-protective parents fussing so much over you; and you can blame zits and whatnot to hormones. But the best of all is that you are allowed to enjoy childish stuff still, since people know that you are still in a transition period between childhood and adulthood – a phase in which trying different things is most A-okay.

If you want to learn about what’s ‘in’ with teenagers, you may want to look at unique pens that keep on invading the market. Pure ‘n Fresh, a local personal care brand, is even giving away a free flower pen with every bottle of feminine wash. Copying how millennials talk these days, we say that this on-pack promotion is totes adorbs!

Adorable Free Flower Pen – Pure ‘n Fresh GWP

Thrilling Specifics About This Free Flower Pen
  • Tickles Customer’s Curiosity. When new products come out, people want to see what makes it different from the older ones. With this brand, the difference they will immediately see is that a free flower pen is already included with the regular merchandise – and a distinctive one at that.
  • Bumps Up Brand Recognition. A gift with purchase can bump up the social recognition for novice brands like Pure ‘n Fresh. The colorful pen will ultimately attract consumers’ attention, and then they will notice the product the item is with. If they like the freebie, they will become more persuaded to make a purchase.
  • Brand Significance Rises. Right on the spot, consumers can instantaneously find this as a more significant brand, as a consequence of this promo gift. There are other brands that have been in the business for so long, yet their promotional ideas are limited to brochures and TV commercials, which cannot really elevate consumer’s experience.

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Branded Denture Brush from Polident

If you think babies only cry when they are hungry, in pain or need their diapers changed, you must have not been around them long enough to see that they also cry when it’s time to brush their little teeth. It’s not really because they are getting hurt; it’s just that the toothbrush and how it is used are foreign to them.

Parents teach the importance of brushing your teeth religiously as soon as their children can understand what they are saying, primarily because they want them to not need dentures in the future. However, if dentures are the only way you can feel confident at meeting other people and giving them a full smile, then you should immediately get a cleanser like Polident. Purchasing their product today allows you to have this branded denture brush to keep your false teeth sparkly white.

Branded Denture Brush from Polident

But for the brand, what can this on-pack promotion do?
  • Make It More Saleable. The branded denture brush can make it more saleable because it means the consumers do not need to look for them in the store. There are some who get so shy of asking the saleslady for it, that they just go with the regular toothbrush, but their bristles are harder than the former. Hence, the promo gift is heaven-sent for them.
  • Escalate Customers’ Loyalty. Because customers already know which brand gives denture brush as a gift with purchase, this is where they’re going to put their loyalty to. Whenever they need the same products again, they will only look for the brand that they trust.
  • Increase Brand Consciousness. Many people wear false teeth. Sometimes, they even know one another. If someone recommends the brand’s products to their friends or colleagues, it readily increases the potential consumers’ consciousness about the brand.

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Free Cooler Bag - Gift with Purchase from Escada

Does size still matter?

Phones used to be almost as large as a hollow block, but now we can fit them in our palms. Supercomputers back then were the size of a house, yet their features and more have been condensed in laptops, desktops and tablets. Oh, and coolers – they have changed a lot too! From looking like a big treasure chest, they have transformed today into a smaller size that even toddlers will not find difficult carrying.

If you want to know what we are talking about, you should obtain this free cooler bag from Escada.

Free Cooler Bag - Gift with Purchase from Escada

What are the compensations from the said gift with purchase?
  • Higher Level of Convenience. Old coolers take up a lot of space in the car if families or friends want to bring it in the beach. The free cooler bag allows them to leave the big ice chest at home, yet still be able to keep their beverages cold.
  • Extensive Brand and Product Awareness. The promo gift is designed to only be used outdoors. If you are in the house, you can just store your drinks in the refrigerator. However, if you are outside, you need something to maintain their coldness. Consumers who bring the product with them increase others’ awareness about the brand.
  • Additional Brand Significance. Promotional ideas that can be useful for the consumers provide additional significance to the brand, as people naturally admire those who give them special favors.

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Merle Norman Cosmetics - Promotional Travel Cup

The world is filled with beautiful architectures that will leave you amazed forever. You cannot say that you have truly existed if you still have not hiked up the Great Wall of China, heard the Big Ben’s time indicator, posed for a photo-op in front of the Eiffel Tower, or climbed the tallest mountain in Nepal.

In all of these travails, it is great to have a constant companion that you can really connect to. However, for a change, other than thinking of bring your best friend or your lovey dovey, why not bring this cute travel cup from Merle Norman Cosmetics?

Merle Norman Cosmetics - Promotional Travel Cup

The advantages that the maker will achieve from this promo gift are:
  • Boundless Brand Awareness. Countless number of people all over the world will get a chance to see the promotional travel cup, and the brand only has had to create it and add it to their Color Collection. They almost did not need to use any promotional strategies, as they already did it wisely with this gift.
  • Boosted Brand Worth. If Merle Norman’s gift with purchase can attract the attention of those who make great impact to others’ lives – bloggers, travel writers, business execs, newscasters, etc. – it can be featured on different outlets. This instant celebrity status will definitely boost the brand’s value.

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Specialized Free Towel by Puma

The comfortable socks made by Puma have saved a lot of feet from callouses and discomfort, particularly when the person’s brand-new shoes still haven’t been broken in. Thinking of how many people would have gone to their physicians just because their too thin or less elastic socks have caused them injury in one way or another does not provide us a cool vision. Thus, we have so much to thank such brands for.

