Tuesday 19 March 2019

Brand Promotion - Affordable Whiskey Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Marketers hate it when they suddenly hit a creative block which stops them from creating fresh marketing ideas. Aside from creating the best marketing idea, marketers also take into consideration the brand's marketing budget which adds more pressure to the whole situation. Luckily, our team of product designers are here to help you break the creative barrier hence they've listed 3 affordable whiskey promotional giveaway ideas that might help your brand.

Let's start with the ever-reliable branded glasses. These marketing gifts are probably one of the most common giveaways in the whiskey industry. People rave over whiskey glasses because of functionality and these free products effortlessly boost your brand's presence. Also, producing whiskey glasses are not expensive. In Johnnie Walker’s case, they offer a gift set that includes a bar spoon, jigger, and whiskey glass. And all these items come in visible Johnnie Walker branding which builds brand visibility

Brand Promotion - Affordable Whiskey Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Next, we have custom card holders as one of the most affordable whiskey giveaways. It's a basic promotional gift that's easy to customise and is very affordable to produce unless you use expensive leather.

What strikes us in this promotional merchandise, aside from its affordability, is functionality.  Anyone could use a reliable card holder for organising. Also, brands could easily emboss their logos on the item which helps a lot in brand promotion. In our photo, Jameson did a really good job in customising their promotional item. 

Brand Promotion - Affordable Whiskey Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Lastly, we have custom disposable cups or red cups. Yes, we acknowledge the fact that this promotion is not sustainable and we don't support any promotional items that contribute to the world's plastic pollution. But, we just want to point out that these disposable cups are really affordable. It has its own strong points as a marketing item. Fortunately, we still could utilise disposable cups as promotional items when we use alternative and eco-friendly materials such as paper, cardboard, bamboo, etc. 

In fact, we have great samples of sustainable bamboo cups for promotion. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

Brand Promotion - Affordable Whiskey Promotional Giveaway Ideas

If you would like to create or know more affordable promo gifts, please contact our team anytime. We would love to help you create your own set of marketing items that are within your budget.

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