Top 5 Promotional Indoor Games

The Stay-At-Home Movement

We hope everyone is healthy and staying strong throughout these difficult time. The Stay-At-Home movement is actively integrated into people's work lives and also in how businesses promote themselves. 

Similar to the promotional products industry, we are also trying to integrate this global impact into our services. We are developing new products that are equally engaging, and appropriate for the current global context. 

As we're learning more of the existing changes that has been happening, we've grown a deep fascination for indoors promotional merchandise - such as work from home survival kits, covid-19 merchandise and also promotion indoor activities like games. 

Today, we wanted to share with you guys 3 promotional indoor games that you can use to keep your customers occupied at home and enjoying your product. 

Our Top 5 Picks 

Branded Games

Our friends from the Drinks Industry love this game! This is a great and intense bonding game that allows players to test their handy skills at home! 

We enjoy creating custom 3D Models for our clients, because it allows us to be more creative in terms of application. For instance - this custom shaped puzzle! Its 3D and able to be attached together using its respective parts. This game is super engaging and very fulfilling to complete.

Branded Games

Another promotional game celebrated by Beer Companies. When coming up with promotional products we try our best to escape the conventional and adapt our own twist to it! Bespoke games like this are much more valuable to the customer, especially if you invest in smaller details like the ball used for the game.

Customised Games

This is also an engaging game to play at home. The backboard has a huge surface are which allows you to be as creative as you want on your branding. 

Promotional Jigsaw Puzzle

As part of our honorable mentions, let's not forget our staple promotional game - the jigsaw puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzles are very easy to package, and the image of the puzzle can be easily customized to show your content/branding. 

We hope that this list of indoor games compilation will give you inspiration for your next marketing campaign. 

Like what you see? Feel free to contact us or send us a detailed quote of your next marketing project.
We can help you in every step of the promotional, design and manufacturing process.

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