How Do Marketing Incentives Attract Consumer Sales?

With a large variety of consumer items in the market, it is difficult to differentiate your products and services from your competitors. Many brands choose to differentiate their products and services through different creative custom packaging and through marketing incentives, a popular option for many brand marketers. Marketing incentives come in many different forms which include gift with purchases, branded giveaways, in-pack promotions and many more. 

Here we have a case study from a supermarket in Philippines where Nestlé Philippines where an in-pack promotion is offered for every pack of cereal purchased. The in-pack promotion shows a branded bowl with the popular cartoon character, Minions, printed on these bowls. 

These bowls are small and perfect for having cereal. This is especially great for toddlers and young children who may have difficulty consuming specific foods and may need an attractive incentive to eat a nutritious and fulfilling snack. These creative bowls are definitely well loved by parents. Furthermore, these bowls can also be used by anyone including teenagers and working adults for many different functions. Check out more on-pack promotions here:

The bowls are also branded with the different cereal brands which brings about high brand remembrance and higher brand visibility. Branded merchandise is a great way to improve your company's brand awareness and this is a great example. With large logos printed on these bowls, it will definitely be easy to identify these brands. 

So the question is, how do these marketing incentives attract sales? 

Firstly, consumers always look for the option which is the most value for money. In this case, marketing incentives like custom printed bowls are definitely valuable items that they can use in their household. With reusable bowls like these, they would not need to purchase as many bowls for their home's use. Hence, one would consider trying these brands as opposed to their competitors. 

Secondly, these branded bowls would definitely bring about brand remembrance. With items of high usability, it is no doubt that they will be used at home for long periods of time. Hence, consumers are more likely to remember the brand whenever they are conducting daily activities such as having their cereal and washing their utensils. 

Thirdly, these products are printed with cute minion characters and are limited edition products. With a large number of minion fans, many would definitely purchase this cereal for its character. This could potentially increase the number of sales from new customers and boost sales within the existing customer base. You can check out other minion promotions here:

Many products speak for themselves. However, it is important for brands to differentiate their products and services from others. Companies can seek such marketing incentives for low cost, which could essentially boost their brand visibility and sales for the future ahead. 

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Movie Marketing ideas: Phone Screen Magnifier

Mobile movie applications are slowly deeming popular these days, especially now that we cannot just go outside to watch a movie at the cinema because of the pandemic we are facing. These applications let users stream and enjoy movies in one click at the comfort of their own homes. However, as time pass by, watching on mobile phones is getting tiring and uncomfortable. Here’s when phone screen magnifiers get into the scene.

A phone screen magnifier is an innovative tool that provides high-definition optical technology to enlarge a phone’s screen up to 4 to 6 times. It comes in a 12-inch screen display that delivers clearer videos and long-distance viewing. This phone screen magnifier makes watching from your mobile phone more comfortable than before. Other than that, there are other benefits of having this screen magnifier. Here’s a low-down.

First, this phone screen magnifier is portable and convenient to use. Users can bring it almost everywhere. It will not take much space and also easy to carry. It might look simple, but it is very functional and serves its purpose. The screen magnifier is an ideal buddy for any indoor and outdoor activity.

Second, it is eco-friendly. It is made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane and wood. TPU is an advanced material that is much more environmentally friendly than alternatives such as PVC. It is durable, recyclable, and biodegradable for 3 to 5 years. 

Lastly, it will save users from ergonomic injuries. These injuries are caused by exposure to ergonomic risk factors, such as repetitive strain, prolonged awkward posture or forceful exertion, or pressure upon a particular body part. They will not complain anymore from hunched backs and tired arms, especially those phone-falling-on-face moments. 

This product is one of the perfect movie marketing ideasan ideal pair to mobile movie streaming applications. As people are getting more hooked on online streaming, they will love how convenient and functional it is. It is also an affordable and excellent gift for family and friends. 

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How Does Darlie Market its Products to Boost Sales?

Marketing gifts are often used to market products and companies. They often come in the form of promotional products and are branded to increase brand recognition and brand awareness. Today, we will share a marketing gift case study that we spotted in a local supermarket in Singapore. 

Darlie, is a toothpaste brand of Hawley & Hazel Chemical Company. It has a large number of competitors in the toothpaste industry. In this marketing campaign, they have provided a gift with purchase for every 3 packs of Darlie Double Action Toothpaste. 

They have collaborated with Sanrio's My Melody for the branded merchandise that is offered for every purchase. It comes in 2 different colours and designs, in blue and pink mugs. The mugs also have a cover which allows drinks to be well protected from dirt and dust while the cup is left idle. 

So how does a marketing gift like this allow Darlie to stand out and boost sales?

Customers are often inclined to purchase items that are the most value for money. In this instance, the gift with purchase incentivizes customers to purchase Darlie's items. With so many competitor brands beside Darlie, this gift with purchase would definitely allow it to stand out among its competitors and customers might even consider trying out a new toothpaste brand. 

With the branded merchandise given to customers, it would bring about high brand recognition and remembrance. How is that so? Well, creative branded merchandise is a great way to achieve higher brand visibility amongst customers as these products would be placed at home or the office. Mugs are items of high usability as water is an essential part of our lives. Whenever family, friends, or guests visit, these mugs would definitely be the star of the show. 

For My Melody fans or non-fans, these adorably designed mugs would definitely seize the attention of all. With custom branded merchandise like these, it constantly reminds customers about Darlie's brand and further encourages purchases of Darlie's products in the future. 


Promotional products have been in high demand for many companies as they are an effective way to market your brand and products. Customise promotional products of your own to increase your brand value! Consider these marketing gifts for your marketing campaigns in the future!

You can check out other toothpaste marketing campaigns over here! 

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How do custom baseball caps increase your brand value?

Branded merchandise are common products that brands and companies offer. They are tools to increase brand visibility and brand awareness. In this blog, we would like to share 2 eye-catching baseball cap merchandise. We found these 2 baseball caps at a petrol station in Russia. 

Firstly, we have this extremely cute baseball cap from Hockey Club Ak Bars. Hockey Ak Bars is also known as Ak Bars Kazan, a Russian professional ice hockey team based in Kazan. It has the image of their mascot printed on their caps, with an interesting design as well. It has a simple design and it's design is irresistible. 

Next, we have this other Ak Bars custom baseball cap. This baseball cap is branded with the name of the baseball team, and comes in 2 different colors. They also have the stickers pasted on them to show these caps are authentic. Furthermore, Ak Bars also launched branded pens as branded merchandise as well.

Why are Custom Baseball Caps so useful?

Custom baseball caps are the perfect branded sports merchandise for sports teams. 
  • High usability
First and foremost, they have extremely high usability. These caps are suitable for both kids and adults, which allows anyone to be able to purchase them. Furthermore, they are the best baseball caps to wear especially when you are watching a baseball match. 
  • Brand Loyalty 
Next, they allow for an increased brand loyalty. What better way to support your favourite baseball team then to wear the merchandise that shows you are a true supporter. Merchandise like these allow your fans and supporters to show their loyalty to the brand.
  • Brand Visibility
With such merchandise being worn in baseball matches or even when they are out, it allows for an increased brand visibility. Moreover, they can be seen within eye level, which makes the brand so much more visible. With the team name and mascot printed on the caps, it increases the visibility of the team. This could spark the curiosity of potential baseball fans, which may lead them in doing research on their own to find out what the team is. 

As such, baseball caps increase your brand's value. With merchandise like these, your team can stand out while building a strong base of loyal supporters. You can also check out this blog on an interesting baseball cap with bottle opener.

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