Saturday 13 July 2019

Brand Promotion - Various Promotional Pens Designs For Your Brand

A gift with purchase is another common strategy to use to create brand awareness and gain new customers. It is meant to encourage people to purchase items, in order to receive a free gift. This marketing strategy has been practiced in many different industries and it has resulted in being very successful throughout the years. One of the most common promo gifts in the industry is a promotional pen. 

A promotional pen is highly effective in brand promotion, hence, it's used by a lot of brands from different industries. Our team has compiled a few unique designs that would show how versatile a custom pen could be.

The new customizable LED light pens come in 8 different colors and light modes: red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, pink, and white. Each pen is in black ink making it perfect for office and school use. Each pen uses LED light so they are long-lasting.

People are attracted to beautiful things. Therefore, changing light colors elevates the product to a “rare collectible item.” As such, people become motivated to replenish their collection of LED light pens and buy more. Custom-made LED light pens are an ideal gift with purchase items, trade show freebies, or charity giveaways. Emphasize your brand by painting the sleek finish with colors and light up your logo to stand out

Customers will love these pens because they are available in a wide range of different designs. The doughnut-shaped toppers above are very eye-catching and colorful. Clients will be tempted to get as many colors of these as possible. 

This product is intended for all targets, both adults and children, and this means that you will be able not only to improve your brand visibility but also to boost your sales with such an item.

This is a promotional USB, pen, and stylus at the same time. Can be used to take, sign documents, navigate around your smartphone or tablet, and great for carrying all your electronic documents with you. These are the things that we constantly use at work! On any occasion when a USB is required urgently, this product will definitely come in handy.

These promotional pens are especially suitable for fruity drink companies or any brand that involves fruits or vegetables. Branding these items with your logo enforces brand recall and it’s actually very eye-catching! The cool shape and the lightweight material make it perfect for on-pack promotions.

So, talk to our dedicated promotional gift specialist to advise for your next promotional campaign and what type of pens are perfect for your brand.

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