Promo Building Blocks from Wyeth's Promil Gold

The child wonders being shown on TV are proof that people are born incredibly smart. Some just excel better than the others because they're able to hone their genius early. You can attribute this, of course, to the toys that they're given before they can write or read. For example, a math wiz probably sees arithmetic flash cards often, while a piano prodigy has been around the instrument a lot. In case you want a new engineer in the family, the odds will increase once you obtain these promo building blocks from Wyeth's Promil Gold.

Promo Building Blocks from Wyeth's Promil Gold

Why You Need to Get Promo Building Blocks for Kids

  • Color-Coded. Every promotional gift consists of blocks in the same swatch. When you buy more boxes, they can greatly help a child to know the Crayola colors' names by heart. 
  • Fun. The toys seem mundane to adults, but they are curious little objects to a toddler. Though it may take awhile for them to build identifiable shapes, the in-pack promotion can make them excited.
  • Smart. If the kids take a serious interest on the gift with purchase, it will really improve their analytical skills. Each block snaps in place, and they have to figure out how to break apart and put the bits together.
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Krem-Top POS Display - An Advertising Gift to All

One of the old pet peeves of consumers is being followed by sales personnel throughout the store to promote a brand. Maybe some have even encountered a staff who doesn't give up regardless of how many times you've declined their offers.

Fortunately, manufacturers have since known about that fact. Instead of hiring promodisers, they let the buyers find the point of sale on their own. To visualize how that works, pay attention to this Krem-Top POS display.

Krem-Top POS Display - An Advertising Gift to All

Superb Benefits from a Krem-Top POS Display

  • Entices Consumers. The color choice of the brand for this advertising gift is fantastic. Seeing a large yellow frame at the end of the aisle can intrigue people to take a closer glimpse.
  • Boosts Innovation. When you allow your imagination to run wild, the sachets of coffee creamer look like vapor from the oversized customized mug. The metal rack on top of the structure aids with this thought as well. Thus, the originality of Krem-Top shows.
  • Increases Gains. Since the promotional products are hanging freely, it may convince the shoppers to tear off a packet and add it to their cart. It will then help improve the profits of the company.
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3 Things to Know About Koko Krunch's Free Photo Clip

Almost every social media user cannot survive a day without taking pictures. You see a well-plated dish? Click. You're bored while waiting for lunch at the office? Click. The subjects can be as random as anything under the sun, really. What attracts the most number of groufies, though, is the time you spend with family. If you don't want to miss them so much, it may be better to print the best or the wackiest snap. Then, attach it to the free photo clip that Nestlé adds in special boxes of Koko Krunch cereals.
3 Things to Know About Koko Krunch's Free Photo Clip

What must you know about the free photo clip?

  • It strengthens memory. The yellow characters attached to the gift with purchase come from the Despicable Me franchise. Similar to how Gru remembers each of his minions, you won't forget your family when you look at their picture.
  • It decreases your longing. This movie merchandise may be useful for people whose loved ones live abroad for different causes. You place the free photo clip on your desk, and it's as if they're just near you. Hence, the sadness you may feel will lessen.
  • It livens up images. Do you notice how the minions are posing? Once you hook a picture to the promotional gift, they look like they're part of the group selfie. You can then share a snap of the new photo and have something cute to talk about.
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Colorful Complimentary Umbrella from Benefit Cosmetics

Are the rainy days depressing you? I know how much of a hassle the sudden pouring brings, especially when you're on the streets without anything to protect you from it. But rather than staying annoyed to a natural phenomenon that you can't ever stop, obtain this complimentary umbrella from Benefit Cosmetics.
Colorful Complimentary Umbrella from Benefit Cosmetics

Advantages Out of the Complimentary Umbrella

  • Colorful. This item looks lively in a mild manner. Instead of dark colors, we have pastel shades here. It is very feminine, so no guy can mistakenly claim the marketing product as theirs.
  • Compact. The gift with purchase is small enough to tuck in a shoulder bag. Because of its size, you can effortlessly carry it at work or school.
  • Gratis. Though it's just another term for 'free', the word fits the graceful appearance of this promotional gift. You can see tall buildings and long bridges on the umbrella too, which entail that it'll suit the city sleekers.
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Versace Custom Promotion - Branded Luggage Tag

Apart from the people you love, what serves as your life anchor?

