Saturday 4 May 2013

7-eleven use In-store Marketing to attract customers!

“Have a break, have a Kit Kat”! I’m sure that most people have heard of this iconic advertising line before. Kit Kat is a famous chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar confection that is loved by people from all around the world. Each bar consists of three layers of wafer that is covered with a layer of chocolate. This snack is so popular that you can find it in many parts of the world!

So besides of its vigorous media advertising, Kit Kat has also been actively utilizing promotional products to boost sales! Currently, Nestle Singapore is hosting an exclusive Kit Kat in-store marketing at the various 7-eleven outlets in Singapore. With its catchy caption “Enjoy a Fun Break with Kit Kat”  no doubt that it will attract customers. Here is what Kit Kat is offering:
  • Spend $9 on Kit Kat and redeem a Kit Kat dustcap for phones
  • Spend $18 on Kit Kat and redeem a Kit Kat USB flash drive

How does Kit Kat benefit from this in-store promotion?

First of all this promotion itself, attract customers with its eye-catching exterior. Its design has a strong reflection of Kit Kat. The dust cap uses a Kit Kat figuring to boost brand recall. So whenever customer uses this Kit Kat dustcap, it will immediately remind them of this chocolaty brand. Whereas, for the USB flash disk itself is shape like a Kit Kat bar thus making it even more attractive. Besides that, the imprinted Kit Kat logo will enhance brand recognition and brand awareness! As such these Kit Kat promotional gift will definitely remind customers of this brand long after they have received it!

How could 7-eleven benefit from this promotion?

This collaboration benefits both parties. The in-store promotion would certainly attract more customers to 7-eleven. As a result, 7-eleven would attract a greater pool of customers and most likely they are here for Kit Kat. So no doubt that this collaboration also benefits 7-eleven with the loyal support of Kit Kat fans!

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