Monday 8 February 2021

How Does Darlie Market its Products to Boost Sales?

Marketing gifts are often used to market products and companies. They often come in the form of promotional products and are branded to increase brand recognition and brand awareness. Today, we will share a marketing gift case study that we spotted in a local supermarket in Singapore. 

Darlie, is a toothpaste brand of Hawley & Hazel Chemical Company. It has a large number of competitors in the toothpaste industry. In this marketing campaign, they have provided a gift with purchase for every 3 packs of Darlie Double Action Toothpaste. 

They have collaborated with Sanrio's My Melody for the branded merchandise that is offered for every purchase. It comes in 2 different colours and designs, in blue and pink mugs. The mugs also have a cover which allows drinks to be well protected from dirt and dust while the cup is left idle. 

So how does a marketing gift like this allow Darlie to stand out and boost sales?

Customers are often inclined to purchase items that are the most value for money. In this instance, the gift with purchase incentivizes customers to purchase Darlie's items. With so many competitor brands beside Darlie, this gift with purchase would definitely allow it to stand out among its competitors and customers might even consider trying out a new toothpaste brand. 

With the branded merchandise given to customers, it would bring about high brand recognition and remembrance. How is that so? Well, creative branded merchandise is a great way to achieve higher brand visibility amongst customers as these products would be placed at home or the office. Mugs are items of high usability as water is an essential part of our lives. Whenever family, friends, or guests visit, these mugs would definitely be the star of the show. 

For My Melody fans or non-fans, these adorably designed mugs would definitely seize the attention of all. With custom branded merchandise like these, it constantly reminds customers about Darlie's brand and further encourages purchases of Darlie's products in the future. 


Promotional products have been in high demand for many companies as they are an effective way to market your brand and products. Customise promotional products of your own to increase your brand value! Consider these marketing gifts for your marketing campaigns in the future!

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How can ODM Group help? 

ODM has many years of experience as a marketing agency, serving clients since 2003. We have experience in the promotional products industry and we would be glad to assist you in your marketing needs. For other branded merchandise ideas, you can view our blogs or read more case studies on our website. If you are interested in creating promotional products like these, contact our staff for more details. 

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