Tuesday 13 November 2018

Penshoppe Offers a Great Travel Promotion - Custom Bag Tags

Customers love to travel smoothly. Simply, everyone wants everything to go as planned. But sometimes, we just couldn't escape some travel nightmares. The worst part about traveling is dealing with the baggage claim. How many times have you argued with another passenger over your bags? Or perhaps feeling like a thief when you accidentally bring someone else's bag? Well, fret no more! Since Penshoppe believes that everyone deserves a stress-free vacation, the global clothing brand offers a great travel promotion to customers. Recently, they have introduced their latest gift with purchase promotion - custom bag tags.

Customers would just need to purchase their on pack gifts to receive this awesome promotional item.

Custom Bag Tags as On Pack Offer

First of all, this promo gift is something that the travel industry would greatly benefit. This is very useful for people who travel frequently.

Also, these marketing gifts are manufactured to the highest standard using non-allergenic rubbers. Therefore, we are sure that this is safe to use.

Penshoppe Offers a Great Travel Promotion - Custom Bag Tags

Why do we love this Custom Bag Tag from Penshoppe?

  • Unique and Effective - This is not a random useless promo item; customers could actually use this which makes the product more attractive. Therefore, customers purchase more of the product since they are getting something useful for free.
  • Customisable - This is the best part of this promotional item. It is highly customisable. Brands could easily play around and mold something that matches their theme and products. 
  • Brand Promotion - When customers have this luggage tag hanging from their bag, it works as a good brand advertisement.
Penshoppe Offers a Great Travel Promotion - Custom Bag Tags

Overall, this kind of promotion works very well for industries that are into travel, bags, etc. Customers would repeatedly use the product. Therefore, it really helps with brand promotion. 

Should you want to know more about this promo, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to answer all your marketing and manufacturing queries.

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