Friday 6 July 2012

Nanfu Batteries In-pack Promotion

Nanfu Batteries is currently conducting Gift with Purchase promotions in Zhuhai stores. With various brands on this market, we can spot all kinds of On Pack Gifts that are aimed at encouraging sales.
Nanfu Batteries offer two types of promotional gifts. The first one is a small torch, that will come in handy when one is travelling, for example. 
Nanfu Batteries In-Pack Promotion 

The other one is a key ring in a shape of a car from the Cars movie. In this case, Nanfu Batteries has adopted a perfect marketing strategy buying the license to use this movie character in order to make its battery pack into a real incentive product 
Nanfu Batteries Promotional Keyring 
These promotional products may seem simple, but they are an ideal promotional solution for small items.
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And here is a brief summary of this promotion for our Chinese followers:

南孚电池提供两种促销赠品。 第一种是一个小型手电筒,居家旅行的必备物品,易于使用携带。


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