5 Reasons Why Customers Will Love Promotional Barware

Why do brands from the Drinks Industry use Promotional Merchandise?

In the drinks industry, promotional merchandise is a popular way brands promote their branding. Especially because alcohol is their core business, the products they offer have a limited shelf life. Therefore, brand exposure is only limited to the time customers interact with or consume the product.

Brands use promotional products to encourage consumers to purchase their products. This is because promotional products gives customers an added value to the purchase as it will be perceived with having a greater value for their money.

Promotional Barware Gift Set

Promotional Bareware would definitely make a successful branding medium for alcoholic brands looking to invest in their own personalized merchandise. 

It aligns with the core business of alcoholic brands and also creates an ample amount of branding options. 

When coming up with promotional product ideas, we have to make sure that it is engaging an exciting, That will allow your promotional campaign to be more memorable, therefore increasing your brand recall. 

Since it is reusable, it also can have high utility. The more it is used by customers, the more they will be familiar with the brand. Customers would definitely want to experience what is must be like to create their own personal drink.

If you're an alcholic brand selling cocktail mixes, this will be complementary to your product, and could encourage your customers to use these products hand-in-hand.

The promotional barware gift set comes with a variety of products packaged for an aspiring mixologist. 

It consists of a cocktail shaker, a strainer, a jigger, a muddler, a mixing spoon as well as a bag to simplify it into a single package. 

The products are made of stainless steel material which will give it a professional furnish to the product.

Alcoholic brands love using a premium brand image. Therefore, stainless steel barwares will look very sophisticated with laser engraved branding.

Sales Promotion & Branding

These promotional barware gift sets are a good way to express your brand's goodwill as well as promoting sales! As mentioned earlier, promotional merchandise can help encourage customers to purchase impulsively. It could also be used for branding purposes. 

The gift set could be excuted and distributed as purchase with purchase promotion or even a gift-with-purchase. 

These barware products could also be integrated in on-pack promotions separately, or even better - a redemption gift set for purchasing a product. 

5 Reasons Why Customers will love this

1. Engaging

Customers will definitely enjoy making their own cocktails. It is a very stimulating activity and definitely fun to impress friends and family when using these to make drinks.

2. Creative

Customers get to exercise their creativity with these barware gift sets. They are not limited with what drinks they can make and can express themselves however they want to. 

3 . Mobile

The barware gift set comes with a complementary bag. Therefore, they are able to bring these around to their friend's home or even at work if they are a licensed mixologist.

4. Professional

These barware products are esentially what typical mixologists use to create cocktails. These would definitely make customers feel like they are real professional bartenders. 

5. High Quality

Stainless steel make a very durable material with a long life span.

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