Dig deeply, but think simply - any answer that comes to mind cannot be wrong. It can be that pair of sneakers you use for rugged activities. Or the first photo of your kids together. Or that fountain pen you sign every successful deal with. In case you're at that age wherein there isn't an object that has the biggest impact on your life yet, then perhaps consider Versace's branded luggage tag as one?

Versace Custom Promotion - Branded Luggage Tag

The Valuable Parts of the Branded Luggage Tag

  • The Leather Setting. As a luxury brand, you can tell that Versace has made use of great leather for this advertising product. The fine stitches on the sides don't seem like they will come undone immediately as well.
  • The Golden Chain. Though it resembles a tiny bracelet, the chain acts as a hook for the luggage tag. We personally appreciate its uniqueness in this aspect. When other promo gifts come with standard key rings, here is Versace with its high-quality string.
  • The Embossed Logo. Rather than stamping the leather with the brand's name, the designer has decided to stick a coin-sized metallic logo on it. The idea makes the gift with purchase superior to many if the custom bag tags we have seen in the market.
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Free Raincoat in a Unique Case by SM

It's a total hassle to get sick these days. The cost of medicine never goes down; the hospitalization fees are just as bothersome. One instance that can send you straight to the doctor is being rained on. The weather has become so quirky that it pours even during summer; that's why you always have to bring an umbrella to shield you from it. If it seems too big for you to carry, why not just simply avail this free raincoat from SM Supermalls?

Free Raincoat in a Unique Case by SM

Special Perks from the Free Raincoat 

  • Folds Well. The waterproof material seems lightweight, so it will not take a lot of effort to gather the coat. With such a promotional gift, you cannot have an excuse for getting drenched in the rain. 
  • Saves Space. You won't have to leave any item at home just to make room for the gift with purchase. It's a highly intelligent marketing idea, in our opinion, because you can hang it on the zipper's puller outside the bag.
  • Promotes Recognition. The attractive thing about the promo merchandise is that the cases seem very much like a Pokéball, the home of Pokémons. Due to the recently popularized game made for this anime, the shoppers will surely notice this reward.
  • Eases Branding. The smooth case is devoid of any design other than the SM logo. And with that plastic hook on top, the product may even pass as a branded key chain.
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Benefit Cosmetics GWP - Promo Duffel Bag

It's common knowledge about career women that they have lots of places to go to. Almost every week of every month, business and other opportunities attract them to travel and showcase their skills that continue bringing them success. There's no harm in that, of course, but we can only imagine how worn out their luggage must be for being hauled back and forth often. Thus, grab this chance to check out the promo duffel bag by Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics GWP - Promo Duffel Bag

Why obtain this promo duffel bag?

  • It's from a high-end brand. Since the company markets to consumers who like luxury, even the gift with purchase is of great quality. It's as if you hit the jackpot, therefore, once you avail this long-lasting product.
  • The design seems chic. The bag looks so neat with the skyscrapers making a nice contrast with the white top half. It would take mere seconds for a fashionista to adore this promotional gift
  • There are thick straps. Pay attention on the length of the handles attached to the branded bag. From this angle, it's obvious that sturdy buckles keep the additional strap in place. These ensure that you can carry your stuff comfortably even when you're alone.
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Quaker In-Pack Promotion: Custom Mason Jar

Making breakfast is bothersome, especially if you can barely open your eyes after sleeping at a wee hour. In such a scenario, you may choose to skip it altogether and leave immediately for school or work. It is too bad, however, because isn't breakfast the most significant meal of the day? If you're really short in time, just get this custom mason jar from Quaker.

Quaker In-Pack Promotion: Custom Mason Jar

Benefits a Custom Mason Jar Delivers to Consumers

  • Instant Container. Oatmeal is the type of food that tastes great either cold or warm. The night before, you can cook it and transfer to the gift with purchase for refrigeration purposes.
  • Sanitary. Mason jars regularly come with thick metallic lids which fit well on its opening. It entails that microbes cannot creep in the promo gift and contaminate your meal.
  • Handy. The freebie has a glass handle on the side which eases up the process of taking your breakfast anywhere you wish. It is just as sturdy as the body of the vessel; that's why there's a low chance that it will explode once you pour hot stuff in it. This Quaker in-pack promotion ensures that your stomach will get filled even outside the house.
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Free Swimming Ring - Nivea Skincare Promo

There may be objects in your room that don’t make sense to your mother, but that shouldn’t deter you from keeping them. It’s just that some things we own are more suitable for special happenings. Several examples of these include the pen you only use during exams, the silky tie for important transactions, and a Hawaiian shirt for pool parties. If ever you need a free swimming ring, Nivea can give you one as a skincare promo as well.

