Thursday 27 February 2014

Custom Bottle Cap Headphones Promotional Product

Bottle cap headphones are interesting promotional products that would be especially great for drinks companies! If you have a new product launch or event coming up, this promotional product may be the perfect idea for you!

A quick tip for the marketing managers out there, one way of creating demand for your promotions is through limiting the quantities available thus making it a collector’s item. This pushes consumers to take action and to make their purchases in order to obtain the free item!

Why offer custom headphones as promotional products?

Firstly, these custom bottle cap headphones are highly customizable! Simply use your bottle cap design on the casing of the headphones and you will have customized the headphones to be your unique marketing gift!

Secondly, these bottle cap headphones are extremely cost effective! When you offer customers promotional products, you want to be able to leave a good lasting impression at minimal cost. Well, these headphones allow you to do just that! When purchased in bulk, these promotional products cost very little due to economies of scale. Thus your company will be able to reap massive benefits for minimal cost!

Benefits of offering promotional products!

Custom Bottle Cap Headphones Promotional Product
Custom Bottle Cap Headphones Promotional Product

These bottle cap headphones make excellent promotional products, as they are creative and highly useful! Customers will definitely get great use out of this item and will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gift!

Furthermore, these bottle cap headphones serve as walking advertisements for your company! When your customers are out and about and using your promotional product to enjoy their favorite tunes, they are indirectly helping to promote your company! This is done by exposing those around them to the company name and logo that is printed on the headphones.

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