On Pack Promo from Milo – Custom Mug

Milo, a famous cocoa brand, offers a custom mug as an on-pack promo. Customers get a special offer upon purchasing Milo's products.

This cocoa brand is known for its high-quality chocolate energy drink. Being a key player in the food industry, the brand invests heavily in unique promotional products to promote their products. Their recent custom mug proves that the team behind Milo pours a lot of effort to their promotional needs.

On Pack Promo from Milo – Custom Mug

The on pack comes in a brand packaging design with a cutout window hence customers easily see what’s inside. The custom mug is made from durable materials and is nicely designed. 

Why do we love the Custom Mug as an On pack promotion?

  • Affordable – Coffee mugs are one of the most widely used promo items because they are cost-effective in terms of production and materials. More complex designs and high-end features may require a larger marketing budget. If you’re looking for other good promotional gifts, check out this promotional mug from Ritter Sport

  • Useful – Using personalised promotional & marketing gift items that complement the brand’s product is an excellent strategy. knowing that it is useful and practical, the brand gets tremendous exposure every time customers use it. Consequently, customers will purchase the product because of its useful promo gift.

  • Customisable – Customising a promotional mug is fairly easy. Designing the mug with the brand logo and colours is a good idea because it promotes instant brand recognition. 

This custom mug gift set is probably one of Milo's trusted marketing campaigns to date. It's cost-effective, simple, and impressive. These promotional items can improve customer’s drinking experience while boosting your brand presence. When customers are satisfied, you can be sure that they will always prioritise your brand.

The competition is tough amongst retailers so it is important to work with people who understand how the promotional product industry works. So, if you have any marketing and manufacturing concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you with your marketing campaigns since we are experts in designing and manufacturing high-quality marketing gifts. 

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On-Pack Promo: Johnnie Walker's Custom Barware

Planning a for great party requires attention to detail. Certainly, Johnnie Walker knows how to have the best party. The famous whiskey brand offers their loyal customers custom barware as their on pack promotion.  

Custom Barware: Highball Glass and Bar Spoon

This isn't the usual tall and slender highball glasses, Johnnie Walker offers something that is in between a highball glass and whiskey glass. It's a really good move since they would like to offering their customers something that is not common. Also, this unique promo gift is perfect for your whiskey. 

The bar spoon is also exceptional because it is made from high - quality stainless steel. Therefore, the item is non - corrosive and would last for quite a while.

The structure of this free custom barware is quite remarkable as it can somehow speak for itself, although not literally. Johnnie Walker's move to create personalised promotional glassware and pairing it with something exquisite sends a good impression to their customers. The design screams exclusivity which is pretty great for the brand. 

Custom Barware Benefits
  • Practicality - Making a marketing giveaway that complements the product is paramount for the marketing's success. Therefore, both the whiskey glass gift and bar spoon are great marketing gifts because they both are useful to the main product itself.
  • Brand Loyalty - Well, whenever people receive something from the brand, they feel that they are being valued. Thus, they will appreciate the brand more. In this case, Johnnie Walker is not just giving one gift, but two amazing custom barware. Obviously, as cliche as it may sound, "two is always better than one"
  • Stimulate Sales - And when customers are valued and appreciate your brand, of course, sales and profitability follows. 
The custom barware improves the ability of Johnie Walker to get more consumers to check out and purchase their products. It may be among the simplest promotional ideas available, yet it has helped big brands sell their merchandise.

If you are interested to know more alcohol or liquor promotion, contact ODM to know more. Our team is always ready to take your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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Marketing 101: Benefits of Giving Unique Employee Gifts

It's that time of the year again where everyone is in the spirit of giving something. It's also the perfect opportunity to use corporate gifts. Corporate gift giving is an ideal way to show your employees how much you appreciate and value their service. Whilst traditional promo gift is still very important, consider giving unique employee gifts for special occasions such as Christmas.

Marketing 101: Benefits of Giving Unique Employee Gifts

Corporate gift giving has a lot of benefits for both the company and employees. Here are some of the top advantages of corporate gifts for your brand:

Uplift Company Morale
Letting your employees know that you value their loyalty and hard work is the benefit of corporate gift giving. These gifts are perfect to show appreciation and strengthening relationships with customers and employees during the holiday season. Here's a tip from a top marketer; People appreciate marketing gifts that are tastefully made. Meaning, these are the items that prioritise functionality over the promotional aspect. Therefore, never compromise the quality of your promo items.

Advertise your business
A good percentage of brands depend on promotional items for advertising in order to progress. Distributing premium corporate gifts is essential to thrive and survive. When a client or employee receive marketing giveaways with your brand logo and contact details on it, they will always remember your business every time they use the item. Branded gifts like pens, shirts, and mugs are all appreciated by your client. And at the same time, these are treasured by your organization.

Reward Your Employees and Customers
Building strong connections with your customers and team is a huge advantage of corporate gift giving. Your valuable clients and hardworking people deserve to be appreciated for the business they bring to your company. premium corporate items are most appropriate to give your top customers, as they best represent your close business relationship. Furthermore, your performing employees also deserve something that validates their importance within the organisation.

If you are now considering creating your very first corporate items, we have a few suggestions for you. Check out the list below.

How Myslim Benefits From A Custom Water Bottle As On Pack Gift

Even if there are several products on the shelf, Myslim instantly caught our team's attention. This slimming brand offers a custom water bottle for every purchase of their slimming capsule.

This is a good strategy as the promo gift complements their products. The item is practical and useful. 

How Myslim Benefits From A Custom Water Bottle As On Pack Gift

Custom Water Bottle

These water bottles are lightweight and easy to carry which is very ideal for athletes, travelers, commuters, and for people who are always on the go. Aside from that, these reusable water bottles help save our ecosystem by putting an end to single-use plastics.

Myslim's water bottle is made from high - quality plastic. These are BPA-free that are hard to break. 

What makes this custom water bottle the perfect on pack gift?

  • Practical - Useful on pack gifts are more likely to be used by customers. This means stronger brand engagement which is very beneficial for the brand.
  • Customisable - This gift with purchase is highly customisable which is great for marketers. This must be the strongest point of this promotional item.
  • Affordable and Safe - The raw material for making this water bottle is abundant and readily available. This means that you don't need a big budget to promote your brand. Aside from the fact that it's cost-effective, the material passed all safety test. Therefore, the brand ensures that they are producing a safe, non-toxic item for their customers.
Why should your brand use a custom water bottle as your next marketing campaign?

Myslim's marketing strategy should be your next marketing campaign. It is affordable and effective. It definitely helps the brand realise their marketing goals. And as mentioned, it is highly customisable. Therefore, your brand won't have a hard time creating a marketing giveaway that represents the brand.

Aside from using them as on-pack promos, brands could also use them for events such as concerts, symposium, or tradeshow marketing. Because these items are something customers can use which further promotes brand promotion.

Overall, this is something that your brand should use anytime soon. Giving something to your customers leaves a good impression and strengthens your relationship with them. In fact, a lot of big brands are utilising this marketing campaign.

So if this item interests you, why not call our handy team right now. We are a team of experts that is always ready to answer your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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