Free Swimming Ring - Nivea Skincare Promo

What are the advantages of getting a free swimming ring?

  • Inflatable. Survival experts say that every homeowner should have an emergency kit ready all the time. This promotional product does not consume much space when deflated. You can simply blow air from your mouth in it whenever necessary.
  • Safe. The two plastic handles won’t come off even if you hang tightly on them to maintain your balance on the water. You may also detach the rope decoration during an urgent situation to pull someone to safety.
  • Heavy Duty. The material used to construct the gift with purchase is less likely to fall even though a person of massive weight may sit on it. This is quite thick too, so it won’t tear that easy.

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Branded Soap Case by Unilever's Dove

When you buy toiletries with your hard-earned money, you realize how extravagant it is to leave a soap swimming in the water after bath. It’s not like it will harden into a bar again once you fish it out, no – you will either have to lather up with a small piece or re-purchase a fresh box. Nonetheless, if you take one from Unilever’s Dove now, you will also be presented with a branded soap case. How cool is that?

Branded Soap Case by Unilever's Dove

Why is this branded soap case unique?

  • It’s Custom Fit. The bar becomes deformed when it accidentally knocks on the sides of a regular dispenser. So, since the Dove soap has a slight curve in the middle, it is only right that the brand’s in-pack promotion features the same shape for a great fit.
  • The logo is placed well. You can see by enlarging the photo above that in addition to the grooves on the gift with purchase, there are two Dove logos too. The brand needed no other color than white to display them because they simply sustain the kind of branding that consumers are accustomed to.
  • It’s Portable. What happens every time you embark on a long trip with a box of soap? Typically, the packaging caves in and you have to look for another container to store the bar in for the journey back. Hence, traveling with this promo gift saves you from worrying about the latter as the soap case already very transportable.

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Free Headband – Online Promo from Paco Rabanne

Can’t feel the goddess in you during tough times? Problems can truly affect people like that, to the point that even your precious accessories cannot lighten up your mood. If alleviating the issues is not close to happening, though, then maybe you can get a bit of positivity from a free headband created by Paco Rabanne for the Olympéa perfume line?

Free Headband – Online Promo from Paco Rabanne

What perks come off a free headband?

  • Gorgeous Design. The front part of the brand’s promo gift resembles the laurel leaves that Greek deities are represented to wear on their heads. It works perfectly for the theme of the campaign, so the online shoppers at Ulta can recognize that it’s for Paco Rabanne’s new fragrance.
  • Low Cost. The color of this promotional merchandise makes it fit for the high-end image of the company, doesn’t it? Take the pigment away, however, you get an elastic garter and pieces of beads stringed together. Buying these materials can barely skim their budget; that’s why the brand won’t suffer even if they give out hundreds of headpieces to consumers.
  • Not Seasonal. If you receive it as a gift with purchase, for example, you’ll know that it can be worn at any time of the year. Women of diverse ages and social statuses can pull it off as well, regardless if they are wearing casual or formal clothes.

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Coca-Cola Promotion for Father’s Day at SM

There are 365 days in a year, and only one of them is especially dedicated to the father figures in our lives. Despite that, large malls like SM were making sure that it won’t pass without a bang. They even got a popular beverage brand in on the event to offer various freebies – how much cooler could they be? Hence, check out this Coca-Cola promotion in the Philippines.

Coca-Cola Promotion for Father’s Day at SM

Why is a Coca-Cola promotion noteworthy for brands?

  •  Promotes Collectible Items. Since the last several decades, the company surely has released different promotional products in the form of GWPs or purchase with purchase. These objects, may they be glasses or shirts, become memorabilia for the people who love their carbonated drinks.
  • Increases Consumer Interest. The in-store display was located beside an escalator, so many shoppers notice this marketing strategy. The color of the branded emoticon cups and how they’ve been stacked in a pyramid catch the passersby’s eyes as well. Those who did not initially know about the campaign, therefore, would get curious to ask how to avail such prizes.
  •  Retains Customer Loyalty. The slogan used to advertise the brand has always emphasized that their cola is meant to be shared with family members. If you zoom the photo in, you will see customized bookmarks and small notebooks whose covers show a father-and-son duo. This can make the consumers realize that Coca-Cola actually and still cares, and so their loyalty to the company stays strong.

