Cutting Edge Marketing Gift: Pair of Ceramic Knives

Are you thinking about a marketing gift that would be inline with your household products? Well, then this is the right post for you! Today, we will be looking at a special marketing gift, ceramic knives! Purchase a fridge and get a pair for free ceramic knives today!

Cutting Edge Marketing Gift: Pair of ceramic Knives

A Marketing Gift that Works

Let’s take a step back to understand why this marketing gift works. Most people cook almost everyday, making knives a necessity in the household! As a result, this marketing gift is a perfect gift for the customers!

Knives are extremely useful and practical in almost every single household. Especially with festive seasons such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, coming up, families are purchasing cooking equipment to whip up a good meal for everyone! Hence, knives will definitely be used. As a result, it makes perfect sense for ceramic knives to be your marketing gift.

Ceramic Knives as a Marketing Gift

Perhaps the main reason why ceramic knives are extremely user-friendly is because they are exceptionally sharp and there is no need for sharpening! Also, they are extremely easy to clean. More importantly, they are nonreactive to acidic food, like vinegar. 

Using Ceramic knives to market yourself is unconventional. By having an area to customize your brand and message, you can improve the brand recollection among your customers. You can customize anything that represents your brand visually. Alternatively, you can give this marketing gift during events like food festivals.

As knives are used very frequently, especially for customers who cook everyday, it assists in your brand recall. They would be reminded of your brand daily and would be more willing to purchase your brand the next time they shop! Thus, you will see your sales soar. Can’t wait to get this cutting edge marketing gift? Contact ODMgroup today!

Top 20 Marketing Gift Ideas. Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is always competitive and the successful way to stand out is with unique marketing gift products! This post is perfect for those looking for interesting gift ideas for the oil and gas industry. Today, we will be presenting the top 25 gift ideas for the oil and gas industry!

Looking for something that is unique and related to the oil and gas industry? This gas cylinder is actually a coin bank too! It is a perfect way to promote fire safety and to educate the young kids.

Another gift idea is the foldable car boot organizer to keep the car boot clean and organized! It offers wide storage for car users, who are the direct customers of oil and gas companies.

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Caltex launched its new marketing campaign featuring Limited Edition collectibles – Caltex transportation toys. Collectibles are useful in getting repeat customers as it incentives them to purchase more to collect the full set of toys! It's a perfect gift idea for your brand! 

Other family oriented ideas:

To develop loyalty in their petrol stations, BP France have a loyalty card programme with a points system. 

More Gift Ideas:

Winter is coming, the best season for car rides! Prepare your customer for the cold weather with the AA Winter Car Kit!

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What other gift ideas have you come stumbled upon recently?

Disneyland's Marketing Product Boosts Brand Awareness: Umbrella

Disneyland is one of the most popular theme parks in the world and is a place suitable for everyone in the family! Currently, Hong Kong Disneyland is giving away a free Disneyland umbrella as a marketing product with the purchase of their tickets!

Umbrellas make the perfect marketing product for Disneyland! The umbrellas can be used in all kinds of weather - be it rain or shine. On hot sunny days, customers can used the marketing product to shield themselves from the rays of the sun. And on rainy days, they can use it to shelter themselves from the rain. The umbrella is a highly functional item and a superb marketing product! Interested to find out how a gift like that can help boost your business? Read on to find out more!

Marketing Product Improve Brand Awareness

With a wide area available for branding, people who use your umbrella help to act as a walking advertisement for your brand. These branded umbrellas will be easily recognizable from afar! Placing your logo or distinct graphics on the marketing product helps to increase brand recall as well as brand recognition! No matter what the weather is, your umbrella with the distinct graphics can be spotted easily amidst the crowd of plain umbrellas!

Most importantly, the umbrella is highly customizable and very cost effective. Companies can choose to place whatever design they desire on it without having to worry about high costs.

Improve Customer Relations with this Marketing Product!

As a company, it is important to always have your customers in mind. An umbrella provides shelter for your customers, regardless of all weather! Under your umbrella, your customers will be sheltered and will feel safe while using your marketing product! This is a practical product that your customers will use often and is certainly an excellent product to give away.

Such a great product can certainly boost your sales and increase revenue in time to come!

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    Marketing Gifts - Inspiration from Marketing Magazines

    We love following the latest news on marketing magazines and have compiled a list for you below.   Marketing Case Studies which have been proven successful on other markets can be tweaked for your home markets.   Marketing managers need to learn from the mistakes and successes from around the world.

