Sunday 12 May 2019

Promotional Shirts: Still An Effective Marketing Campaign?

A lot of marketers think that promotional shirts may seem like a lazy bet when it comes to unique promotional items. For a while, this holds a little bit of truth for the promo tshirts. But now, as technology keeps on getting better, t-shirts are slowly becoming the top rising promo gift in this generation.

Promotional Shirts: Still An Effective Marketing Campaign

Why Do Brands Love To Use Promotional Shirts?

Actually, the promotional t-shirt trend was not made to have a unique promotional idea. It was made to serve as the earliest and most affordable marketing strategy by the companies. Employees and customers wear a shirt that bears the logo of the company. Basically, its initial purpose was to serve the needs of companies. Because whether we like it or not, custom printed t-shirts are the best tool to get people’s attention and promote the brand.

Are Promotional Shirts Still Effective?

I'd say yes. This marketing giveaway has become a classic an will never run out of style. Product designers will just innovate these shirts but they will never cease production of this promotional gift.

Tips For An Effective Promotional Shirt

These tips are an excerpt from this blog: Promotional T-Shirt Phenomenon: Why So Popular?
  • Fabric: preshrunk fabric for reduced shrinkage after wash.
  • Comfort: shoulder to shoulder taper and reinforced stitching on most styles for extra strength and comfort.
  • Print: no center front crease on garments for uninterrupted printing surfaces.
  • Fit: Shaped silhouettes on ladies’ styles for a more feminine fit.
  • Finish: double needle finishes for more secure hems.
  • Colour: you should pick the colour for your promotional t-shirt in a very accurate way. See below the True Swatch Colour Selector.
Brands That Use Promo Shirt In Their Marketing Campaigns

Guinness - This St Patricks Day merchandise makes a good incentive product as customers, for such a widely celebrated Irish Saint day, will want to get their hands on both products to show their patriotism.

McDonald's - Since this shirt is printed with Mcdonald’s iconic burger, it only brings awareness to the brand's campaign. This definitely increases brand visibility and portrays Mcdonald’s as a brand that makes sure customers are constantly rewarded.

Fundador - The brand offers a tee shirt that has a unique and cool design. It allows you stand out from the crowd and it also allows free publicity for Fundador when their consumers wear their shirts.

Overall, we can definitely say that shirts still works like a charm when it comes to brand promotion. So, if you would like to create your own set, please reach out to us anytime. We will help you create your shirt design. Also, we have several options for the material so everything is all set.

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