Saturday 17 August 2019

Casino Promotional Items: What's The Latest Marketing Gift?

It is paramount for casinos to attract the attention of customers to spend their money in their respective establishments. Because without that certain "hype" casinos won't be as attractive as they should be. So, aside from the premium amenities and services, they also give out several casino promotional items to the paying public. Check out the list below for some of these items.

Imagine customising these icons to pictures associated with your company logo, brand name, characters or products. For casino and gambling fans, these images can be dices, playing cards, slot machine items, etc… The options are endless! If you are promoting a location or country for tourism and business, you could also use pictures of locations or scenery. In our photo, we have a spinning pen. The mechanism is simple: by pressing on the pen’s clicker, the three individual rollers start turning and stop randomly on one of the images displayed inside the pen. 

Promo Figurines are great giveaways to commemorate the opening of a new service, property, or simply an experience. A figurine is a good example of a long term marketing gift. This makes it a great display item to keep at home. So, imagine if you have a marketing item inside the homes and offices of your customers, it means that your brand is getting free brand exposure which is a good branding sign.

Fans are essential if you're on tour; visiting various casino hotels and sites. The large surface of the fan offers a great area to print a logo, brand name or picture. Corporations can particularly use fans when they are promotion an event or their brand. In our photos, it shows that it's promoting a big event held in the Venetian Hotel-Casino, the Ice World. Ice World is Asia’s biggest indoor ice exhibition. Aside from the event promotion, the fan is branded with the Venetian logo hence it's fantastic for brand recall.

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