Promotional Product - passport wallet

Do you know that travel wallets can make a good promotional gift too? Take a look at this simple one.
Promotional Product - Passport wallet

These items make perfect marketing gift for 2 reasons:

Firstly, it is highly customizable so it can be made from more premium material like nubuck leather. Giving away a high end product like a travel wallet leaves a positive impression on your company. This can also boost your brand image and drive sales too.

Secondly, though it may cost slightly more than simple gifts like card holders, it is bigger, can be designed to carry more items and has a bigger space for your company to brand the product. Putting your company logo is crucial to encourage brand recall whenever the wallet is in use.  

Of course, you can also opt for cost effective versions of this item like travel wallets made up of PU or smaller ones with lesser compartments. Nevertheless, this would be a good gift for travel agencies or airline firms!

Promotional Products - Amazing Branded Figurines

I was walking around Mong Kok in Hong Kong when I spotted this amazing selection of figurines through a shop glass. As you can see on the picture below, all these licensed characters were staring at me from Marvel stars to Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z or Saint Seiya warriors, they were all here!

This shop was the collector's paradise and a figurine is always a very cool promotional gift to offer. A lot of companies are giving away (or selling) their mascot's plastic figurine to promote their brand.
It's an original way to ensure a good brand recall and, in the long run, drive sales...

If you have any other ideas or if you need information, feel free to contact us!

Huddle House Promo Gift - High Rise Challenge Cap

Restaurant chain, Huddle House, are giving away a free High Rise Cap to anyone who can complete their High Rise Challenge!
The High Rise Challenge is a food eating challenge held by the Huddle House. It consists of multiple courses of overloaded plates with bacon, eggs, waffles and other assorted fried foods. If you can finish this ridiculous amount of food (on your own) then the High Rise Cap is yours to keep!
Huddle House Promo Gift - High Rise Cap
This is a great promotional gift from Huddle House, that entices people to take their High Rise Challenge. Besides you get about 5 meals worth for the price of less than 2!

Check out a challenge winner in this Youtube video.
Hat are easily customised to your needs, whether the shape of size or branding it with your logo. By branding your hat you can freely advertise your company, in this case through the proud winners of this crazy eating challenge!

Trailrider Promo Gift - Branded Dry Bag

Trailrider, Australian motorcycle racing magazine are offering a free dry bag when you subscribe to their magazine.
Subscibe to Trailrider for 12 months and you will receive a branded Trailrider Dry Bag valued at $44.95 completely free of charge. The dry bag is black with the Trailrider logo written across it in bold red writing.
Branded Trailrider Dry Bag
Branded Trailrider Dry Bag

Bags are a fantastic promotional gift, as you will never not need one! They are easily customisable, to shape and design, and are great to use as an advertising agent to promote your company and brand recognition!
So get your hands on a free dry bag now in this gift with subscription promotion!
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