Top 3 Marketing Gifts That Will Surely Boost Your Brands

When you need an effective promotional strategy, marketing gifts make a greater impression and are more likely to be remembered. Hence, we've come up with our own top 5 marketing gifts that will boost your brand. These custom gift items range from practical to personal items that are widely available.

Coca-Cola offers customers a free mobile phone holder. This custom phone accessory sports a big Coca-Cola logo that can be seen from afar. Overall, the popular soda drinks take on this simple phone freebie is outstanding. It's simple yet hits the primary goal of marketing --  visibility

In-pack gifts are a great way to make your product stand out amongst other brands. Getting the consumer’s attention at supermarkets is an ongoing challenge for all brands. But, this in pack offering from Dove says otherwise. The known soap brand is giving away an elegant promotional soap dispenser that goes really well with their luscious products. Obviously, if you purchase bath items then you'll surely love a free bath item. This move from Dove is pretty clever. The freebie directly relates to their products. Therefore, it has a positive effect on its brand.

Gift With Purchase From VERB: Custom Tote Bag

Top 3 Marketing Gifts That Will Surely Boost Your Brands

Everyone loves bags; may it be simple or exquisite. Bags will always have a special place in our hearts. Therefore, utilising this as a marketing gift will surely win the hearts of many. We love how VERB uses canvas as the material for their promotional fashionable tote bag. The material is simple yet very durable. It simply says a lot about the brand. It leaves a good impression on the customers. Furthermore, it has a really wide branding space which makes it easy for design customisation.

Overall, these marketing gifts are one of the best promotional products in the market. We love the ingenuity and versatility of each product.

If you would like to have your own marketing gift, please don't hesitate to contact us. Or simply visit the ODM site for more details.

In-Pack Promotion: Free Bread Cutter By Nutella

Shapes play an essential part in a child's learning experience, don't they? Around the pre-school age, the teachers and parents teach kids to distinguish a triangle from a square, an oblong from a rectangle, etc. They don't actually go away even during high school or college, in which some of the mathematical and scientific lessons involve geometric figures. Again, shapes.
Hence, if you wish for your youngster to grow an interest in them, get the free bread cutter by Nutella.
In-Pack Promotion: Free Bread Cutter By Nutella

What Makes This Special Offer Excellent?

  • Durable. First off, the unique promotional product isn't created out of a breakable material. Plastic will simply bounce if the kiddo knocks it off the table. It won't wear down as well even after many washes.
  • Visible. The brand packaging design allows parents and children alike to see the gift with purchase entirely. The redness of the merchandise matches the branding color too.
  • Enjoyable. A free bread cutter consists of four different shapes. The kids can help their mom or dad prepare their sandwich, and it can be a great bonding experience for the family. 
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Gift With Purchase From VERB: Custom Tote Bag

Personalized promotional products made out of canvas are still popular, regardless of the great clamor of consumers for new kinds of goods. They are highly functional and often have the traditional vibe that modern special offers don't usually possess. Also, these items are usually free as well, just like the custom tote bag from VERB.

Gift With Purchase From VERB: Custom Tote Bag

What Advantages Are Accessible With A Custom Tote Bag

  • Great Branding Area. The whole canvas material is appropriate for printing purposes. Every inch of it can be used, so it's not essential to reduce the dimensions of the logo product design.
  • Space-Saving Giveaway. This gift with purchase folds smoothly and can be as small as possible. If the company wants to place it in a container with one shampoo or conditioner, they can do so without much hassle. 
  • Useful Item. With this size, the brand can fill the custom tote bag with their products and market the entirety as on-pack gift sets. The consumers, meanwhile, may store their summer stuff in it and get ready for the beach season.
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Personalized Mason Jar As GWP For Quaker Oats

How strong is your breakfast game, if we may ask? As that is the most significant meal throughout the day, you can't merely let it progress by drinking coffee or not consuming anything. Your body, after all, needs fuel to function well from the get-go. It's perfect in case you have time to prepare a full spread of dishes in the morning; yet, we're aware that a lot of career women or men are deprived of that. Hence, you may just make your Quaker oatmeal and store it in the brand's personalized mason jar.
Personalized Mason Jar As GWP For Quaker Oats

Benefits Brought By A Personalized Mason Jar

  • Practicality. The Quaker company is too smart to add the glass container as a promotional product. Not only does it cost less to market two items as one; it also gives you - the consumer - an idea of other times you can eat the oats.
  • Wit. To perhaps increase the sales, the brand turned the jars into collectible promos. The shoppers need to get more than a single gift box to avail all of them; that's why it'll mean great profits for Quaker if it truly happens.
  • Motivation. The benefit that customers will gain from a personalized mason jar, aside from having a new storage, is the snappy statement printed on each of them. Their objective is to inspire people to always go for the gold even when their path is bleary.
If you wish to take note of ideas for your next product brainstorming meeting, go to Marketing Gifts to see fresh advertising strategies that'll help promote your brand. Good luck!
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