Marketing Gift FAQ

Choosing the right promotional products can be tough if the initial research is not done properly.   Let ODM work with you to brainstorm and achieve maximum return from any investment you make on promotional products. 
You may wish to consider the following questions as a guide to a more successful and efficient method of choosing promotional products.
  1. Who is your target? Existing or new customers, Internal staff, Public.
  2. What type of promotion is it? Long term or short term promotion.
  3. What is the objective of this promotion? To Reward customers, Create strongbrand image, Encourage customers revisits, New product launch, Campaigns and etc..
  4. What is the promotional product desired impression? Packaging/Logo/High perceived value, simple, useful, multifunctional..
  5. What is the message that you want to bring across? New inventions, Company anniversary, Festive, Motto and etc
  6. What is your budget and how many recipients? Define how much you can spend and if appropriate method you could use to limit your budget. Fix fee promotionsetc..   Estimate the number of recipients you want to reach with this budget.
  7. How will the products reach your clients? PWPGWPIRC/MIRon-pack(other mechanisms).
If you have the answers to the questions above our Mindsparkz Brainstorming team can help you.   Other key items to consider are:
  • the impact of packaging on promotional products .  This is a strong mechanism for driving up perceived value.
  • if promotion is to go out to high number of recipients work with our designers and maybe even open a mould to make a unique promo.
  • What are your competitors doing on your home market.
  • What are others doing in other markets – contact ODM for advice or search our blog according to your themes..
Let us know any other questions you might like to add on the comments section.

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