Top 10 Unique Custom Key Chain Ideas 2020

We've all used Key Chains before. They can be very useful to have when you're digging for your keys, or maybe to even distinguish your keys among others. 

It helps add personality to your keys and create a much more personal product especially when you're using your keys very often. 

What can Custom Key Chains do for your business?

Key Chains are very easy to customize. They can come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can also integrate different features that can be easily fit into your pocket. 

Consumers engage with brands that they are familiar with. When you promote your brand using something that is highly utilized, it helps increase your brand awareness. 
Familiarity is definitely a factor that affects your consumer's purchase behavior. 

Custom Key Chains should be minimal, useful and small enough to comfortably fit into your customer's pocket. 

Our list for Best 10 Unique Custom Key Chains

These LED Key Chains has ultimate usefulness. Customers would be grateful to remember that they can rely on their LED Key Chain to navigate in the dark. Furthermore, this LED Key Chain can be branded with your company logo, making it a perfect marketing gift by creating brand awareness.

Marketing Gift Idea - Virtual Bubble Wrap Keychain
A virtual bubble wrap key chain is a small square key chain with buttons that look like bubble wrap. When the buttons on the bubble wrap are pressed, it feels as though one is really popping bubble wrap. The keychain can be hung on mobile phones, wallets, bags etc.

Mini Branded Smart Tracker with GPS Function

We all have to admit that we more often than not misplace our phones, keys and other small items in fairly obvious places, and having a branded smart tracker to find items especially your phone could be the answer to all of our problems.

These branded smart tracker devices are tiny with a length and width of both 36mm and a height of 5.8mm. It can be attached using a phone strap to any of your items be it your keys, purses or bags, so you can always find your phone and with a weight of 10g it’s ultra lightweight.

Custom Brass Door Opener Keychain

Frequent hand-washing and using sanitizers is our first line of defense against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Using a tissue or latex gloves to cover your hands to open the door, are also a great way to prevent getting the viruses. But what if you forgot bringing a pocket tissue or gloves? Here is another smart idea to help you to open doors or avoid directly touching elevator buttons, ATM keypads, and door handles: custom brass door opener key chain!

Lego recently ventured to the big screen and released fun-filled 3D Lego movies. Surprisingly, these movies hit the big screen like it was some kind of Star Wars. It was legendary! With the success of their movies, the brand created an adorable collection of custom cartoon keychain that served as promotional giveaways for their movie marketing scheme.

Bo's Coffee Offers Promotional Keychain As Their Holiday Gift

Bo’s coffee offers customers miniature coffee equipment as a keychain. They look so cute and trendy. Anyone would love to hang these with their keys or purses.

Customers will receive this promo gift once the customer has purchased a certain amount. The concept is really easy to execute. A quality gift item plus easy mechanics would always equate to a successful marketing campaign.

Custom Metal Keychains How It Could Strengthen Marketing Efforts

Brand marketers need to be more creative to propel their brands into success. At the same time, they also should consider their marketing budgets before running those promotional campaigns. Well, good thing these custom metal keychains fit both your budget and creative promo gift.

Freight Custom Promos: Ship Stress Ball Keyring

These stress ball key chains can be customized to your own shapes and designs such as the icons of the freight industry like planes and ships. The stress ball key chain comes with a key ring which can be hung anywhere or it can be used to organize promotional key rings.

Promotional Items France  - Compass Keyring by Omnipub

This is a great promotional idea if you are targeting travelers or hiking enthusiasts. Help your customer navigate their way when they're lost, and they will forever show gratitude to your brand after associating such a redeeming experience. 

10. Rubik's Cube Key Chain

This is definitely a key chain that can engage your customers! These are highly interactive and can help your customers occupy their time when they are bored. They will associate this promotional product to your brand. Hence, the more that they use it, the more familiar they are with your brand. 

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