Thursday 24 January 2019

How Can A Custom Lunch Box Boost Lady's Choice Marketing

Lady's Choice, a condiment brand offers a custom lunch box as an in pack offer to their loyal customers all over Asia. This famous condiment brand knows how personalized promotional products play an essential role in attracting clients and making the brand more special. Thus,, an influx of global brands are into marketing gifts.

How Can A Custom Lunch Box Boost Lady's Choice Marketing

Gift With Purchase: Custom Lunch Box 

Customers get this custom lunch box everytime they purchase Lady's Choice sandwich spreads. The practical gift is made from non - toxic, BPA - free material that is safe for food storage. It looks small but it could pack a decent lunch for your family. Also, the material is easy to clean and store when not in use.

Why do we like this Branded Lunch Box? 
  • Practicality - The portability of this promo gift makes it really attractive to customers. Easily bring your food  to work or school without the mess. It keeps your food fresh while you're on the go. Therefore, customers would surely love this promotion from Lady;s Choice.
  • Affordable Gift Item - What we love about this item is its affordability. Brands won't have to break an arm and leg just to pull of this marketing campaign. Customers love receiving items from their favourite brands whilst brands love to save more on their marketing budget. It's a win - win promotion for both parties.
How could this campaign be improved?
  • Print the brand's logo on the food keeper - One of the goals for marketing is to make brands known to consumer. And, since we are using promotional items to enhance the brand's visibility, it is just proper to customize the container that would seem fit for the brand. The brand on the lid may promote brand recognition which is beneficial for the brand.
  • Variation - Our experts strongly recommend to release a design variety for the promo gifts. Lady's Choice could've had use different colours for the custom lunch box.
If this item interests you, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We will be in touch and answer all your marketing and manufacturing queries asap.

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