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Custom Ice Mold Tray - Johnnie Walker Giveaway

Is it in your bucket list to astound your guests in the next party you are hosting at home? Well, there is a new ice-making trend that can ideally melt slower than the regular cubed or crushed varieties. This is known as the ice ball - something that you can DIY with a customized ice mold tray. Johnnie Walker has taken the liberty to give it to consumers as a promo gift so that you'll get to understand why the circular ice is better.

Custom Ice Mold Tray - Johnnie Walker GWP

What brand benefits does the customized ice mold tray offer?

  • Big Sales. Shoppers are attracted to promotional merchandise that they have seen for the first time ever. Apart from thinking of how interesting it is, they probably also ask themselves when will be the next opportunity they can witness that kind of ice tray. Due to the latter, the customers can most likely not help but grab the GWP from the shelf.
  • Brand Activation. You can freeze any type of liquid inside the in-pack promotion. Since it comes with the Scotch whiskey, they may consider creating ice out of the liquor instead of water. Your brand name will gain great reviews in case these people start handing this out to their friends who can turn into your new consumers.
  • Extended Advertisement. Offering durable freebies is the way to market a brand. The gift with purchase can endure a lot of ice-making sessions. Thus, even when the #LoveScotch campaign is over, you may keep on making as many ice ball as you want. 
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Lady's Choice's Guardians of the Galaxy GWP - Promo Lunch Kit

As a fan of the Marvel Universe, you can't not know the Guardians of the Galaxy. Following the lives of the heroes and villains in this realm has given the movie's second installment a box-office win. This much has allowed a lot of brands like Lady's Choice to ride the tides and offer a GWP that showcases the same cinematic feel. Find out how the promo lunch kit can draw in their target market.

Lady's Choice's Guardians of the Galaxy GWP - Promo Lunch Kit

Promo Lunch Kit Advantages

  • Visible Characters. The photographic memory of an individual of any age is way stronger than his or her capability to remember texts. Since the images of Groot, Drax, and Gamora (and perhaps the others not captured above) are on the cover of the gift with purchase, the young shoppers can quickly notice them.
  • Durable Material. This promotional product has been formed out of tin. We know for a fact that a higher number of parents across the real world want their kids' lunch boxes to be free from harsh chemicals that plastic usually contains. Hence, the metallic raw material seems like a nice choice for the buyers.
  • Sizeable Kit. Depending on what grade level your child is in, the classes can extend from half a day to full day. It can be a total nuisance for the family if there are separate food storage; that's why it's cool to see marketing ideas similar to this that's neither too big nor too small for snacks and lunch meal.
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Penshoppe GWP – Free Bag Tag

Having your precious luggage misplaced in the throngs of bags in the airport is never a source of good vibes. The time you could have been spending enjoying a new city or resting in your bed has to be consumed by talking to an airfield personnel to find out where it landed. And once you find it, you need to provide proper identification before they hand it over to you. These unneeded chaos can bounce off, however, if you have a bag tag attached to it. Check out a similar freebie from Penshoppe.

Penshoppe GWP – Free Bag Tag

What kinds of returns will the brand get?
  1. Nicer Appeal. Penshoppe has recently entered the international scene; that’s why there are consumer who remain unconscious of their promotional products. However, the free bag tag seems awesome, so it can attract them well.
  2. Greater Visibility. The on-pack promotion is designed for people who travel a lot. It means that anywhere the user goes, the other individuals in that place will see the gift with purchase.
  3. Higher Profits. The initial attraction that customers may feel towards the promo gift can result to more income for this brand. Thus, their efforts pay off.

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Branded Dip Tray – Lay’s On-Pack Promotion

Chips are the greasy junk food that health practitioners always tell us to stay away from, but we give in to our cravings any way more often than we let on because of their addictive flavors. If there is one brand that is deliberated as a leading force in this food industry, however, it’s Lay’s. And this manufacturer aims to increase their value in the consumers’ eyes by making a dip tray a special on-pack promotion.

