Friday 4 January 2019

Brighten Your Marketing Campaigns With This Custom Selfie Ring Light

Smartphones are a big part of our everyday lives. It has become a need and not just a want. Also, aside from its practical usage, we love to enjoy our phones and have fun with it. As a matter of fact, a lot of people use their smartphones to take beautiful pictures, capture special moments, and more importantly -- selfies. And as brand marketers, we see this as a good opportunity for a good promotional accessory. Give away this custom selfie ring light and let your customers take that perfect selfie.

Brighten Your Marketing Campaigns With This Custom Selfie Ring Light

This custom phone accessory is easy to use, affordable and perfect for any event. Add your logo on the selfie ring light and run it for your brand's trade show marketing, gift with purchase, on pack offer, etc.

What Makes A Custom Selfie Ring Light A Good Promo Gift

  • Multiple Functionality - Aside from being a custom selfie ring light, this selfie ring light can be used as hand-torch, emergency light, fun light, etc. Personalized promotional & marketing gift items that are also multi-functional are always highly appreciated by customers. 
  • Compatibility - This selfie ring light is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets. Therefore, this marketing giveaway has vast market reach. Customers will enjoy this product for as long as they have a smartphone or tablet.
  • Portability- This comes with a clip so as to secure your ring light in place. The portability of this accessory makes it a wonderful promotional item. Customers will always bring this accessory and whip this out when needed. Therefore, every time a customer uses your brand-printed selfie ring light, they effortlessly increase brand exposure.
In conclusion, phone accessories like this custom selfie ring light is an ideal promotional item in this modern and digital era. As a brand, we should adapt to certain changes, even if it means using a ring light to up your selfie game.

If this item interests you, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is an expert in marketing and manufacturing. So, they're always ready to take answer your queries.

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