Wednesday 8 August 2012

Trailrider Promo Gift - Branded Dry Bag

Trailrider, Australian motorcycle racing magazine are offering a free dry bag when you subscribe to their magazine.
Subscibe to Trailrider for 12 months and you will receive a branded Trailrider Dry Bag valued at $44.95 completely free of charge. The dry bag is black with the Trailrider logo written across it in bold red writing.
Branded Trailrider Dry Bag
Branded Trailrider Dry Bag

Bags are a fantastic promotional gift, as you will never not need one! They are easily customisable, to shape and design, and are great to use as an advertising agent to promote your company and brand recognition!
So get your hands on a free dry bag now in this gift with subscription promotion!

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