Monday 2 April 2012

Promotional Idea – Unique Travel Cushion

Unable to catch forty winks on bumpy rides? Seek no further! The Unique Travel Cushion will be the perfect marketing gift to solve this problem.

Promotional Idea - Unique Travel Cushion

This product features the combination of an inflatable pillow and an eye mask to ensure that one will be able to rest comfortably even on a bumpy ride. The inflatable pillow can be deflated for convenience of carriage and inflated to provide unlimited comfort. The eye mask blocks out light efficiently so that one will be able to sleep under suitable conditions.

What we like about this marketing gift is that it can be easily branded with a logo to increase brand awareness. The logo can be printed on the eye mask or even the inflatable pillow which acts as free advertisement for your brand!  

There are various methods of branding for such marketing gifts:

If you’re interested in adding this marketing gift into your marketing campaign, please do not hesitate to contact ODM here.

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