    Before giving you the links, here are 2 magazines that are heavy on coverage for Marketing Gifts.

    BtoB Marketing Magazine

    BtoB showcases free offers & marketing promotions. It is still valuable and undoubtedly very effective in the competitive world of marketing today. The more creative and unconventional your marketing tactics are, the higher your chances to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    However, BtoB speaks out about how consumers these days demand more and are harder to please. Their solid advice to anyone who is in the marketing field is this: Always talk to your customers to know what they want.

    Your company can implement the most expensive and biggest marketing campaign ever, but if you do not satisfy the needs and wants of the your customers, then you are not getting bang for your buck.

    Marketing Gift: BtoBlog

    B&T Marketing Magazine 

    Ever heard of this phrase "always do the right thing at the right time"? Then you should know how important timing is in everything that we do.  This is especially so for marketeers.

    B&T, a leading Australian marketing magazine reinforces this fact for us. A few advantages B&T highlighted gives ample reasons to kick start your marketing campaigns.
    • Ability to take advantage of more cost effective pricing.
      • By planning ahead of what you want to do, you have more time to source for your materials and products and this will ensure a higher chance of getting a better pricing
    • Enough lead time for customization
      • Starting early means more time for customizable designs for customers and this translates to happier customers. Marketing is all about making your customers happy right?
    Marketing Gift: B&T

    Check out links & read up on marketing gift magazines!

    Advertising Age
    An international source of news, opinions and information for the advertising, media and marketing industries.

    Showcases the latest advertising trends, not forgetting those related to online and website advertising.

    B&T Australia's leading advertising, media and marketing magazine.

    BtoB Magazine for business-to-business marketing, featuring news, research and analysis, with an emphasis on Internet and direct marketing.

    Brand Packaging Niche is marketing of packaged products - F&B, cosmetic, electronic products etc.

    Brand Week Magazine for branding professionals. Showcases tips on increasing brand recall, customer loyalty, market analysis and news coverage.

    Creative Magazine Information resource for the point-of-purchase display, trade show exhibit & sales promotion.

    DMNews Provides in depth coverage of the convergence of direct, database and online advertising & marketing.

    IJMPP International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP) is a scholarly publication, targeted at promoting the development and dissemination of advances in the field by maintaining the highest standards of intellectual thought combined with practical relevance.

    Manage Smarter Online home portal of Sales & Marketing Management, Incentive, Potential, Training and Management magazines.

    The Marketer Official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

    Marketing Dive Industry dashboard for digital marketing executives. Offers latest news in digital marketing with topics including search, mobile, social media, email, and B2B.

    Marketing Today Features articles, tips, research, analysis, marketing jobs and career information related to marketing.

    Marketing Tomorrow Content focuses solely on the future of worldwide marketing, media & advertising industries.

    Marketing VOX Provides online marketing, internet advertising and e-marketing news for media buyers.

    Mediaweek Leading magazine covering the media industry, the publishing world and other areas of media planning and delivery. Offers news, ratings and exclusive newsletters.

    Money Maker's Monthly MLM newspaper for the newest network marketing, direct sales, home-based income opportunities and articles.

    Multichannel Merchant Covers all aspects of marketing through catalogs, retail and online channels.

    Presentations Resource for information and tools for effective communication. Find the latest technology, product reviews, tips and guides to help improve presentation and communication skills.

    Promo Magazine Provides insights into using promotion marketing as a strategic, measurable component of an overall marketing mix.

    Selling Power motivation and sales management know-how in the business-to-business environment.

    Strategy Magazine Canadian magazine that looks at the people and strategic thinking behind Canada's marketing successes and failures.

    Target Marketing Direct marketing insights and practical information that helps companies sell products/services, generate leads and retain customers.

    UK Marketing News Resource for marketing news in UK, covering the latest developments in fields such as advertising, digital marketing and PR.

    Marketing is essential for every company regardless of industry because it is what makes customers aware of you. There are so many different ways to market your product or company. Conventional methods like newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, television advertisements are all great, but can be expensive. Other unconventional marketing methods include Guerrilla marketing using social media, campaigns and events etc.

    Recently, there is an increasing trend of using promotional products, gift with purchases etc. as a marketing tactic. It is a simple yet effective way to differentiate your company and to keep customers anticipated.

    What are the most popular promos in Marketing Magazines you read recently?
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