Customized Totes with Purchase of Magazine

Are you looking for a gift for any customers?  Well, then you are at the right post. This time, we are looking at customized totes that is given away with the purchase of NM Magazine.

Customized Totes with Purchase of Magazine
Customized Totes with Purchase of Magazine

NM magazine is giving away customized totes with purchase of their monthly issue! A large space to customize your brand name and brand logo, read on more to find out why customized totes are the perfect choice for giveaways!

Why Customized Totes?

Customzied totes are the best for any brands. It is a perfect platform for you to market your brand. People carry their totes around often and with your logo on it, it becomes a perfect method to market your brand. When your clients carry it, they are also helping you to market your brand. Other people would see the tote and think about your brand. This would help in the brand awareness of your company in the midst of all other brands!

Industries who should use Customized Totes

Customized totes are very user-friendly because any gender can use them. They are also suitable for many occasions. From outing, to picnic and even to going for dates, customized totes are certainly great to use. It is fashionable and people would use it. Hence, all industries should highly consider giving away customized totes.

Fashion industries should consider customized totes. This is because totes are considered a fashionable accessories piece and if the customers are looking for fashionable brands, they will think of your brand first.

Industries who target families and kids can also consider this giveaway. This is because the tote is large enough to fit many things. Family outings usually require a large bag to keep many things. A tote has ample of space and it is prefect for family trips!

Thus, hesitate no more and contact us today! We also offer design services so tell us your idea and we can realize your dreams in your customized totes!

Customized giveaway with RilakKuma’s bowl and Darlie

Having a customized giveaway can help to boost your sales and increase your bottom line. Darlie toothpaste is using this marketing tactic this time, and giving away customized Rilakkuma bowls with purchase of their toothpaste! Read on more to find out how you can follow this market trend and have your very own customized giveaway too! 

Customized giveaway with RilakKuma’s bowl and Darlie

RilakKuma is a popular cartoon brand in Japan and has gained its popularity in the south Asian region. Started in 2003, collectors around the world have sprung up and been purchasing anything related to this cartoon character.

Customized Bowls As A Perfect Giveaway

Darlie is a popular toothpaste brand in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In conjunction with the ever-popular RilakKuma, this promo gift has certainly gained a lot of attention from the public. This perfect partnership is ideal for businesses as it creates a win-win scenario. Here are some things you should consider before choosing the business to partner with:

·      Do you have the same target group?
·      Does the customized giveaway create impulsive buying behavior in your customers?
·      Does this partnership in marketing gift create a win-win situation for both of you?
·      Is this customized giveaway attractive? Will it help you to increase sales?

Although there are many things to consider, a customized giveaway is always better than a regular one. It can be a platform for direct advertisement to your end clients. Darlie has successfully ride on the waves of RilakKuma’s fame and as a result, sales increased because of the customized bowls. Choosing the right partner can be extremely ideal and essential step in your marketing giveaway.

Examples of companies who partner up:

Contact ODM today to produce your special customized giveaway!

Customized paper speakers by Disneyland Hong Kong, for Monster University

Paper speakers are easily customizable, portable and extremely useful for customers of all ages. Disneyland Hong Kong was giving out their customized paper speakers. Read on more to find out about the success of this promo gift!

Customized paper speakers by Disneyland Hong Kong, for Monster University

Disneyland Hong Kong is one of the most visited theme parks in Asia. This time, they are collaborating with the popular movie, Monster University to give away their portable speaker with purchase of Disneyland tickets. Customized paper speakers are useful, especially for youths and families.

Customized Paper Speakers to Brand Yourself. 

Paper speakers are extremely flexible to suit your company’s needs. You can consider printing your brand’s name and logo on it and given out to people as part of your marketing efforts. This would increase brand recognition and encourage repeat purchases from your customers; improving customer loyalty.

This customized paper speaker would usually be used in crowds. People who use them in parties and gathering would become a tool for direct advertising of your brand to others. This way, more people would know about your brand.

Other customized products you might like:

Go Environmentally-Friendly with Customized Paper Speakers.

Everyone is talking about going environmentally friendly these days. If you were to jump ahead on this bandwagon by using recycled paper for your product, your brand’s image will increase positively. By using recycled paper in your customized paper speaker, you are playing your part to be responsible in the society, and also encouraging others to be responsible too. You can even imprint environmental awareness message on your customized paper speaker like Earth Day to increase the corporate social responsibility to your brand!

What are you waiting for? Contact ODM today for more information!

High End Video Catalogue For Your Customers

Thinking of a unique gift that is exclusive and creative? Look no further because this post is for YOU! This video catalogue is not only elegant but also innovative and special! Read on more to find out about this perfect video catalogue.

High End Video Catalogue For Your Customers

What is a video catalogue?

Like a catalogue, a video catalogue will showcase items you would like to promote. The only difference? This catalogue has a video included! Some things cannot be explained in words. Sometimes you have to show a video to promote some items.

In this catalogue, you have a combination of words and videos. Some video catalogues can put up to 3 videos. However, it is recommended to limit the number of videos because it can get too overwhelming. Think of this catalogue as a combination of a flyer and a tv commercial and you get this perfect product that is the best of both world.

Industries that are suitable for video catalogue

In the image attached, the video catalogue was for an automobile company. This video catalogue can be perfect for your new car launch, new model or series or latest limited edition cars. You can even consider customizing one that is in the shape of your car and make it a limited edition video catalogue!

Not only that, the high-end fashion industry can also follow this market trend. You might not have loud car engine ignition to attract attention, however, you can consider adding your runway videos in the video screen! Usual catalogues will have countless of pages for the different styles. With a video in the brochure, it can capture the attention of your customers who are visual, kinesthetic or auditory. Also, runway walks are more attractive and captures attention from your customers.

Lastly, creative industries can consider this product. Movie producers can consider having their trailer in the short clip. Other than the usual products, a trailer can attract attention and arose interest immediately. Imagine receiving a video on Percy Jackson and watching the trailer as you walk into a shopping mall. You are very likely to catch that movie on the day itself!

How to use this Video Catalogue?

Is this just a catalogue to show the video to your clients? No, absolutely not! This video catalogue can be a tool to promote your product to your clients. You can talk about the car while your client watches the short clip. You can talk about the new items this fall while they watch the runway show. You can promote your new movie to any potential sponsors with it!

More importantly, it can double up as an invitation card for your VIP clients. Especially for the release of new model of car, there will be a launching dinner. Why not use this opportunity to send a video catalogue featuring the new sports engine. Not only are you showing your client the new model, it is also unique and creates a long lasting impression. The lasting impression will certainly benefit your brand image positively!

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