How do custom baseball caps increase your brand value?

Branded merchandise are common products that brands and companies offer. They are tools to increase brand visibility and brand awareness. In this blog, we would like to share 2 eye-catching baseball cap merchandise. We found these 2 baseball caps at a petrol station in Russia. 

Firstly, we have this extremely cute baseball cap from Hockey Club Ak Bars. Hockey Ak Bars is also known as Ak Bars Kazan, a Russian professional ice hockey team based in Kazan. It has the image of their mascot printed on their caps, with an interesting design as well. It has a simple design and it's design is irresistible. 

Next, we have this other Ak Bars custom baseball cap. This baseball cap is branded with the name of the baseball team, and comes in 2 different colors. They also have the stickers pasted on them to show these caps are authentic. Furthermore, Ak Bars also launched branded pens as branded merchandise as well.

Why are Custom Baseball Caps so useful?

Custom baseball caps are the perfect branded sports merchandise for sports teams. 
  • High usability
First and foremost, they have extremely high usability. These caps are suitable for both kids and adults, which allows anyone to be able to purchase them. Furthermore, they are the best baseball caps to wear especially when you are watching a baseball match. 
  • Brand Loyalty 
Next, they allow for an increased brand loyalty. What better way to support your favourite baseball team then to wear the merchandise that shows you are a true supporter. Merchandise like these allow your fans and supporters to show their loyalty to the brand.
  • Brand Visibility
With such merchandise being worn in baseball matches or even when they are out, it allows for an increased brand visibility. Moreover, they can be seen within eye level, which makes the brand so much more visible. With the team name and mascot printed on the caps, it increases the visibility of the team. This could spark the curiosity of potential baseball fans, which may lead them in doing research on their own to find out what the team is. 

As such, baseball caps increase your brand's value. With merchandise like these, your team can stand out while building a strong base of loyal supporters. You can also check out this blog on an interesting baseball cap with bottle opener.

Would you consider such merchandise? We love this baseball cap and believe they are great marketing tools to enhance your brand awareness. If you are interested in such a product, feel free to contact us at ODM Group. We have multiple years of experience in the promotional products industry and we would be glad to assist you in your marketing needs. For other branded merchandise ideas, you can view our blogs or read more case studies on our website. 

Interesting Gift with Purchase promotions in a Chinese Supermarket

At ODM Group, we often write various case studies of promotional products all around the world. We have staff all over the world and in this blog we share some interesting gift with purchase marketing gifts in a Chinese Supermarket. 

Firstly, we have a gift with purchase promotion from Dettol. Dettol is a renowned brand of cleaning supplies with disinfectants or antiseptic. It’s common products include body washes, hand washes and hand sanitizers. In this promotion, Dettol is offering a free gift according to the amount of money spent on Dettol related products. 

Here we have this grocery trolley bag. This free grocery trolley bag is offered when customers have spent a minimum amount of CNY 149 (USD22.7). This grocery trolley bag is equipped with wheels and can be easily brought around. It is pretty big and it has the capacity to hold a variety of products. Furthermore, the bag can easily stand on its own as it has a stand that supports the bag. 

Moreover, if customers are unwilling to spend such a large sum of money on Dettol products, they can also redeem another gift with purchase with a lower minimum spending. This is another trolley bag that is slightly smaller. It can be redeemed with the minimum spending of CNY109 (USD16.61). This product serves the same purpose as the previous shopping trolley bag but it has an interesting crossword puzzle printed on the bag. The prints describe the various benefits of using a Dettol product. 

We believe that these marketing gifts are awesome to market the company. First and foremost, the product is green in color, which perfectly represents the company. Secondly, it also has the company logo branded on the product. Hence, this allows for an increased brand remembrance and brand awareness amongst customers. Next, they are products that have extremely high usability. Thus, they would be commonly used by their customers. Furthermore, this product increases the convenience of grocery shopping for consumers. So, it will definitely be well loved by customers. This increases the brand visibility as these products would be brought around and used often. 

Up next, we have another GWP promotion by a yogurt brand named Classy-Kiss. Similar to Dettol’s ongoing promotion, it provides a different gift with purchase item based on different levels of minimum purchase. 

Firstly, to claim a branded bowl, customers have to spend a minimum amount of CNY48 (USD7.47). Secondly, to claim a glass tea cup, customers have to spend a minimum amount of CNY58 (USD8.85) to be eligible for the free gift. 

We love this marketing gift as by branding the company logo on the product, it becomes a branded premium item. Therefore, customers will be easily reminded of the brand whenever this bowl or tea cup is placed around the house. Furthermore, the gifts are while stocks last and are extremely limited. Thus, it encourages customers to purchase products quickly before they miss a chance to receive these limited edition products. 

Lastly, we witnessed a promotion in a Chinese beverage company. In this promotion, the company was providing a double layered bowl for every purchase of a pack of 6 drinks. This bowl has a sleek design with a cover, which would definitely be suitable for many uses around the house. 

