Sunday 6 September 2015

Creative Marketing Gift From "Ohh Deer"

A creative company like "Ohh Deer" need a creative marketing gift, in line with their core competencies. Ohh Deer are a company specializing in creative gifts designed by the company, offering things from t-shirts to stationary as gifts. However Ohh Deer are cleverly increasing their sales potential by offering a mug giveaway with their recognizable imagery. All that consumers need to do is follow them on twitter and re-tweet to be in with a chance of winning!

Creative Marketing Gift From "Ohh Deer" 

The Benefits of Using a Marketing Gift in this Way

Ohh Deer have chosen to use a marketing gift in this way because it is a great way to expand your online presence, both via an online-store or through social media presence. Social media presence is essential for a growing company. It assists growth through marketing, but also customer retention and satisfaction from a stream of communication. 

Marketing Gifts also increase sales through use of gift with purchase, but can be used in many ways to benefit a company. To find more examples of great use of marketing gifts visit us at Marketing-Gifts where you can learn how to use gifts to your advantage. 

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