Tuesday 16 October 2018

Nescafe Runs A Successful Promotion With Its Branded Tote Bag

NescafĂ©, a known instant coffee brand from Nestle, offers customers a free branded tote bag everytime they purchase Nescafe products. Nestle collaborates with SM Malls with this latest gift with purchase campaign. In fact, this promotion is exclusively available at SM grocery stores. 

Nescafe Runs A Successful Promotion With Its Branded Tote Bag

Branded Tote Bag as Gift With Purchase

The promo gift from Nescafe is made from canvas. Hence the reason behind why they make an excellent custom promotional giveaway. These canvas tote bags can be printed with your brand logo which could be a great item for tradeshow marketing

Tote bags are inexpensive products to make your brand or company tap on the major market of customers. Customers love this tote bag because it becomes an essential part of everyday life. People could carry this to school, market, beach, shopping, etc. Thus, it's quite understandable that this is a good promotional product.

As mentioned, this tote bag is made from canvas. Canvas is an extremely durable fabric that is used for making bags. Manufacturers prefer this type of material because of its sturdiness which can hold more weight than other regular cloth. Furthermore, this type of material is not expensive. This won't hurt your marketing budget

Nescafe Runs A Successful Promotion With Its Branded Tote Bag

Why do we love this gift from Nescafe?

  • Branding Opportunity - The tote bag is perfect for any job that requires a reliable bag. As such, promoting your brand with a tote bag increases your brand visibility. We highly suggest printing the brand name, logo, etc. Overall, this bag proves that it helps with your brand's marketing campaign.
  • Simple and Straightforward - What I love about this promotion from Nescafe is the fact that it's not complicated. You don't need to do a lot of stuff just to get your hands on this promotional reusable bag
Overall, giving away a free tote bag can be a great way to show customers your appreciation. In return, customers will trust and love your brand even more.

If you're interested to know more about this branded tote bag, feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to take your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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