Puma is taking their customers’ great experience a notch higher, since the brand has enlisted Aquazorb fingertip towel as their latest gift with purchase.

Specialized Free Towel by Puma

Specialized Perks from Exclusive Promotional Ideas
  • Quality Beyond Question. When a promo gift comes from a brand that consumers know as the expert in making that specific product, they do not ever doubt its quality. They simply purchase whatever has to be purchased, and look forward to feeling the softness of the towel in their hands.
  • Widespread Brand Information. It is quite amazing to learn about the number of athletes and athletes’ parents who are often on the lookout for the best towels they can use. Getting the branded gift with purchase will make the brand information spread like wildfire.
  • Sales Go Loco. The sales can go crazy high due to this free towel. Consumers do not have to buy a year’s worth of socks just to obtain the gift, but they may want to get extra pairs of socks so that they can have handy towels on the house.

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Customized Soap Dispenser from Kojie San

The time when someone is classified or pre-judged based on his or her skin color has been terminated ages ago. Individuals are now seen according to their attitude and aptitude, which is the most righteous thing to do. However, the obsession towards changing one’s complexion must be ingrained in our blood vessels, that’s why tanning and whitening solutions are still being developed and sold in varying prices worldwide.

Kojie San is a skin care brand that creates soaps with kojic acid as the active ingredient. It is quite popular among men and women who long to have fairer skin. Meanwhile, some of their bar soaps come with a customized dispenser – a gift with purchase for the sensible.

Customized Soap Dispenser from Kojie San

Why Is It A Sensible GWP Idea?
  1. Soap can Last Longer. Soaps that get soaked in water for hours have shorter life span. It would be fine if you get to use it, but if it only goes straight down the drainage, then it’s as if you are tossing your money in the dumpster. So, this promo gift can prevent this from happening.
  2. Within Someone’s Budget. Consumers will like not just the idea of having a customized soap dispenser, but also the simple truth that this on-pack promotion is totally within their budget. If they calculate how much these products are going to cost when purchased separately, they will understand how generous this brand is to them.
  3. Consumer Devotion is Love. When your merchandise can do what you say it can do, people will devote their money and name to it. This is how they show their love for the brand. You, alternatively, can add gift with purchase sometimes, or other promotional ideas that match with what you sell.

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In-Pack Promo by Kellogg's - Free Adventure Time Bag Tags

The usual setup of kindergarten classrooms is that when the pupils come in, they hang their bags in one side of the room before they can join the others in the center. If you are to recognize something about kids, it is that their hyperactivity often times overshadows their ability to remember most of their parents’ instructions. “Play after lunch.” “Eat your vegetables.” “Put your homework in your bag.”

Children who have only been to school for a few days usually have a hard time distinguishing which one is theirs when it is already mixed with other interesting bags. Therefore, moms and dads will score a nice deal if they can avail this cute bag tag that’s brought to the public by Kellogg’s through an on-pack promotion.

Gift with Purchase by Kellogg's - Free Bag Tag

Helpful Points of the GWP for Kellogg’s
  • Easy on the Eyes. Meaning, the gift with purchase is so adorable that the brand’s target audience will want to open the box fast and get the merchandise right on the spot. They will surely make out these characters from a famous cartoon TV show.
  • Inspires Customers’ Commitment. Customers/parents are not difficult to please, especially if they see that the promo gift brings spark to their baby’s eyes. This naturally seals their judgment that when they go shopping again, they will purchase the brand’s products, with hopes that they can think of more delightful marketing ideas for the young.
  • Lifts the Brand’s Repute. The free bag tag helps Kellogg’s to obtain a well-defined edge over their opponents. This is why you should try to market your brand in a distinctive manner – so that your brand’s repute instantly increases. This is also what lets the brand stay ahead of things for years.

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Promo Idea: Free Foldable Shopping Bag from SM Supermalls

Plastic bags have been widely used in a larger portion of the globe for decades. Bigger ones are for holding trash; smaller ones are for the supplies we buy from the market. And then the ‘comrades’ of nature came along – the eco-friendly organizations that wanted to reduce the production of these bags that will not decay even in a million years. So, they pushed the utility of paper bags as a substitute. Aside from easily tearing when you don’t put your stuff carefully inside, however, paper companies have to cut down lots of trees to make them, that’s why they are not what’s best for us either.

At present, foldable shopping bags are ruling the supermarkets. SM Supermalls, probably the largest chain of department stores in the Philippines, has this as a gift with purchase.

Are shopping bags the smartest option for mankind?

Promo Idea: Free Foldable Shopping Bag from SM

Disclosed Perks from Free Foldable Shopping Bag
  • Reusable. The free foldable shopping bag is made of cloth. Therefore, it can be washed and reused multiple times. No tree has to suffer just to produce this, and consumers can find a lot of usage for it.
  • Goal Prompter. Everyone’s main goal is to not see the planet die. The gift with purchase has this statement printed on it: “This bag saves the Earth.” What good it will do is that it will constantly serve as a reminder that we can pry ourselves away from plastics and even paper if all we need is just a bag to put our goods into.
  • Packs a Punch. We don’t mean it literally, but this promo gift can pack a punch towards our fight to save the planet. Manufacturing this will reduce the production of bags from plastic and paper materials. This can also be a great way to promote the brand, as the bag has sufficient space for the logos.

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