Customizable Animal Socks: Lunar New Year Promotional Gift Idea

Animals are well loved by all and socks? They are worn and used by all to keep their feet warm and comfortable regardless of whether it is hot summer or bitterly cold winter. At the ODM Group, we have been releasing our custom promotional socks for 6 consecutive years and we would like to tell you more about them. 

For the past 6 years, we have been producing promotional socks to celebrate Lunar New Year, China's most important festival and holiday. We enjoy celebrating this festive holiday, which is why our socks have been inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Lucky Lunar Socks series is a hot hit with these cute lucky animals on our merchandise. We would like to share 3 reasons as to why this is a perfect promotional gift idea for the upcoming Lunar New Year. 

3 Reasons why socks are perfect for a Lunar New Year Promotional Gift! 

1. Customisable 

Socks are highly customisable. With different animal and colour choices, you can easily find the perfect colour combination that suits your company. Look at this example, different colour combinations were done up to suit different companies branding. At one glance, it is easy to figure out what companies each sock brand for. 

2. Unique

How often do you see a pair of socks that are printed with cute lucky animals? This set of socks are unique, unconventional and out of this world. With a unique designed pair of socks with high utility, it will definitely be useful for customers regardless of the occasion. Moreover, unique socks like these allow companies to stand out from others. 

3. Stylish 

Socks are a fantastic way to add style and colour to your plain, boring and conservative outfit. Comfortable to be worn, stylish socks like these would definitely attract eyes on you at all times. What better way to promote your branding with an item that people can't keep their eyes off! 

There are many other reasons as to why a pair of socks are a perfect fit for a promotional marketing gift. This can be used for gift with purchase, giveaways, Christmas promotional gifts, and for other promotional gifts. For this Lunar New Year, why don't you consider this pair of Ox Socks. Perfect for the year 2021, these cute pair of Ox Socks are irresistible. To find out more about these beautiful socks, you can view our blog. If this is the perfect fit for your company for the perfect year, contact us at ODM Group. 

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