Wednesday 27 June 2012

Promotional gifts by Picnic, Russia

Promotional Products are being currently offered by Picnic in Russia. A lucky promo code is hidden within each pack and all Russian customers now have a chance to win different prizes.

According to the rules of this promo campaign, you have to send an SMS with the promo code to 1500. A computer then randomly chooses a winning number every hour to see who gets one of three promotional items: a watch, a USB flash drive or the headphones. 

Picnic promotion, Russia

As you can see from the picture above that all gifts are perfectly designed. The colours used are the main colours of the brand. We can also notice strong logo positioning. Since the prizes are limited in number this promotion is extremely enticing.

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Here’s a summary for our Russian readers:

Акция «PICNIC. Набит призами!» направлена на стимулирование продаж  шоколадных батончиков PICNIC . Все что от Вас требуется - это отправить смс-сообщение на короткий номер 1500, и Вы получаете шанс выиграть один из трех промо-подарков (часы, наушники или флеш-диск USB с фирменной символикой). Главный приз - планшетный ПК!

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