Branded Dip Tray – Lay’s On-Pack Promotion

What can Lay’s achieve from the gift’s inclusion?
  • Better Brand Awareness. There are some countries that the company has recently reached. The fact that the promo gift has their logo though lets new customers to remember it more.
  • Increased Uniqueness. Even F&B brands infrequently offer dip trays as gifts with purchase, as they lean to free shirts a lot. But this bit also enhances the marketability of the item.
  • Greater Sales. As most adults know how difficult it is to earn money, they are drawn to the merchandises that have promotional products added to them. Hence, the branded dip tray means bigger profits for Lay’s.

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20 Promo Gift Items that Rocked 2016

If products serve as the heart of a brand, the gifts with purchase that they offer to the consumers become the limbs that reach out more to them. In the past year alone, we have featured hundreds of advertising merchandises that have graced various stores worldwide, as well as emphasized their remarkable factors that any entrepreneur can gain inspiration from easily. Below are the top 20 promo gift items that rocked 2016.

Complimentary Compact Mirror - Bagsy
This skincare company uplifts the brand’s worth by giving away a free compact mirror that matches their missions and visions. The illusion design on the front cover makes it distinct. Also, its shape allows customers to slip it in their pocket without much effort. Putting the Bagsy logo in the middle is not amiss either.

Promotional Beaker - Absolut Vodka
A distinct freebie from Absolut Vodka is this beaker, a glassware that is typical in laboratories. However, the manufacturer amplifies its beauty by turning it into an in-pack promotion for the alcoholic beverage. The fact that they have used glass instead of plastic truly enhances the brand’s significance. The clients can utilize it as well as a measuring device for other liquids in the kitchen.

Free Makeup Pouch – Sigma
Marketing Gifts showed many cosmetic pouches last year, but the one from Sigma stood out the most. It is due to the low-key characteristic of this merchandise. Whereas the fabric lets the beauty stuff breathe, the high-end zipper seals everything inside to keep them safe from any damage. The statement – “I wake up for makeup” – can also bring a smile to the ladies’ faces as it hits close to home for some.

Unique Bag Charm - Kendall + Kylie
Kendall + Kylie’s bag charm has received much attention from the readers too, and not without a sound foundation. It has somehow gotten out of the stigma that key chains are supposed to have metallic bodies. The fluff is very posh, while the leathery ears give it a character. Furthermore, the color combination increases its elegance that’s fit for millennials.

Exclusive Drinking Glasses – Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker ensures that you will never need to drink by yourself, among other things. The drinking glasses that the company provides is as exclusive as you can get. They have thick frames as well, so breaking either is no easy feat. Another thing is that they can get produced in bulk for greater affordability.

Free Beach Bag – Unilever Dove
A technique that large manufacturers have mastered is offering promotional items months before the people can utilize them. One great example is this beach bag from one of Unilever’s flagship brands. Released around November 2016, the bag holds Dove’s colors, blue and white, for better association. The golden dove that acts as the brand’s logo is prominent on the upper portion of the freebie as well.

Customized Mug – Swiss Miss
Hot cocoa is one of the beverages that tastes great in any weather condition; that’s why Swiss Miss has made the right decision to customize a mug as a promo gift. Its simple design complements the tranquility that the drink gives to the consumers. The durable ceramic prevents them too from having their hands burned by the steaming deliciousness. And they cannot forget the brand as long as its logo remains printed on the mug’s body.

Promotional Travel Bag – P&G Olay
Procter & Gamble proves that their brilliance does not end and begin with the personal care merchandise that they make. Through Olay, the company has offered a unique bag that suits two to five days’ worth of traveling. The combination of suede and the smooth leather boosts its overall appeal. The long strap, on the other hand, delivers comfort to the person who will carry it.

Branded Wrist Bottle – Propan TLC
Although Propan TLC is a brand that has children as its target audience, many have shown interest to this on-pack promotion of theirs. This bottle helps the parents out there to encourage the kids to drink water or juice as they play. It also possesses a child-proof lid that will not open as they move. The most convenient part is that they can wear it on their wrist any time.

Free Feeding Set – Nestlé Cerelac
On a similar note, this free feeding set by Nestlé Cerelac gives great vibes to mommies and daddies who want to lessen the time that the babies spend with formula milk. The whole gift with purchase consists of a bowl and a spoon. It is awesome for eating novices because of its core material. Children at this age tend to throw things for no reason, and so the folks can make sure that the plastic will not break.

