Monday 28 February 2022

Branded Water Bottles: Fantastic Marketing Gift Idea to Keep Your Branding at Hand!

Holidays are a great time to boost sales and improve brand awareness. Your corporate branded gifts offer an additional, tangible extension to your brand. Show your clients, customers, and employees you care by giving them a gift that they'll be proud to use in their everyday lives.

Take a look at this fantastic example from Starbucks! The renowned coffeehouse chain has offered this adorable promotional water bottle with a topper in one of its promotions.

Why Choose Branded Water Bottles for Holiday Gifting?

You can never go wrong with branding water bottles. They are one of the most effective ways to promote your company or event while keeping your customers hydrated.

Branded water bottles offer a wide range of unique designs, colours, and sizes. They come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect water bottle that best reflects your brand's identity and values.

Here's why you should opt for branded water bottles as a marketing gift:


One of the advantages that we need to mention for a perfect corporate gift should be helpful. A practical corporate gift will be used in customers' daily lives and will appear almost every time within and outside their house. These gifts are not only used throughout the season but the entire year. Thus, you can regularly remind your brand day by day.
A seasonal reusable bottle gift can either be a decoration or a multifunctional item. It's beneficial for your customers, employees, and business partners that can use it daily.


Your brand will stay in your customer's minds the same way as to how long-lasting the gift remains in their lives. Thus, the seasonal gifts must guarantee to remain durable and timeless. As Starbucks presents their Halloween bottles, high-quality material lasts for months and years.
Imagine that your brand will still be benefiting from free advertising years later. Additionally, such water bottles can benefit users not only in the particular season but also all year round.

Unique and Customisable

If you desire to let your brand stand out among others, you need to hand out a gift with uniqueness, customisation, and branded awareness. You can refer to this Starbucks bottle. It has a silicone lid with a collectable and changeable figurine on top. Notice that collectable items often draw customers' attention more effectively.
Since these collectable promotional figurines urge customers to collect other related merchandise, they seek more promotional items from the collection. Thus, it will raise your brand awareness. In the meantime, it increases sales to a certain level. Your brand will be remembered and more popular for mouth-to-mouth marketing.
Another point that makes a water bottle even more unique is that it is highly customisable. You can add your company logo and branding message with your brand colour or seasonal theme.


Sustainability has never been considered the least important. You demonstrate that your brand is ethical and has environmental awareness. High-quality bottles are safe to drink and reuse from time to time, keep water fresh, and are easy for cleaning.

Do We Recommend It for Your Business?

Definitely yes! Seasonal marketing gifts are a fantastic way for you to let your name stand out. Sending out useful and collectable gifts with your company branding will put your business at the front. Furthermore, you will always benefit from free advertising when they use your branded gifts in public. Giving branded corporate gifts is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising.

Everybody needs to drink water and reusable water bottles can boost your image with employees and clients. As it's something that everyone of all ages can use, a company-branded reusable water bottle is the perfect promotional product to advertise your food and beverage business. 


Especially, collectable gifts encourage clients to collect the whole set of collections. In this way, they not only appear in customers’ houses but also are a part of their favourable hobbies.

Why Choose ODM?

We can customize your company gifts with a branding message and logo. Give your employees, customers, suppliers, and business contacts something that they will appreciate. A branded water bottle as a seasonal marketing gift is worth your consideration.
We understand that it can be challenging to find that perfect promotional product that makes your brand stand out and is something your customers will love. So here at ODM, we’re working hard to make sure you get the best, exceptional branded merchandise that will put your brand at the top of their minds.
Together with our design agency, Mindsparkz, we ensure that we are always ahead of the game to guarantee that you will get new and innovative products for your marketing campaigns and promotions.

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