Top 10 Home Work Out Gifts

We hope everyone is staying healthy during these difficult times. We've seen quite a trend in our community for the sudden increase in demand for home-workout gifts. 

This could possibly because of gyms that are being close due to the pandemic, urging others to exercise more effectively at the comfort of their homes. 

Home work-out gifts also present an opportunity for Gyms and Sports Companies that would like to extend your services directly to their homes.
Home work-out kits can be easily personalized to your brand, and you could leverage these to increase your brand awareness. 

Our top 10 picks : 

1. Branded Yoga Mats

Home Workout Survival Kit
We've managed to compile and list out top 10 home work-out gifts that your customers would love. These yoga mats can be branded with a logo on them. Roll them out when you are doing your exercise. It prevents sweat from getting ong the floor and also will give customers extra cushion for comfortable exercising.

custom Ab wheel
custom Ab Wheel is a very versatile sports equipment that works almost every muscle in the core area – the abs, glutes, lower back muscles, and obliques. Plus it gives users a good stretch. Users will find this promotional item very useful for their workout.

3. Resistance Bands 
Home Workout Survival Kit

They are made of 100% latex and a high-quality logo can be printed on them. These resistance bands are cost-effective, lightweight, and compact, hence convenient to bring around.
These bands offer users the perfect way to add resistance to both concentric and eccentric movements and will ramp up their workout.

4. Gliders

Home Workout Survival Kit

Gliders can level up the intensity of exercises like push-ups. Just place the product under the hand or feet to create instability, giving users an additional element of challenge.

These gliders are made of Nylon and EVA. Plus, you can have your brand logo printed on them through silkscreen printing.

These items are great sports promotional items for gyms and wellness centers!

5. Water Jug + Backpack

A challenge gym-lovers face with home workouts is the lack of weights. So people look for alternatives such as heavy books or bottles filled with water and putting them in a bag. This custom water jug can fill about 4-litres of water.

6. Sticky Socks

Home Workout Survival Kit

These sticky grip sports socks can give you extra grip and stability for your workout. Also, they are perfect for fitness activities like pilates or when doing sports.

These socks are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, making them very breathable. Plus, you can select the colour and have your brand logo printed on the packaging.

They make great sports promotional gift for gyms and wellness centers.

7. Cooling Towel

Branded Cooling Towels for Sports Promotions

Branded Cooling Towels for Sports Promotions

Wipe off sweat with a custom cooling towel.  They are made of thick PVC  and your brand logo can be printed on them.

These towels provide cooling properties to keep body temperature down. They can hold water for longer and keep the water colder. All users need to do is just soak it in water first and the towel will activate its cooling activities.

In addition, hey are great to have when you are doing sports in the hot outdoors. Gyms and sports facilities should totally offer them as promotional gifts.

8. Water Bottle with Wireless Earbuds

Custom Bottle With Earbuds

It is important to stay hydrated during a tough workout, so we present to you this custom bottle with earbuds. Customers will like this product as it is multi-functional. They can easily take out the earbuds when they want to listen to music during their workout or doing other sports.

You can customise the bottle by choosing the colour and design, plus, having your brand logo on them.

9. Bluetooth Speakers

Branded Corporate Gift: Why Invest in Handheld Bluetooth Speakers

We know that happy beats can help set the mood during workout. Users can blast music during their exercise or sports session with a branded Bluetooth speaker they are small and convenient to bring along. Have any design you want on them.

Customer will definitely enjoy this gift!

10. Custom Sweatbands 

Custom sweatband

These custom sweatbands are useful to absorb sweat and pocket small items. They are good to wear during high-intensity workouts, running, sports, and outdoor activities.

These sweatbands are elastic and comfortable to wear. Also, they are available in a wide range of colours. It also has a wide space for brand logo.

Interested in manufacturing your own branded work out gifts? Contact us here and we would love to see how we can help you in your next project. 

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