Tuesday 4 December 2012

Promotional Gift by MISA Travel - Luggage Tag

MISA Travel is giving away a promotional travel luggage tag with any purchase of air ticket, hotel, resort, package or land tour! Simply head down to MISA travel to redeem your promotional gift! This promotion is only available on a first come first serve basis, it is while stocks last!

Who is MISA Travel?

MISA Travel is an online travel store that covers all aspects of travel from land to sea to air, offering a variety of travel products and value-added services. With over 18 years of experience and numerous accolades under its wing, MISA Travel provides an array of flights, hotels, cruises and anything you could ever imagine for that perfect holiday.

The MISA Luggage Tag

The MISA luggage tag allows travelers to write their contact details on a slip of paper that is enclosed in the tag. It is great for travelling as attaching a luggage tag to the traveller’s luggage or backpack will help in identification purposes. It contains the traveler’s contact information and allows them to identify their luggage easily.

How does the Luggage Tag benefit MISA travel?

MISA Travel has branded its logo and website on the luggage tag to increase brand awareness as well as brand recall. With brand recall, it aids in repeat purchases with the agency which in turn increases sales for MISA Travel. This luggage tag also helps to spark brand awareness. With the website printed on the luggage tag, travelers will be able to take down the website and choose to travel under MISA Travel agency for their subsequent trips.

There are more promotional gifts offered by MISA Travel, an example is the MISA passport holder.

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