Skittles On Pack Promotion in UK

Skittles has launched their biggest ever on-pack promotion in the UK.  This promo will have customers rushing to find 500 golden Skittles sweated out by the latest character from the brand; Grant Britton. With a £50,000 prize pot up for grabs, consumers who are lucky enough to find a golden Skittle will win nearly £50, with more prizes available on-line.
Available across all 55g and 174g variants, the on-pack promotion is backed by a massive through-the-line marketing campaign. Fronted by its star, Grant Britton, the activity will be supported on TV from June.  This promo will also target Skittles Facebook fans in the UK.
Fans can win limited edition merchandise such as water bottles, sweatbands and t-shirts. ODM like this promo since the gifts are very well suited to the UK summer and Sports themed given that the Olympics will be running in late summer
Skittles is the fastest growing major Fruit Confectionery brand with over nine million Skittles eaten every day in the UK.
What do you think of this promo?

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