Monday 6 July 2020

5 Custom Desktop Gifts for Marketing

Marketing toward working adults

In marketing, every brand would ideally try to narrow down their target market into a specific demographic. This means understanding who their customers are and what is their typical purchasing behavior. 

Adults have always been a popular target market for our clients, and there is a lot to learn from an adult consumer. This is because most of the expenditures are done by working adults, who can afford to spend and indulge in services. 

This is why brands have grown fond of adult customers, due to their ability to spend. This creates a demand for Custom Desktop Gifts that has been popularly used by brands to promote their business to working adults.

Today, we will share with you guys 5 Custom Desktop Gifts for Marketing 2020

Our top 5 picks : 

1. Bamboo Reusable Cups

Wellbeing initiatives - bamboo reusable cups
The body is made from bamboo fibre, while the lid and sleeve are made from silicone. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, safe, and reusable. Thus, this helps minimize the need to buy bottled water and drinks in plastic cups every time. Working adults have shown a trend on their interest in things that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Moreover, many would appreciate having their own reusable drink ware that they can bring anywhere on the go. 

2. Custom Wireless Chargers 

Branded Wireless Charger- Optimize Your Promotions

Indeed, there is so much you can do with a branded wireless charger. It’s versatile and allows marketers to create interesting designs that communicate their message.
As you can see, the chargers have varied designs. With the increasing demand in phone accessories, people have also grown an interest in wireless items. 

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Branded Corporate Gift: Be Heard with Handheld Bluetooth Speakers

These mini handheld bluetooth speakers are the perfect corporate souvenirs! Why? Not only do they conveniently fit in your hand, but they are premium quality, which means excellent audio quality! The better the quality gift the more staff will appreciate the thought and effort that went into it! Whether it’s a podcast, audiobook, or music.. these mini speakers can play anything through the bluetooth connection to your mobile phone.

4. Multi-functional Notebooks 

Client Gift Item
Unlike your typical notebook, this wireless charging notebook has a cover to protect the book from easy damage. Moreover, it holds many pockets to contain everyday items. The design is very similar to the passport holder promotional gift. Not only can the wireless charging notebook prevent your phone battery from depleting, but it also has many functions.

5. Webcam Covers

Another key trend we've been gathering from consumers is the strong interest in privacy concerns. 
With the advancement of technology, also comes at a price of hackers abusing these technological fleets. Web cam covers are perfect for tech companies who want their brand to be associated to safe use and be trustworthy. Customers will always have a glimpse of your brand the moment they use their computer. 

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