Tuesday 9 April 2013

Go green with reusable bags! - Marketing gift idea

Nowadays as our world gets increasingly polluted, we should play our part to keep the environment clean. As a socially responsible company , you could instil some Eco-friendly behaviour by offering reusable bags as a marketing gift!

Why should you use a reusable bag as a marketing gift?

As people are getting more environmentally conscious, offering a reusable bag as a marketing gift might just be a great idea. It acts as an indication that your company is putting in effort to save the environment. A high corporate social responsibility would definitely leave a good impression on your customers and this in turns improve customer loyalty.

Besides that, if you are not aware, many of the shopping malls are going green as well. Nowadays, consumers are required to bring their own shopping bags. Thus, with the usage of reusable bags, the increasing amount of plastic waste that people produce every year will be greatly reduced.

As such, companies should offer eco-friendly reusable bags to encourage customers to go green as well!

Features of this reusable bag

This marketing gift is definitely reusable. Customers can use it multiple times when they are out shopping. It is convenient, light and foldable. Customers can fold it into a cupcake shape to make it small and compact. This minimizes the space taken up in their handbags or hand carrier. Furthermore, it is easier for them to bring it anywhere they go.

Not to mention, it has a high utility value. Its durability allows customers to use it over and over again. Sometimes people prefer to use reusable bag as it can withstand a heavier weight as compared to a plastic bag that breaks easily. As such, a reusable bag not only offers the ability to save money but also the ability to save the environment.

Furthermore, aside from being a highly practical gift, this reusable bag is massively eye-catching. Its cupcake-looking exterior makes it even more adorable and attractive. And this would attract children and female customers in particular. Since most people who goes grocery-shopping or even shopping for clothes are women, this cupcake reusable bag would definitely reach out to them, our target market. So, this proves that eco-friendly items can be equally green and attractive. 

Branding and advertising

Marketing gifts are all about expanding advertising exposure, creating awareness, attracting prospects and building customer loyalty. In order to do that, it is important to brand your marketing gifts. And branding it means to have imprinted logo and brand name on your marketing gifts. Alternatively, you could include your contact details such as your contact number and e-mail address. This actually acts as a reference that allows customers to contact you easily.

Why should you brand your marketing gift?

Now that you know more and more reusable bags are replacing the need of plastic bags, you should consider using reusable bags as a marketing gift! This change in human behaviour also indicates a larger market exposure! If the reusable bag is branded with your company logo, this marketing gift would definitely be able to promote brand recognition. When people use or see this branded reusable bag, they could immediately link it to your business. Subconsciously they will remember your brand and purchase your products. Ultimately, all these sum up to a greater pool of customers and higher sales!

Besides this cupcake looking reusable bag, here are some other bag options to consider:

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