Last Minute Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

It's almost heart's day and yet, you still have no idea what you are giving out as your Valentine's day corporate gift. Luckily, our product designer team came up with a sizable list for your last minute, traumatic, and stressful promo gift shopping.

Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Let's start with the most extraordinary item on our list, promotional pens. Yes, they may look like a Valentine prank but if worse comes to worst, this might be your lifesaver. Cork openers are highly customizable. In fact, big and successful brands use these marketing gifts because they find it highly efficient in their promotional campaigns.

Valentine Design Tip: Instead of using traditional-looking corks, go for something bold and loud. Add Valentine colours; shape it like hearts and bears. Well, you can always consult our team for suggestions.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

The second item on our list is a credit card bottle opener. Yes, we specifically recommend this because it looks unique and is pretty portable. Anyone could easily slip this card into their wallets or purses. Aside from its portability, we also love the branding space on these cards. It's perfect for your logos and brand. Therefore, brand promotion is highly increased.

Valentine Design Tip: Be extra meticulous with the paint used on the card. Ensure that it doesn't easily chip off. Also, don't forget to spice up the design with some hearts.

If you want to check out other bottle opener designs, check out this link: 3-in-1 Promotional Bottle Opener – An Exceptional Giveaway Idea

Last Minute Valentine's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Lastly, brands could have stress balls as corporate gift items. These squishy balls definitely help in alleviating stress. Therefore, these marketing giveaways become an essential part of your employees' lives. Also, if you want to make these stress balls a little bit special, you can turn them into colour changing balls. Check out this link: Promo Gift Idea: Colour Changing Stress Balls

Valentine Design Tip: If you are not into these colour changing balls, you can easily customise your design into something that relates to Valentine's day. This could be a heart, flower, bear, etc. 

If you're still not convinced on our list above, feel free to talk to our team for other suggestions. They're always ready to entertain your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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3 Best Valentine's Day Promo Ideas For Your Brand

Valentine's day is well-celebrated all over the world. On this day, everyone will be out celebrating this event -- friends, family, most especially, couples. It's also the best season for exciting promotional gift items. Our team has collated the 3 best Valentine's Day Promo Ideas for your brand.

3 Best Valentine's Day Promo Ideas For Your Brand

First of all, this is probably one of the most interesting marketing gifts that our team has seen. The heat pack is made of soft, latex-free plastic that could be used in for brand promotion. Easily print your logo on the heat pack and once a customer uses it, they'll quickly recognise your brand. Furthermore, this item is great for valentine's promotion because it's a heart-shaped heat pack. 

3 Best Valentine's Day Promo Ideas For Your Brand

There are numerous tool marketers from all over the globe to use in order to achieve brand awareness or other objectives of the marketing campaign. Over the years promotional products such as plush toys started to be used more and more frequently as the essential part of the marketing mix. Definitely, this promo gift will surely swoon the hearts of your customers, leaving them happy and in love. Also, this item is highly customisable and is perfect to represent your brand. 

Check out this link so you'll know how a plush toy is a manufactured: Manufacturing Plush Toys

3 Best Valentine's Day Promo Ideas For Your Brand

Promotional Tshirts are always part of the marketing industry. It's probably one of the most common items for promotion. Making people wear a t-shirt with the logo of your company has become one of the most effective marketing forms. Marketers have realised that custom printed t-shirts are the best tool to get people’s attention on what they need to say, in addition, it is another form of affordable marketing. Moreover, giving out two shirts that clients would wear together isn't just cute but also beneficial to the brand.

Overall, these Valentine's day promo ideas will surely lure your customers and promote your product. And if these items interest you, feel free to contact our team anytime.

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The Reason Behind Why Scotch Brite's Custom Sink Corner Caddy Is Winning

Scotch Brite is a known cleaning brand in the US. The brand has been around for quite a while hence everyone knows that their products are of high standards. Recently, Scotch Brite is raving the marketing scene with their newest custom promotional giveaway -- custom sink corner caddy.

The Reason Behind Why Scotch Brite's Custom Sink Corner Caddy Is Winning

What's a custom sink corner caddy?

It's a kitchen innovation that is widely used in most households. This is usually made of stainless metal but Scotch Brite introduces a plastic kind as their gift with purchase

If you are still in doubt with the winning ability of this custom sink corner caddy, below are some of its highlights. 
  • Saves counter space
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The triangular design keeps the caddy in place which allows for easy, damage-free removal
  • Lightweight and portable
Why is this custom sink corner caddy a winning promo item?

Uniqueness - Yes, being an uncommon promo item, the corner caddy easily propels the brand to success. Everyday, we see and receive various promotional gifts like pens, T-shirts, caps, glass, etc. and these items are one of the most common gifts that brands give out. But, even if these are common, we still appreciate the brand. In Scotch Brite's case, this corner caddy is one of the rarest marketing giveaways that a brand has used. That being said, customers feel extra special because they know that they are receiving something special. This leaves a good impression on the brand.

Overall, giving out a unique promotional item is really important because it impacts on how customers perceive the brand.

If this item interests you, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is an expert in marketing and manufacturing.

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Brand Promotion: Why Should You Use Inflatable Neck Pillows?

Want a unique marketing gift idea? Why not offer both portability and comfort to your customers by giving away this custom inflatable neck pillow. The neck pillow is designed in the shape that is comfortable with your neck. 

Custom Inflatable Neck Pillow

The material in this neck pillow is very light. This is perfect for avid travelers who would like to travel in both comfort and style. A promo gift like this is such an interesting marketing gift idea and your customers will definitely be rushing down to get their hands on this interesting marketing gift!

Why Should You Use Inflatable Neck Pillows?

One of the most important parts when choosing the perfect promotional item for your business is the branding space. A custom inflatable neck pillow has a great branding area on the cover, to print your logo, your artwork or your products on it.

Along with this, the common use of travel pillows are during vacations, the marketing potential is huge. Using a branded travel pillow during the vacation, your customers will unwittingly connect the fantastic feeling of the holidays with your brand. This way you can enhance customer retention and your product awareness.

Lastly, the most amazing part is knowing that this travel pillow is inflatable. It's really portable and lightweight. It could easily fit in your baggage, pocket, and purse. It's the perfect travel companion and the perfect marketing giveaway!

If this item interests you, please feel free to contact our team anytime. We have a dedicated team that is an expert in marketing and manufacturing, they're always ready to answer all your queries.

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