Wednesday 12 August 2015

Promote your drinks with a fancy can cooler

Looking for a cool summer marketing gift to promote your drinks? We have the answer! Increase your brands awareness with a branded can cooler, like this one from Bud light beer.

Promote your drinks with a fancy can cooler 
These can coolers are usually made of neoprene, that way the drinks will stay cool even when it's a very hot day. They are easy to produce and offer a big branding area on their surface.

Promote your drinks with a fancy can cooler 
As you can see on the example from Motorola, they are available in many different colors. Furthermore you can print on it whatever you want. It's easy to promote your new products, your brand or your companies' anniversary with them.
Can coolers are great promotional products. And they have the big benefit, that you can also use them in the winter, to keep drinks warm. 

Interested in promoting with can coolers? Contact us if you want to learn more about promotional products and their benefits. 

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