With its usability and its design, this product is great in increasing brand visibility around the house and is a great incentive for customers to purchase drinks from this brand. 

We believe that marketing gifts are great incentives to increase purchases and to market a brand. Companies can provide marketing gifts in the form of gift with purchase, in-pack promotions and even giveaways. Besides, such marketing gifts are not necessarily expensive and there are a variety of products that you can choose from. 

If you require assistance in designing and manufacturing unique custom promotional products for your branding campaign, contact our staff at ODM Group. We have years of experience as a promotional marketing agency and we would be happy to assist you in your next marketing campaign. Otherwise, if you are looking for interesting marketing gift ideas, you can read our blogs. We have over 8,000 different case studies like this recent blog on Christmas promotional gift ideas, 2021 CNY Corporate Gifts and even kitchen promotional items.

Coolest Marketing Strategy : Milo's Cooler Bag Gift with Purchase

As a student in school, we've once dreamed of being the coolest kid in school. Likewise, many children have this childhood dream too. So what determines how cool you are? It is definitely shown through the things you bring to school. 

Nestlé's Milo is a popular brand amongst children. With it being a convenient, nutritious and delicious drink, many find joy in purchasing this drink. It is especially refreshing when drank cold. They have recently come up with a promotional gift with purchase. For every purchase of 5 clusters of 4 packs, a cooler bag will be provided as a gift with purchase. 

This cooler bag comes in 2 different designs. However, the team has only seen one of them. This cooler bag is designed in green, which is striking to the product. This cooler bag is shaped like a bus, with imagery showing that there are 2 children in the front seat. Additionally, the logo is also branded on the cooler bag. Green is associated with the Milo beverage, hence with the appropriate colour used and the logo branding, it allows for higher brand visibility.  

This cooler bag is is extremely beneficial as Milo drinks are best enjoyed cold! This gift with purchase is extremely useful as it can be used for many different purposes. First of all, students can pack their lunch alongside their Milo when they head on to school. Secondly, parents can purchase Milo products such as Milo ice cream and make use of this cooler bag. Thirdly, it can also be used to store many different items in your household. With many purposes and many opportunities for use, consumers will use this gift often. This brings about high brand remembrance. 

Moreover, customers never complain about a FREE and extremely functional gift! With this gift, it actually also improves the company's brand image as a cooler bag is a recyclable bag. This means that it can be used over regular plastic or paper shopping bags. This improves the company's brand image as it encourages their customers to make use of reusable bags whenever they go shopping or whenever they wish to consume their delicious packet of Milo. 

With these 3 points, it shows that cooler bag as a marketing gift is a good choice. It is an object used often and will not be left idling around your household. Cooler bags like these have many different and unique purposes. If you are looking to produce a marketing gift like this or other marketing gifts, do contact us at The ODM Group. We have many years of experience as a promotional marketing agency and we will be delighted to produce a marketing gift for your future promotional events. Furthermore, if you are looking for other marketing gift ideas, feel free to view more of our posts on Marketing Gifts. Otherwise, you can view more of our blogs on our magazine on ODM Group. 

Customizable Animal Socks: Lunar New Year Promotional Gift Idea

Animals are well loved by all and socks? They are worn and used by all to keep their feet warm and comfortable regardless of whether it is hot summer or bitterly cold winter. At the ODM Group, we have been releasing our custom promotional socks for 6 consecutive years and we would like to tell you more about them. 

For the past 6 years, we have been producing promotional socks to celebrate Lunar New Year, China's most important festival and holiday. We enjoy celebrating this festive holiday, which is why our socks have been inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Lucky Lunar Socks series is a hot hit with these cute lucky animals on our merchandise. We would like to share 3 reasons as to why this is a perfect promotional gift idea for the upcoming Lunar New Year. 

3 Reasons why socks are perfect for a Lunar New Year Promotional Gift! 

1. Customisable 

Socks are highly customisable. With different animal and colour choices, you can easily find the perfect colour combination that suits your company. Look at this example, different colour combinations were done up to suit different companies branding. At one glance, it is easy to figure out what companies each sock brand for. 

2. Unique

How often do you see a pair of socks that are printed with cute lucky animals? This set of socks are unique, unconventional and out of this world. With a unique designed pair of socks with high utility, it will definitely be useful for customers regardless of the occasion. Moreover, unique socks like these allow companies to stand out from others. 

3. Stylish 

Socks are a fantastic way to add style and colour to your plain, boring and conservative outfit. Comfortable to be worn, stylish socks like these would definitely attract eyes on you at all times. What better way to promote your branding with an item that people can't keep their eyes off! 

There are many other reasons as to why a pair of socks are a perfect fit for a promotional marketing gift. This can be used for gift with purchase, giveaways, Christmas promotional gifts, and for other promotional gifts. For this Lunar New Year, why don't you consider this pair of Ox Socks. Perfect for the year 2021, these cute pair of Ox Socks are irresistible. To find out more about these beautiful socks, you can view our blog. If this is the perfect fit for your company for the perfect year, contact us at ODM Group. 
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