Stylish Watches – Watsons
One more product that fits the wrist – and the budget of many consumers – is this chic watch from Watsons that is available in two colors. The equivalent of this gift may cost much in other stores, but the brand made it accessible for free. In addition to that, the striped design of the straps ensures that they will never go out of fashion. Thus, being able to use the watch for years is not far from reality.

Deluxe Bathrobe – Ulta
A famous skincare shop, Ulta provides a broad range of free gifts to clients each month. We have singled out this robe among all of them since it is unlike the tote bags that the company usually gives away. The coziness of the bathrobe is beautiful, especially during cold mornings. It even has a small loop at the back so hanging the product is effortless.

Promo Cocktail Shaker – Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo always matches their products – liquor – with GWPs. The good side of doing it is that the customers will get to use the promotional merchandise more than once. Thus, they are not going to feel like purchasing a solo bottle. The cocktail shaker comes in a semi-transparent material as well to let its users monitor the color or consistency of the beverage that they are mixing.

Custom-made Salt and Pepper Shaker – Tabasco
Another item that rocked 2016 is Tabasco’s salt and pepper shaker. The personalized gift takes the shape of a chili, which is the main ingredient in the brand’s goods. It is very distinct compared to the other shakers due to that. Also, it has given Tabasco a sizeable space where they can print their logo.

Free Stuffed Toy – Superdrug
Seasonal GWPs have found a place in the consumers’ hearts as well. In particular, stuffed animal from Superdrug garnered so many views by the time a blog about it got posted. The ultimate reason for this is that the reindeer has a close connection to this holiday. The company has also crafted it with high-quality resources that are evident in the toy.

Branded Car Pen – Dunkin’ Donuts
When Dunkin’ Donuts held a massive promotional campaign last year, the car pen was included in the gifts that they gave away. It is accessible in three assorted colors and even has moveable tires for effect. The metallic body of the pen is a beautiful backdrop for the DD logo too. If you are looking for uniqueness, this GWP has it without a doubt.

Promotional Note Card Set – Macy’s
The audiences fall for Macy’s promo note card set as it brings back a level of personalization that we have lost since the introduction of e-mail. The item consists of several message cards to assist them in starting their letters. The font style and color are great, and the brand logo looks like a stamp. It is complete with an envelope too.

Customized Wristlet – Shiseido
The people behind the Shiseido brand understands how important it is for their target market to have compact stuff. It is apparent in the custom-made wristlet they provided during the most recent Black Friday sale. The merchandise has a thin strap that will not get in the consumer’s way as she shops. The red-and-black combo complement many clothing styles as well.

Tumbler On-Pack Promotion – Nescafé
The tumbler from Nescafé is a definite attention-grabber last 2016 because it is far from the usual red mug that people have become accustomed to for a long time. The red is still there, but only in one strip on the black-colored freebie. This tumbler’s body does not make it hard for the customers to hold the container even when the coffee is steaming hot. The lid also prevents the liquid from sloshing out.

Personalized Ribbon Bracelet – Kenzo
Kenzo aimed to offer friendship to the clients in the form of this exceptional ribbon bracelet last year. From afar, it resembles a watch. However, once you get closer, the central design says ‘Kenzo World.' It has a distinct closure too that enables women of all sizes to wear it.

Chowking Promotional Gift – 2017 Planner

Along with the colorful fireworks that light the sky every New Year’s Eve is the silent wish of every person on the planet that 2017 will be better than the previous years regarding career, love life, and family life. Still, no matter how many wishes you make every day from January 1st, if you do not follow it up with persistence and hard work, you will get stuck in square one. So, the best option is to plan your endeavors and write it all down to the free planner that Chowking is currently giving away.

Chowking Promotional Gift – 2017 Planner

Advantages of Availing the Freebie
  • Organization. The new changes you may have formulated in the brain are easy to forget, especially if there are more pressing thoughts in there too. What you need, therefore, is this gift with purchase where you can neatly jot down your future meetings and other aspirations.
  • Uniformity. Some people make a corkboard in which they can pin small notes about everything. The problem here is that the papers can pile up, and the notes at the back will get buried. But if you have the promo gift, such an issue will never occur as you are allowed to write even the littlest detail there.
  • Affordability. Planners tend to cost more than regular notebooks because of the special variety of paper that manufacturers utilize to make such promotional products. Thus, it is great that this marketing giveaway is available for free.

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