Wednesday 3 October 2012

How to Put Logos on Marketing Gifts

There are many different ways of putting logos on your marketing gifts. Branding your promotional products with your logo will increase brand awareness and boost brand recall. Read on for a breakdown of the different methods of placing logos on incentive products!

One way is by debossing your product, where an image is pushed into the surface of an item, leaving a deep impression on the surface. Items made of genuine leather, such as a bag or wallet, can be debossed best.

Next, we have a foil stamp, which is a permanent image that looks shiny and smooth. It can be done on most promotional items made from leather, vinyl, card, paper and plastics. Foil stamp comes in many range of colours like gold, silver, black or anything metallic.

And now we have embroidery. This method is mostly used on apparel, caps and bags, usually on items made from fabric. It is sewn onto a product by a computerized machine, resulting in the logo being applied in a series of coloured threads.

Besides that, there is etching. Logos are etched onto crystal or glass products. A photographic process etches a film mask into the product.

Also, laser engraving is normally applied on metal or silver products, such as metal pens, desk accessories, travel mugs and and some wooden and leather products. A laser burns the surface of the product to reveal the logo.

On top of that, screen printing is used for products such as apparel, leather and PU products and your logo is printed in your corporate colours using a screen. The logo can be printed in 4 or more colours depending on the surface of your product.

Lastly, sublimination print is whereby the image is dyed permanently onto the surface. It is used to imprint pictures and messages on an array of items, such as mouse pads, mugs and garments.

With an array of methods of putting your logo on your marketing gifts, don’t you think that this is a great way to promote your brand? Feel free to check out our sister blogs for case studies on marketing gifts:

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