Tuesday 25 September 2012

Promo Gift Idea - Monopoly Umbrella

You think that Promotional Umbrellas are boring because they all look the same and have no special design?
Then we can show you an example of an umbrella that is anything but boring which uses the Monopoly license!

This umbrella is very unique and will definitely attract the attention of other people on the streets. You can also brand your company logo on this umbrella to gain an additional marketing effect.   Especially companies which are related to gambling or any kind of games should think about this promotional product. It could be a good opportunity to find new customers and to increase the sales.

All in all, this umbrella will definitely make an impression on potential customers and help you to make the company more popular.  Speak to our design team to get a custom design that would work for your market.

Why not check out this Promotional Products Special Offer from ODM?   Another great concept to get more bang from your marketing buck!

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