Monday 15 April 2013

The Forerunner of Neck Wares – An Exclusive Marketing Gift

Cravat is a sophisticated neck wrap that has been a popular alternative to neckties. The history of cravat goes as far back as the 17th century. And till now, they still remain as a fairly popular fashion accessory. With its increasingly eye-catching designs, these massively attractive cravats sure make a brilliant marketing gift.

These cravats are a mixture of a scarf and necktie. Take a look below for a glimpse of these wonderful fashion items.

White Chequered Cravat - Marketing Gift

Benefits of Cravat as a marketing gift

Cravats are stylish wear that are able to replace the boring neckties. This is because there are many fun and interesting ways to wear them. To suit the modern taste of men, cravats are now available in a variety of colors, prints and patterns. Thus, these marketing gifts will definitely posses a high ornamental value. When you offer an attractive marketing gift like this, it will captivate the interest of your customers.This in turns entices them to make a purchase from your company.

Besides that, cravats are normally used on formal occasion. They are deemed as an item with a high perceived value. As a result, it makes it a valuable marketing gift. Customers will feel valued and appreciated with such a valuable gift. Not to mention it would be an inexpensive way to improve brand loyalty.

Flora Cravat - Marketing Gift

How to use Cravat as a marketing gift?

With a plain Shirt and sleek blazer, guys look even more stunning with an outstanding cravat. There are various styles available. Companies can choose from stripes to plains, checks to polka, or any other prints and patterns. These fashion accessories are highly customizable. You can make it into any desired colour and style.

Besides that, companies can fully customize these cravats after their branding needs and desire. Adding logo and brand name onto these cravats will improve brand recognition and brand awareness. When customer uses it, your logo would immediately remind them of your brand. And subconsciously, they would continue to buy and support your products.

Blue Chequered Cravat - Marketing Gift
Not only so, you have to spare some thoughts on its packaging as well. As this would increase the perceived value of this marketing gift. You could also include a heartfelt note to enhance the sincerity of your marketing gift.

So, try this marketing gift today and you would be amazed by the increased in sales!

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