Monday 30 December 2013

Darlie Promotional Giveaway: Rilakkuma dishes

Darlie is including Rilakkuma’s attractive bowls in their giveaway this time! These attractive looking bowls are definitely an eye-catching product to look out for when people are doing their grocery shopping in the supermarkets. Read on more to find out why such giveaways are useful and why you should have them too!

Darlie Promotional Giveaway: Rilakkuma dishes
Darlie Promotional Giveaway: Rilakkuma Dishes
Rilakkuma is a popular Japanese cartoon character from a television show. They gained popularity increasingly and Rilakkuma’s merchandises are now sold, bought and collected by many people. Girls of most ages as well as kids are huge fans of these characters. In fact, some guys also purchase these bears on behalf of their girlfriends. As such, this character is definitely a huge hit amongst many. 

Why bowls as giveaway?

You might think that bowls are common products that people should already have at home. You are right; it is because we know that people would use them, we would like to include bowls in giveaways. It is essential to giveaway products that are practical, user-friendly and most importantly, used often by everyone. Bowls are definitely a huge hit in many families.

This giveaway is found in Hong Kong’s Wellcome. In Hong Kong, people enjoy drinking soup; especially it is the winter season now. Bowls are definitely needed for soups. Thus, people would use your product.

This is another crucial point. People have to use your product as this helps in the brand recollection and increase in brand loyalty. If they see your brand name everyday, they are more likely to purchase your brand over others! This helps in winning customers over to your brand. All in all, it will help you to attract new customers and increase your sales.

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