Tuesday 23 February 2021

How Do Marketing Incentives Attract Consumer Sales?

With a large variety of consumer items in the market, it is difficult to differentiate your products and services from your competitors. Many brands choose to differentiate their products and services through different creative custom packaging and through marketing incentives, a popular option for many brand marketers. Marketing incentives come in many different forms which include gift with purchases, branded giveaways, in-pack promotions and many more. 

Here we have a case study from a supermarket in Philippines where NestlĂ© Philippines where an in-pack promotion is offered for every pack of cereal purchased. The in-pack promotion shows a branded bowl with the popular cartoon character, Minions, printed on these bowls. 

These bowls are small and perfect for having cereal. This is especially great for toddlers and young children who may have difficulty consuming specific foods and may need an attractive incentive to eat a nutritious and fulfilling snack. These creative bowls are definitely well loved by parents. Furthermore, these bowls can also be used by anyone including teenagers and working adults for many different functions. Check out more on-pack promotions here: 



The bowls are also branded with the different cereal brands which brings about high brand remembrance and higher brand visibility. Branded merchandise is a great way to improve your company's brand awareness and this is a great example. With large logos printed on these bowls, it will definitely be easy to identify these brands. 

So the question is, how do these marketing incentives attract sales? 

Firstly, consumers always look for the option which is the most value for money. In this case, marketing incentives like custom printed bowls are definitely valuable items that they can use in their household. With reusable bowls like these, they would not need to purchase as many bowls for their home's use. Hence, one would consider trying these brands as opposed to their competitors. 

Secondly, these branded bowls would definitely bring about brand remembrance. With items of high usability, it is no doubt that they will be used at home for long periods of time. Hence, consumers are more likely to remember the brand whenever they are conducting daily activities such as having their cereal and washing their utensils. 

Thirdly, these products are printed with cute minion characters and are limited edition products. With a large number of minion fans, many would definitely purchase this cereal for its character. This could potentially increase the number of sales from new customers and boost sales within the existing customer base. You can check out other minion promotions here:



Many products speak for themselves. However, it is important for brands to differentiate their products and services from others. Companies can seek such marketing incentives for low cost, which could essentially boost their brand visibility and sales for the future ahead. 

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