Monday 4 February 2019

3 Solid Reasons Why ANZ's CNY Custom Piggy Bank Works

ANZ offers an incredible Chinese New Year promotional deal for their clients. Each year, ANZ throws a range of promo gifts for Chinese New Year. This year, they still didn't disappoint customers because everyone's getting a custom piggy bank as marketing gifts

Custom Piggy Bank

These piggy banks are the perfect and simplest items to show anyone how to handle and save money. Custom coin banks are customisable according to the brand's theme and campaign. Furthermore, these items are great for brand awareness because marketers could easily print a logo on the piggy bank.

3 Solid Reasons Why ANZ's CNY Custom Piggy Bank Works

Why Should Your Brand Use Custom Piggy Banks?
  • Brand Promotion - Giving out promotional items as marketing gifts is no longer a new trick in the book. In fact a lot of the bigger brands are still using this campaign strategy because they've found it to be very effective. When you give a customers something useful for free, they'll be thankful to the brand and will fdevelop a sense of postivity the next time they see your brand. Hence, we've easily created an effective and lasting promotional stint
  • Customisable Design - Yes, these piggy banks are highly customisable. You can turn this into your preferred characters or even into your brand's logo. In ANZ' case, they've turned it into a pig because 2019 is the year of the pig. If you want to check out another coin bank design, check out this link: DIY piggy banks for Kids Promotional Giveaway
  • Affordable - Coin banks are not expensive to produce. Therefore, a brand who wishes to utilise this as their marketing giveaway.

Overall, promotional items are really effective in brand promotion; you just need to find the perfect item for your brand. Once you've cracked the egg, then your brand will be right on top.

If this item interests you, feel free to contact us anytime. We have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing. Definitely, we can help you with your marketing budgets effectively.

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