Saturday 6 July 2019

5 Brands That Use Plush Toys As Promo Gifts

Promoting your own custom plush toy is a nice way to market your brand. Plush toys bring out nostalgia to adult customers whilst it creates new memories for our younger customers. Promotional plush toys are highly customizable. Brands could use clothes for the plush toys and print your brand logo on the toy's shirt. There are endless possibilities for plush toys. hence, we've collated a few examples from successful brand campaigns to keep you inspired.

5 Brands That Use Plush Toys As Promo Gifts

Captain Eye offers a plush toy as a promo item for their online promotion. This strategy is really helpful if you are aiming to improve your online presence. Today, consumers spend a lot of time online. Using the power of the internet can help get your message out fast. Tapping social media will also boost your promotional project. And don't forget the enticing captain eye plush toy!

5 Brands That Use Plush Toys As Promo Gifts

This promo campaign offers a fun and cuddly toy that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. There is an opportunity for brands with a brand mascot to create a promotional product using their mascot as a plush toy. These types of marketing campaigns are extremely successful among children, and it is a very memorable way to introduce them to your brand. Promotional plush toys can be used for new product launches as well as marking a particular anniversary for the company.

5 Brands That Use Plush Toys As Promo Gifts

Norilsk Nickel is a Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting company. The group is using this polar bear in all their advertising and using this mascot as promotional toys. Norilsk offers a polar bear plush toy to their customers. Plush toys can be imprinted with your company name or logo for maximum exposure. Plush toys are a great way to take a refreshing break from a hard day’s work. Moreover, mascots are an attractive display on any desk. Even guests will notice bright and fun plush toy and it will draw positive attention to your business. Start planning your promotion now, you can’t go wrong with plush toys. They bring a smile and hug to hearts of any ages.

5 Brands That Use Plush Toys As Promo Gifts

The brand initiated a psychological and emotional connection between their brand/product and their target consumers through the in-pack promo used. When children get their hands on the plush toy, they will associate their happiness with the Cadbury brand. This enables the child to remember and positively perceive Cadbury chocolate in subsequent encounters with the brand/product.

Plush toys are proven to be effective marketing items by various brands. So, if you'd like to create your own set, please feel free to contact us.

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