Monday 22 April 2013

Create your own Summer Breeze – Marketing Gift Idea

As summer is approaching, the weather is also getting hotter. To cool off the heat, ODM suggests these summer fans as an attractive marketing gift!

These fans could be cleverly used as an effective marketing gift. Besides being a very cost effective gift, it definitely achieves its purpose of marketing and advertising. Take a look below for these smart inventions. ODM has categorized them into groups to show how companies could utilize these wonderful creations!

USB iphone fans!

This USB iphone fan is a great marketing gift. Reason being, iphone is currently one of the most popular smart phones in the world. With its continuous new inventions, Apple has garnered millions or even billions of loyal Apple fans. As a result, if your company uses this USB iphone fan as a marketing gift, you would benefit from Apple’s popularity and gain more future prospects! Besides that, its flexibility to bend in any way makes it an even more user-friendly product! So ODM, highly recommend this as a marketing gift. And it’s definitely suitable for companies in the electronics or telecommunication industry.

Water spraying fan

When the sun is scorching hot, having a water spraying fan is definitely a great way to lower your body temperature. With its additional water spraying feature, this fan would definitely provoke and attract customers’ interest! Sometimes when a fan is being used for a very long period, our body losses its moisture. This results in dry and flaky skin. Using this water spraying fan not only cools our body but it also provides us with additional moisture. Needless to say, its moisture retaining effect is a unique selling point to attract customers. Companies who are participating in trade shows or events could use it as a fantastic marketing gift to outrun your competitors and attract customers!

Soccer player fan

Summer is a time to indulge in all kind of outdoor activities! One of the most commonly played games is definitely soccer! So if your target audience is soccer or sports fan this soccer player fan is a suitable marketing gift for your company. This marketing gift shapes like a soccer player, which makes it a very eye-catching product. Its attractiveness makes it a brilliant marketing gift that captivates interest and provokes curiosity! So if you are in a soccer club, you could use this marketing gift to attract more members or fans! Alternatively, if your company is selling any sports apparel you could also use this soccer player fan to attract potential customers!

Benefits of using fans as a marketing gift!

Keeping your brand name in front of customers and prospect is crucial to grow and develop your business! These fans make it easy for your customers to remember and reach out to you! This is especially true when your marketing gifts are imprinted with your company name, logo and telephone number! It is an ever-staying gift that continues to advertise and remind people of your company long after they have been received. Thus, it definitely improves brand recall and brand loyalty! So before summer arrives, hurry up and stock up these innovative and creative marketing gifts!

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