Sunday 26 May 2019

Gucci Luxurious Marketing Gifts To Their Customers

Gucci is a luxurious Italian brand that has always been a favourite of people who are into high-fashion. They offer a range of luxury items from kids to adults apparel. This haute couture is also actively promoting their products using promotional giveaways and luxurious marketing gifts.

Here's a quick list of Gucci's top luxurious marketing gifts

Gucci Luxurious Marketing Gifts To Their Customers

It's no surprise that Gucci offers compact mirrors as their gift with purchase. The bulk of their customers are the rich and affluent. So, it's just proper to promote using these kinds of stuff.

The mirror looks eloquent and sleek. The metal finish combined with the gold color design gives the product a more sophisticated look. The  Gucci logo is embossed all over the top lid. Overall, the product looks stylish and trendy. The promotional compact mirror comes in nice packaging. Customization plays a key role in marketing, as it raises your brand awareness and recognition

Gucci Luxurious Marketing Gifts To Their Customers

A shoehorn is an unconventional gift that you rarely see being given out. By offering unique items, you will be able to capture the attention of potential customers. Some may be so interested in the gift that they will purchase your items just to get their hands on it.

While other brands offer standard gift items like shirts and promotional pens, your shoehorn gift item will definitely stand out! This also helps to project an image of your company as one that is unconventional and innovative.

Gucci Luxurious Marketing Gifts To Their Customers

The Gucci brush is closely matched with the aesthetics of the box, the top of the brush is manufactured from wood which has the Gucci logo engraved on metal plating.This item comes in a sleek blue slide box, which uses aesthetics which emphasise the brand image. Aesthetics like this make promotional items more desirable and luxurious.  Another feature of this box includes the inside packaging which is curved and shaped to the size of the brush also emphasising a statement of the desired product. 

Gucci has high regards for their customer. Thus, they enjoy rewarding their loyal consumers. Gucci can use this giveaway as a marketing tool to promote both their clothing and perfume range. Offering this unique item makes the brand stand out in comparison to other typical perfume offers. This offer also is not restricted to just the male or female market.

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